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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 1 2 Discover Brio Ice Cream with Organic Pasture-Raised Milk and Probiotics You love ice cream! Brio loves you back with antioxidants, probiotics and 50 per- cent less fat than other premium brands. Now made with organic whole milk from pasture-raised cows, Brio is the de- licious way to add quality protein plus Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to your diet. And, special bonus: Brio has 35 percent fewer calories, is non-GMO and certified gluten-free. Moms love it, and kids of all ages can indulge guiltlessly. Discover Brio, and check out the brand's energetic and colorful new pack- aging and meet its founders (twin brothers Arnie and Ron Koss) at booth #5535 at Expo West. Created by the Co-founders of Earth's Best Baby Food Back when Ben and Jerry were concocting unusual ice cream flavors in the 80s, Arnie and Ron Koss were revolutionizing baby food by creating Earth's Best, the nation's first organic baby food. The twins moved on to hack ice cream, making it from organic and natural ingre- dients, jam-packed with amazing nutri- tion, but you wouldn't know it from Brio's irresistibly delicious taste. "Arnie and I carried our passion for pro- ducing healthier, innovative foods into a mission to produce a genuinely delicious better-for-you ice cream," says Ron Koss, who led the product development efforts. "Our team included former Ben & Jerry's flavor developers, plus dietitians and nu- tritionists." Innovation in the Ice Cream Aisle The unique and diverse talents of Brio's product development team led to ice cream innovations, which included new ways to reduce the saturated fat and cholesterol by 65 percent and provide balanced Omega 3-6-9s, without sacrificing richness, flavor and creami- ness. Brio's team cleverly figured out how to combine natural sweeteners to create a low glycemic product. The probiotics found in Brio are freezer-friendly, especially cre- ated for use in ice cream. Brio is available in six different flavors: Madagascar Vanilla, Vanilla Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Café Latte, Very Straw- berry and Tropical Mango. These delec- table, yet healthful ice creams are flavored naturally with Madagascar vanilla, or- ganic sea-salt caramel, dark cocoa, real coffee, ripe strawberries and Alphonso mango. There are no artificial flavors, col- ors or sweeteners in Brio, nor are there sugar alcohols, monk fruit, stevia or high fructose corn syrup. Choose from 14-ounce pints or 3.6- ounce single serves with built-in spoons. Why Your Cus- tomers Will Love Brio Every Day After helping grow a generation of happy, healthy babies, the Koss brothers have revolutionized ice cream from an occa- sional indulgence to an everyday treat with Brio – a celebration of good health and zest for life. Brio can expand the oc- casions and reasons for eating ice creams, including as an after school snack, a nu- trient-rich smoothie boost and a fun-to-eat meal replacement. Brio can help retailers attract customers who have cut back on ice cream due to health concerns. Brio is available nationally, distributed through UNFI, KeHE, DPI and Nature's Best. To learn more about Brio, call 802.229.1292, visit www.brioicecream. com or stop by booth #5535. On the Frontier in the Land of Gluten-Free What's in a name? For Against The Grain, a lot. It's gluten-free and grain-free, but it has always had a slightly different way of navigating the food landscape. Now in its tenth year, it has been on the frontier of gluten-free since the beginning. Long be- fore it was fashionable, it sought out high quality, simple ingredients, and rejected industrial formulations. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. It has always made everything in its own dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility, right down to its unique nut-free pesto sauce. Innovation at Against The Grain doesn't come from food scientists and focus groups; it comes from a whole company of foodies eating every day what we make. For Against The Grain, taste is paramount, and it all begins with the finest ingredients and a staff that cares deeply about its real- food mission. Against The Grain has talked with too many gluten intolerant consumers to ever believe the gluten-free diet is a fad. Yes, it has been through phases. Gluten-Free 1.0 was all about dry, rice flour-based for- mulations. These products served a need, but only for those on a restricted diet. In- creased interest in a gluten-free diet came with Gluten Free 2.0, but so did the addi- tion of all kinds of engineered ingredients to make products taste better and last longer, like gums, stabilizers, anti-mold- ing agents and enzymes. Now there's Gluten Free 3.0: not only are consumers looking for transparent ingredients, but vegetable-based "free from" products as well. The trick is to make foods without an ingredient deck of industrial formula- tions like protein isolates, methylcellulose and gelling agents one