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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 1 8 TS: Alchem International is introducing AlchemLife, the platform for our all-nat- ural, botanical complexes. Each complex is developed using our proprietary Phyto- plex technology for enhanced bioavailabil- ity and superior absorption. Our synergistic ingredients are based on cen- turies-old Ayurvedic practices. Here's more about the first three AlchemLife products debuting at the show. Liverubin is the first highly water-solu- ble silymarin. It's available in orange-fla- vored tablets, and has been shown to rapidly support overall liver function. FlexiQule is the first-ever blend of con- centrated Boswellia Serrata Extract and ginger. Its active ingredients are easily tol- erated, and have been used for centuries to promote healthy joint mobility and flexi- bility. PhytoRelief lozenges provide effective relief from cough, cold and flu symptoms. They contain a synergistic blend of pome- granate extract, ginger and turmeric. GN: What is phytoplex technology and what are its benefits? TS: Phytoplex technology is AlchemLife's proprietary extraction technology for en- hanced bioavailability and efficacy. Our precision processes ensure that our plant extracts contain the broad spectrum of compounds found in the raw herb, not just the marker compounds. All of our phyto- chemical extracts — phytoplexes — are backed by research. Our phytoplexes rep- resent the quality assurance that comes from 75 years of experience in using sci- ence and precision technology to manufac- ture phytochemicals that have the highest levels of purity and potency. GN: What is unique about Alchem's ap- proach to natural product development? TS: Our approach is based on 10,000-year- old Ayurevedic principles. The oldest form of healthcare in the world, Ayurveda is lit- erally translated as "the science or knowl- edge of life." It is based on the premise that health is achieved by living in har- mony with our environment. We also apply a pharmaceutical ap- proach to every ingredient we produce. Alchem manufactures herbal extracts and pure pharmaceuticals that conform to in- ternational standards. At AlchemLife, we pride ourselves on our product quality, customer satisfaction and commitment to the environment. GN: For those who may be unfamiliar with Alchem USA, what should people know about this company? TS: Alchem USA is the U.S. affiliate of Alchem International Private Ltd, a global leader in phytoceuticals: the science of dis- covering and using plant molecules for phar- maceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical brands. We have more than 75 years of ex- perience providing trusted plant-derived ac- tive ingredients, of optimum quality and value, to more than 35 countries. All of our ingredients have the highest levels of purity, balance and potency. From cultivating our own herbs to produc- ing branded ingredients, we manage every step of the production process. Our farm-to- finish process results in safe, effective ingre- dients and products that harness nature's care for your health and wellness. For more information, go to www.flexiqule.com, www.liverubin. com, www.phytorelief.com, www. alcheminternational.com, call 281.208.7518, email tschrier@alcheminternational.com or stop by booth #955. Alchem International (Cont'd. from p. 1) in the U.S. and are expected to hit $20 bil- lion by 2020. As the first generation of en- ergy drink-consumers age, they are also beginning to grow weary of all the "stuff" in their favorite cans. Unnecessary B-vita- mins, unpronounceable ingredients and enormous amounts of sugar are reasons for concern. It's this that motivated Inko's to launch its new organic energy drink. Inko's, the leaders of the white tea revolution, created the energy drink using only essential or- ganic ingredients. The energy is derived from organic plant-based caffeine for jitter- free ® energy that discerning consumers are yearning for. In fact, while 61 percent of millennials drink energy drinks, 65 percent of them express concerns about their prod- uct safety, according to a 2015 Mintel re- port. "We're really confident in Inko's Organic Energy," said Kevin Kotecki, Chief Execu- tive Officer of Inko's. "We know organic sales are outpacing the total grocery/spe- cialty channel and organic and natural en- ergy products are growing even faster. With nearly two thirds of all energy consumers telling us they are interested in an organic energy drink, we think we've hit a sweet spot for the market," Kotecki added. Inko's Energy has half the calories (100 per 16 ounce can) and sugar (24 grams) of the leading conventional energy drinks. It's also not carbonated, giving consumers a quaffable, quenchable tea taste in three fla- vors: citrus, mango and blackberry. Inko's Organic Energy is part of the Inko's Tea Family, which includes 11 fla- vors of organic bottled white tea. Inko's Energy is available now from great distributors like UNFI, Kehe, VMC, Haddon House and DPI. For more information, email guru@ inkos-tea.com, call 630.861.0422 or try Inko's Energy at Salon E, booth #5314. Inko's Tea (Cont'd. from p. 1) to increased attention on the issue and a greater focus on every step in the food chain from farm to table. To address the need for increased transparency on the topic, some manufacturers have chosen to simply label their products with a non-GMO message. But most know consumers are demanding more and look for a credible, outside verifier to provide an official verification of non- GMO status. Now, there is a new option for independ- ent