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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 0 8 consumer packaging companies are adopt- ing cage-free operations, Egg Innovations, parent company of the Blue Sky Family Farms brand, shares why cage-free is not enough – and its free-range and pasture- raised egg productions create more humane, ethical and higher quality eggs. As part of the initiative, Egg Innovations announces the completion of the egg pro- ducer's first 10-acre free-range operation at the Mahlon Graber farm just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. "This is another major milestone for us to lead the industry in the humane production of free-range ethical eggs," said John Brun- nquell, Founder and President of Egg Inno- vations and the Blue Sky Family Farms brand. "Because our chickens get outdoors on pasture, customers keep telling us that our eggs look and taste better. This inspired us to create the 'Freedom Tastes Better' campaign to help educate America on mak- ing the more humane choice. Unlike cage- free, we think outside of the barn for our hens." Driven by consumer demand, an increas- ing number of companies, such as McDon- alds, Starbucks and Trader Joes, are embracing the transition to cage-free eggs over the next five to 15 years. While this is a more humane approach than caged, the hens spend their entire lives inside a barn. True free-range and pasture-raised egg pro- duction, such as the ones used for Blue Sky Family Farms, provides hens the freedom to roam not only inside barns, but also out- side, allowing them to do what chickens naturally do: forage, scratch, dust-bathe, flap wings, perch, nest and interact socially. The new free-range facility outside Fort Wayne provides more than 21 square feet per hen outdoors (compared to the one square foot per hen with typical cage-free indoor facilities), extended temperature ranges for additional seasonal outside ac- cess, along with state-of-the-art barn build- ing, equipment and systems. Additionally, Egg Innovations' Animal Welfare Officer, Kristie Lane, oversees the flocks' operations from placement through certified humane processing at retirement. With its tag line, "Ethical Eggs for the Humane Race," the Blue Sky Family Farms brand holds to the highest Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) "Certified Humane" standards for free-range and pasture-raised eggs. In addition to great tasting eggs, families can feel good that their purchase supports Family Farmers in America, as Egg Innova- tions is an industry-leading partner provid- ing some of the longest farmer contracts and best financial returns. For more information, visit booth #H631, www.blueskyfamilyfarms.com and www.egginnovations.com or call 800.337.1951. For sales assistance, call Steve Hagopian at 314.392.3835 or email shagopian@egginnovations.com. Cage Free Eggs (Cont'd. from p. 1) and Vincent Ricchiuti, representing the third-and-fourth generation, with an aim to carry on the family legacy of being a diver- sified California agricultural business. The Ricchiuti family has long been known worldwide for its almonds, and more recently, for its organic almonds under the P-R Farms Inc. label. P-R Farms Inc. is a grower, huller, packer and shipper in addition to being qualified in all export regulations, which has earned it an excel- lent international reputation. As a member of the Almond Board of California, P-R Farms Inc. abides by prescribed grower practices that are sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly. With a strong commitment to stay abreast of technologi- cal advancements, it installed a state-of- the-art Satake Vision System in its almond facility that features electronic optical color sorting tailored to identify quality al- monds. Thus, the family continually reevaluates and upgrades equipment and production methodologies to ensure excep- tional products, efficiency and food safety. In a quest to continue diversification while responding to consumer demands, the Ricchiuti family took on a new venture in 2008, drawing upon old world expertise and four generations of farming in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley to craft 100 percent estate-grown organic extra vir- gin olive oil. The Ricchiuti's Enzo Olive Oil Company remains steadfast in its pur- suit to uphold the family's 100-year tradi- tion of excellence by planting each and every tree, harvesting the crop, milling the fruit and bottling the oil under the direction and supervision of Patrick and Vincent Ric- chiuti. This meticulous, hands-on approach is what Patrick and Vincent believe it takes to produce the finest oil. As a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council, Enzo Olive Oil Com- pany adheres to the most stringent stan- dards in the world and shares in the organization's mission of promoting fresh, certified extra virgin olive oil. Enzo Olive Oil is also sanctioned organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers, kosher certified by Kosher Super- vision of America, as well as Non-GMO Project Verified. With their nationally and internationally acclaimed, award-winning line of varietals and infused ENZO organic extra virgin olive oil and premium P-R Farms, Inc. Cal- ifornia almonds, one could easily agree that founders, Vincenzo and Pat Ricchiuti would be most pleased to see the direction and progress that Ricchiuti Family Farms has realized since its inception back in 1914. For more information, visit www.prfarms.com or www.enzooliveoil. com, email info@prfarms.com or info@ enzooliveoil.com, call 559.299.7278 or stop by booth #5475. Ricchiuti (Cont'd. from p. 1) computers, cell phones, iPods and video games, before everyone had microwaves, before