can neither spell nor pronounce. Against The Grain is stick- ing with its "real food" mission, so look to it later in 2016 to be pushing the boundaries of the free- from, veg- etable-based, no funky ingredients frontier. At Expo West this year, it is introducing its new single-serve flatbread pizza/wrap. Baked, it is a grain-free pizza; warmed and folded it's a hand-held wrap. Initially available in Classic (tomato and cheese) and Fiesta (black bean, sour cream, lime and spices) flavors, it's a great healthy snack or an ideal platform for any meal. The crust features light buckwheat, sourced directly from a farmer who grows and mills this naturally pesticide-free, amazingly smooth and neutral-tasting flour. Against The Grain doesn't care that ancient grains are trending; it believes in the merits of a grain-free diet, and light buckwheat flour, from the seed of a plant in the rhubarb family, that is nutritious, highly versatile and great tasting. As al- ways, it is consumer-driven rather than in- vestor- and shareholder-driven. It will continue to go against the grain, including ancient ones. About Against The Grain Gourmet Against The Grain Gourmet is a celiac family-owned wholesale manufacturer of frozen gluten-free bread and pizza prod- ucts located in Brattleboro, Vermont. The company's products are made with a min- imal number of ingredients with no preservatives or additives in its own ded- icated gluten-free and nut-free facility. It prides itself on paying its production staff the highest wages and the best benefits package in the industry. For more information, visit www. againstthegraingourmet.com or stop by booth #4660. Many people don't like to eat 72 percent chocolate because of the bitter taste. The company brings the perfect balance be- tween the chocolate and berries to temper the bitterness so even people who do not like 72 percent chocolate love it. Good Health Cocoa is creating its own category of chocolates. There are five va- rieties to choose from: Super Antioxidant, Lasting Energy, Digestion, Heart and Pas- sion. In its Super Antioxidant, the company incorporates tart cherries, cocoa nibs and acai berry to the chocolate to create a fla- vor that helps support the body's defense system. The Lasting Energy contains real blue- berries, goji berries and ginseng to help support energy and stamina. This will not make you nervous like drinking coffee and energy drinks does, but will keep you energized for hours. The Digestion variety is designed for people with weak digestive systems. The company adds coconut and almonds, along with ginkgo biloba to help support the digestive system. Doctors have recommended dark chocolate for years, so the company took this knowledge and added Hawthorn to its Heart chocolate to create a product that helps to support the cardiovascular sys- tem. Guys, do you have a stash of little blue pills? You should try its Passion. The company uses orange, ginger, maca and passion flower which are beneficial for both men and women. Don't take it late at night though or you will stay up. Eat it during the day for a couple of days and men, you will have a smile on your face for sure. The chocolates are available in bite-size squares in colorful gable boxes or bars in a point-of-purchase display. All of the in- gredients are non-GMO, making this the perfect product for the natural and spe- cialty food channels. If you are passing through Denver, come tour the 15,000 square-foot choco- late factory. You are sure to love it. Now you can enjoy your chocolate and the health benefits it provides. For further information, visit booth #8013 and after the show, go online to www.goodhealthcocoa.com and www. centennialbrands.com. Good Health Cocoa (Cont'd. from p. 1) Couturier North America Launched Two New Products for Holiday Season 2015 was a very busy year for Couturier North America: a new strategic partnership, new product launches and a plant certified SQF level 2. In October of last year, it signed an im- portant partnership for Couturier NA with Norseland for the distribution of its prod- ucts. Couturier is excited about this new al- liance. Norseland is representing its brands Couturier, Merci Chef! and Capra. It is one of the most qualified companies when it comes to specialty cheeses. This is a strate- gic alliance to develop its brands, espe- cially on the growing retail goat cheese market. One of the key elements to grow on this market is to launch new products and new flavors to keep up with the consumers' ex- pectations. They want new and surprising flavors. This trend is not only true in the specialty cheese area, but also in drinks and snacks. The consumers are looking for bold and entertaining products, which is why it launched two new products for the holiday season. It offered a chive and onion goat log and a hand-rolled log with chipotle. It received great feedback and decided to keep those flavors year round. Developing new flavor profiles in 2016 is one of its main objectives.

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