non-GMO verification. Greenleaf Non- GMO is a new non-profit organization offering independent testing and verification for food products. Much like other verifica- tion processes, Greenleaf utilizes independ- ent third-party experts to research, inspect and verify against a list of criteria that adhere to industry standards around non-GMO. But Greenleaf also goes one step further. Greenleaf Non-GMO was founded by a group of industry leaders looking to make a difference not only for consumers who are looking for safe and trusted non-GMO label- ing, but also for manufacturers large and small that may need assistance in sourcing and supplying new or different ingredients in order to achieve non-GMO standards. "Non-GMO has become increasingly im- portant to consumers and food manufactur- ers alike," said Jeff Canner, with Greenleaf Non-GMO. "Working in the natural and or- ganic marketplace for many years, we saw a tremendous need in the marketplace not only for a testing and verification process, but for a consultancy model that can help food manufacturers to meet those standards and achieve non-GMO verified status." Greenleaf offers consulting services that help companies through the process and find solutions to issues or challenges that may arise along the way. Sourcing new ingredi- ents, finding new manufacturing processes or revising recipes can be a challenging and overwhelming undertaking. Greenleaf has a team of experts that comes in to help the manufacturer effectively and efficiently make the changes necessary to achieve ver- ified status. They help guide and source suit- able ingredients to help manufacturers achieve non-GMO verification. That type of assistance has been missing in the market- place and can help to alleviate delays in the process that cost the company valuable time, manpower and money. Canner says market demand really drove the creation of Greenleaf Non-GMO. "We've heard from a lot of manufacturers who are interested in getting non-GMO ver- ification but then find it difficult to go through the process. Our goal is to create more of a customer service oriented sys- tem." Greenleaf has already had great demand for the new verification, has already initiated the process with several manufacturers and is even looking at expansion. "We are thrilled to see such demand for the Green- leaf verification," said Canner. "We are al- ready looking at expanding our teams to meet the needs of future client demand." For more information about Greenleaf Non- GMO, visit greenleafnongmo.org. Greenleaf Non-GMO (Cont'd. from p. 1) on-the-go-convenience of these packs, de- livering the absolutely freshest, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free butters in every pouch. Parents with children and athletes will find these squeeze packs indispensable as they tuck them into lunch boxes, back- packs and pockets. When squeezed onto bread, crackers or perhaps an apple, or eaten alone straight from the pack, its premium al- mond butters delivered in this new way will capture consumers and leave them wanting more. No magic wand or long list of artificial additives required! It just taps into nature's genius and packages it the right way for today's market. Just a hint of light roasting brings out the distinctive personalities of each flavor, making all five varieties irre- sistible. They are naturally vegan and kosher, too. Once Again Nut Butter has added nothing to detract from the natural al- lure of its nuts and seeds. Processed into its healthful nut and seed butter, fresh goodness is now just a convenient squeeze pack away. This product was developed in response to genuine, identified marketing needs. It ships the squeeze packs to you in 10-unit boxes, with individual packs or the entire boxes as separate scan items. A case of the butters contains six cartons and weighs just six pounds. This point-of-impulse marketing tool will attract consumers who have little time to dispense the nut and seed butters from jars first thing in the morning, while rushing off to work. Yet, they will be able to enjoy the scrumptious and filling nut and seed butters, giving them balanced protein, fat and carbohydrate energy sources to sus- tain them through hours of physical or men- tal labor. In fact, anyone pressed for time and on-the-go will be attracted to these neat and affordable packs. For more information, visit www. onceagainnutbutter.com or stop by booth #2521. Once Again Nut Butter (Cont'd. from p. 1) At its core, Foxy's is a super premium, handmade ice cream that stands with the best of them. It replaced 20 percent of the non- GMO cane sugar with an organic inulin, which acts as a pre-biotic for the probiotics. The best thing is that you literally cannot taste the difference. It doesn't just stop there, either. Foxy's sources its ingredients respon- sibly and thoughtfully. For example, its cher- ries in its Oregon Cherry Vanilla come from a fourth generation co-op that recently regis- tered as a B Corp. Its vanilla comes from Singing Dog, who operates a Fair Trade Plus program, giving not only market value but a share of profits to the farmers in Indonesia. It's perhaps best known for its locally sourced flavors: 15 Mile Pistachio and 6 Mile Almond and Honey, where the honey comes from the bees that pollinated the almond or- chards on the same farm as the dairy. Still, the proof of the pudding is in the eat- ing, as they say, so visit the top floor for a taste. For more information, go to www. foxyspash.com or stop by booth #9007. Foxy's (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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