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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 1 4 of the natural foods movement in the 1960s, Richard Marson opened a bakery that championed products crafted with thoughtful ingredients. With entrepreneur- ial spirit and passion in his baking, Richard built a successful family bakery. Dave Marson, Richard's son, grew up in the family business, shared his father's zeal and chose to make the family bakery his life's work. Dave spent several decades honing his skills as a baker before acting on an idea that he had pondered for years: launching his own brand. In 2010, Dave partnered with his son Sam and together created Nature's Bakery. With a devotion to quality and using thoughtful ingredients, their mission was simple: to craft delicious convenient snack and food experiences that people can feel good about and enjoy in their everyday life's great journeys. GN: What products will you be showcas- ing at the Natural Products Expo West 2016 Show? AS: We'll be showcasing our popular line of Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bars and our line of Gluten Free Fig Bars made with an ancient grains blend using ama- ranth, teff and sorghum. GN: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts? AS: Yes. We're very excited to introduce our latest creation from the bakery, a new Double Chocolate Brownie line. It's a simple, soft baked chocolate treat made to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Staying true to our belief in crafting products with thoughtful ingredients, our brownies con- tain eight grams of whole grains per one- ounce serving. They are Kosher certified, Non-GMO Project verified, vegan certi- fied, dairy-free and they contain no high fructose corn syrup. You get a soft baked outside with a light moist chocolate center blended with dates for that perfect touch of sweetness. Flavors include Chocolate Double Chocolate, Raspberry Double Chocolate, Mint Double Chocolate and Blueberry Double Chocolate. GN: How can our readers find out more about your company? AS: Check out our website at www.natures- bakery.com or visit us on facebook.com/na- turesbakery to explore the Nature's Bakery lifestyle, learn about new product offerings, hear what fans are saying, read stories and get tips from our active health conscientious community of ambassadors, and where to find a retailer in your area. For more information, visit www. naturesbakery.com, call 775.883.2253, email info@naturesbakery.com or stop by booth #122. Nature's Bakery (Cont'd. from p. 1) in the quality of the grain and the freshness of the milling. The bread is Non-GMO Proj- ect Verified, Organic Certified, USDA Cer- tified, Kosher Certified and Whole Grain Stamp approved. Its bakery is SQF Certified. Americans have embraced the organic food movement. Their focus is on high-qual- ity organic foods for a healthy lifestyle. Eat- ing organic means the ingredients are simple, wholesome and free of harmful chemicals. Alpine Valley selects only the best. This means knowing the ingredients' source all the way back to the seed, a fact that gives customers the reassurance they are looking for and appeals across generations, from Baby Boomers to Millennials. Customers love that Alpine Bakery Style organic breads are made in small batches to ensure the integrity of every loaf. Just like grandma, its bakers let the breads proof slowly, which adds more flavor, creates crusts that are crisp and tender and an inte- rior texture that is dense and moist. All of this adds up to what your bakery customer is looking for. By design, the attractive pack- aging for Alpine Bakery Style Organics de- tails the nutrition facts, ingredients, certified stamps and the Whole Grain Stamp value. The team at Alpine Valley Bread loves choices and so do bakery buyers and cus- tomers. Alpine Bakery offers an excellent product assortment. Nine outstanding deli- cious flavors include: Multi Grain with Omega 3, 21 Whole Grains, Super Grains, Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed, Nine Grain, 12 Grain with Omega 3, Honey Whole Wheat, Honey Chia and Raisin Cin- namon Whole Wheat. Alpine Valley Bread delivers on excep- tional quality and value that is passed along to meet the needs of its customers: the budget-conscious Millennial, the thrifty Baby Boomer and growing families. About Alpine Valley Based in Mesa, Arizona, Alpine Valley Bread is recognized as a leading producer of Certi- fied Organic breads in the United States. Founded on the principles of God, family, health and lifestyle, Alpine Valley remains dedicated to a high standard of excellence in quality and service. It is a hands-on full service bakery. It is confident that it has the right bakery product for you. "Baking a Dif- ference, one loaf at a time. Let us be your baker." For more information, stop by booth #109 in the Arena, call Dave Hanke, West Region, 480.694.1380 or Jeff Bagley, East Region, 859.801.8829 or visit www. alpinevalleybread.com. Alpine Valley Bread (Cont'd. from p. 1) syrup, organic tapioca starch, rice mal- todextrin and dry solids, tapioca syrup, or- ganic agave syrup, organic inulin, sugar/ECJ crystals, invert syrups, organic molasses, honey and organic barley malt syrup. By request, it packs its products in sizes ranging from pails, drums and totes through to full truckloads and tank wagons, with most having a conventional version as well. Suzanne's promises that all of its products are made with only the highest quality organic and all natural ingredients, which will give your formulas and applica- tions "Sweetness The Way Mother Nature Intended"™. A recent and rapidly growing product of Suzanne's is its new InfantSafe ® Rice Syrup with less than 10ppb of arsenic and lead, meeting the FDA standards for drink- ing water. This exciting new addition to its product line is available in all DE levels to meet your requirements. Suzanne's also continues to provide an extensive