fast food restaurants were on every corner of every street. Even the word "fast" had a different meaning 50 years ago, and as much as we love our modern conveniences, not to mention the wealth of information we have at our fingertips, part of us longs for the straightforward vibe of that simpler time. Caroline's and Neat has taken the best of both these worlds and put them together. Their lines of delicious shelf-stable, natural and vegetarian meat alternatives have all the simple convenience of the foods that Betty Draper kept in her pantry, with the focus on wholesome ingredients the modern shopper demands. "People today are busier than they've ever been. But they're also more conscious of their health, and more interested in food than they were 50 years ago," said Tara Rhein, Marketing Manager at Atlantic Nat- ural Foods. "We want to give great options for people who are cutting back on their consumption of meat, or who are vegetarian and vegan, but who also want to create clas- sic protein-based dinners and snacks. The fact that everything we produce is shelf-sta- ble makes it easy for our consumers to keep things on hand, so they can whip something up on a Wednesday night without having to plan in advance." Caroline's canned line is non-GMO soy- based and includes not only a meal-ready Five Bean Chili, but also vegetarian ver- sions of old-school cool casserole staples, like Fishless Tuna and Chik'n Chunks. Both are also perfect for sandwiches and deli- style salads. The Neat line comes in shelf- stable pouches, and are made with a combination of nuts and dried beans. Avail- able in Original, Italian, Mexican and Breakfast varieties, Neat has the texture and consistency of ground beef, and is easily prepared in under 10 minutes. Neat also pro- duces the Neat Egg, an all-vegan egg re- placement, perfect as an alternative binder. "We just don't think it should be harder to eat right," Rhein added. "We also think eat- ing right should be fun. What's easier than reaching in your pantry and finding exactly what you need for a fun, vegetarian taco din- ner?" Vegetarian taco dinner: old school or new school? Doesn't matter, it sounds delicious! For more information, visit www. atlanticnaturalfoods.com, call 252.462.0355, ext. 130, email trhein@ atlanticnaturalfoods.com or stop by booth #5754. Caroline's & Neat (Cont'd. from p. 1) VitaClay Smart Multi-Crock n' Stock Pot: Your Pathway to Vitality and Good Health Finally, a larger pot! Announcing the 6.5-quart Fast Smart Multi-Crock n' Stock Pot. Enjoy a modern solution to a steaming stove- top cauldron – for cooking nourishing bone broths or larger amounts of your favorite one- pot meals, meats, grains and legumes. VitaClay is a faster, easier, mess-free and no- tably more delicious and nutritious way to make a large batch of bone broth, chili, stew, steamed vegetables or fish, jook and soup. The low tem- perature setting adds an extra bonus – probiotic- rich creamy yogurt. Discover nature's culinary secret for good health and vitality – unglazed clay. This highly prized material for culinary excellence is always discovered in cultures where food is considered medicine. VitaClay gives you the best of three worlds: ancient culinary wisdom, modern food science and advanced technology. Organic clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra fla- vors and nutrients from your recipes. Clay is also alkalizing, paramagnetic and infrared – everything the ancients prized for healthy cook- ware, superior taste and perfect texture – for your good health. With doctors recommending bone broth, gluten-free grains, less salt, less sugar and fresh ingredients, unglazed clay is the No. 1 choice, as it amplifies flavors and alkalizes foods, in- creasing the positive interactions between the nutrients. With VitaClay, you can always expect rich broths, succulent meats, tender grains and sa- vory one-pot meals every time and in record time. Cook all of your foods to perfection with the fully programmable, top-rated, smart and fast unglazed clay Stock n' Crock. Your broths, stocks and soup bases are fi- nally made easy and fast using VitaClay technology – from simple chicken broth to rich, clear consomme, or calcium- rich clamshell or shrimp stock. Its free recipe book offers a variety of globally inspired stock-based recipes for your savory breakfast, satisfying lunches or a deeply nourishing dinner options. To add more nutrition in your diet and time to your busy life, choose VitaClay! Additional features and benefits include: up to 6.5-quart cooking capacity; lead-free, alu- minum and chemical-free unglazed clay pot with high clay dome top; pre-programmed functions: Fast, Steam, Slow Cook, Jook/Hot Cereal and Yogurt; low temperature cooker/yo- gurt maker/wholegrain germinator; makes large batch probiotic rich Greek yogurt or yogurt or yogurt cheese; steamer: steam fish and vegeta- bles easily; set and forget – up to 10 hours cook- ing timer with 30-minute increments; gelatin and collagen rich bio-available bone broth in record time – only 10 hours; cooks four times faster than your mother's slow cooker – your whole meals can be ready as little as 30 min- utes or in two hours; Delay Timer and Automatic Warm setting – food is hot and ready when you are; and a power rating of 110 VAC/60 Hz/600 Watts. Bone broth and alkalized foods may help quicker recovery during illness or after surgery, reduced painful inflammation, increased energy from better digestion and nutrient absorption, lessening of allergies, recovery autoimmune disorders, recovery from digestive disorders and a lessening of cravings. To learn more about VitaClay, call 408.621.6187 or go to www.vitaclaychef.com.

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