line of retail products such as its best selling tubs of ricemellow, and 10- ounce jars of spreadable fruit in the follow- ing flavors: raspberry, strawberry, apricot and blueberry. Its 16-ounce retail line of rice nectars are produced in the original form of organic brown rice syrup, organic genmai, organic maple, chocolate, maple and its fruited varieties of raspberry, straw- berry and blueberry. Its traditional favorites packed in 16- ounce retail jars include Just-Like-Honey, organic agave syrup, organic wildflower honey, organic blackstrap molasses and or- ganic barley malt. All of its retail line is also available in one-gallon jugs. With distribution facilities on both the East and West coasts, along with a variety of pack sizes, Suzanne's Specialties has a number of options available to serve your company's specific needs. Visit www.suzannes-specialties.com for more information and to shop and at its easy to use and convenient online store. Learn more at booth #3975. Suzanne's Specialties (Cont'd. from p. 1) Oregon-based supplier of natural and organic ingredients, teaching others that the health of our planet's land, air and sea is critical to human health is one of its greatest passions. "At GloryBee, sustainability means work- ing together towards a healthy future for the next generation by making an impact today," says RaeJean Wilson, GloryBee's Senior Ex- ecutive Vice President. From reducing waste to pioneering renewable alternative energy, GloryBee is committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. Its core mission to educate others about healthy living reaches beyond its sustainable practices; even the products it manufactures are produced with the intention of improving the health of the planet. Founders Dick and Pat Turanski created GloryBee Honey and Aunt Patty's ® Natural In- gredients more than 40 years ago with the goal of encouraging others to work together toward a healthy future. Today, that commitment con- tinues with the introduction of three new sus- tainable food products: Aunt Patty's Organic Cane Syrup, GloryBee Raw Meadowfoam Blossom Honey and GloryBee Honey Vine- gar. Aunt Patty's Organic Cane Syrup is a tradi- tional American sweetener with a certified or- ganic twist. This dark, caramel-flavored syrup is perfect for baking, cooking and beverages. Sourced from environmentally-friendly pro- ducers, Aunt Patty's Organic Cane Syrup is made without pesticides or genetically modi- fied sugarcane. Adding to its health-conscious products, GloryBee's Gourmet Honey line expanded in late 2015 with the addition of GloryBee Raw Meadowfoam Blossom Honey. Known for its beneficial oil used in health and beauty prod- ucts, meadowfoam is an herbal plant native to Oregon's Willamette Valley. This raw gourmet honey is 100 percent pure, minimally processed and contains healthy bee pollen and enzymes. Both honey and vinegar have been used for centuries for their health benefits. GloryBee takes the phrase "sweet and sour" to a whole new level with the creation of its new Glory- Bee Honey Vinegar. Produced from honey through a natural fermentation process, this honey vinegar possesses a light aroma and is surprisingly delicate in flavor. By being true to its core values, GloryBee continues to make sweet quality products without compromising the needs of future generations. To learn more about GloryBee and Aunt Patty's brands, visit www.glorybee.com, and to find out how you can partner with the GloryBee to support sustainable organiza- tions, visit glorybee.com/blog/category/ sustainability or call 800.456.7923. For more information, stop by booths #3015 and #3660 at Natural Products Expo West. GloryBee (Cont'd. from p. 1) doubling in size, to a 130,000 square foot building. The company is launching an up- scale gourmet line of balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy with many flavored varieties to choose from, and varietal extra virgin olive oils and olive oils that are infused and fla- vored to meet the needs of today's gourmet cooks. Unique to this line is a proprietary Mediterranean blend made with five different oils formulated for health and nutrition. The company imports oils from all over the world and has achieved a significant market share in the gourmet olive oil tasting stores across the United States and Canada. The company re- cently was awarded Non-GMO Project Veri- fied for several of its oils. Cibaria also has organic and kosher certifications on many of its products. The line will be marketed under the Cibaria and Fior D'Italia brands in a wide va- rieties of sizes in the elegant Antique Green Dorica 250-mL and 500-m: glass bottles with exquisite gold foil labels, PET Plastic one- liter and two-liter bottles, and one-gallon tins. Some of the popular oils available include Basil Infused Olive Oil, Garlic Infused Olive Oil, Italian Herbs Fused Olive Oil, Herbs De France Fused Olive Oil and a Spanish Signa- ture Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Other seed and nut oils include coconut, grapeseed, avocado, almond, walnut, apricot, peanut, macadamia, sunflower, safflower, rice bran and canola. The one-gallon size extra virgin olive oil is offered along with pure olive oil, pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil and canola blend. Beyond the retail line, Cibaria (defined as foodstuffs in Italian) offers a full line of pantry items with stuffed olives, dips, tape- nades and balsamic barbecue sauces. The company has a strong presence in foodser- vice, food manufacturers, soapmakers indus- try and nutraceutical business segments with bulk packaging such as 35-pound jugs in a box, drums, totes and tankers trucks. Learn more in Hall A, booth #691 and try some of its gourmet cooking oils and bal- samic vinegars. To learn more about Cibaria, visit www.cibaria-intl.com or call 951.823.8490. Cibaria (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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