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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 9 0 Honey Processor Verifies Organic Honey Non-GMO GloryBee ® recently announced its entire line of organic honeys are now Non-GMO Proj- ect Verified. As the first major honey proces- sor to earn this verification, GloryBee is able to offer all its organic honeys in retail pack- aging and in large volume. As a company rooted in healthy living, GloryBee stands be- hind the transparency of its ingredients, and is happy to pass this verification onto its cus- tomers. "We have been testing our organic honey for GMOs for more than five years, but being Non-GMO Project Verified separates GloryBee organic honeys from any others. This verification allows us to meet our cus- tomers' needs, help them add this verifica- tion to their products and continue to develop more products using Non-GMO honey. We truly believe honey is nature's best sweet- ener," says GloryBee President Alan Turan- ski. "This 28 month journey to receive the ver- ification is a huge success. We worked dili- gently with our long-term suppliers to provide our customers an extensive supply of organic non-GMO honey. All our organic honey suppliers are now approved," adds Tu- ranski. Honey is notoriously difficult to verify non-GMO as it is considered a "high risk" ingredient. In order to ensure honey bees have not been exposed to GMOs, an addi- tional four mile boundary must be estab- lished outside the area of honey collection. Honey is likely to contain GMOs when out- lying crops such as sugar beets, corn or soy have pollen collected and consumed by honey bees. GloryBee tests its honey regu- larly to guarantee its organic varieties are devoid of GMOs. The newly Non- GMO Project Veri- fied honeys, available in 12 ounce bears up to 3,000 pound totes, include: Organic Clover Blossom Honey; Organic Tropical Blossom Honey; Raw Organic Fair Trade Honey; Raw Organic Clover Blossom Honey; and Raw Organic Tropical Blossom Honey. GloryBee ensures all its honey products are 100 percent pure. While being minimally processed and packed in its Eugene, Oregon facility, these honeys retain the unique fla- vor, quality and nutritional profile. GloryBee carries more than 15 regional, organic and blended honey varieties. "We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality standards in the industry. From testing to how we handle and process our honey," adds Tu- ranski. About GloryBee GloryBee started in the family garage of Dick and Pat "Aunt Patty" Turanski in 1975 with a focus on selling beekeeping supplies and locally sourced honey, with much of the honey com- ing from their own hives. Over the past 40 years, GloryBee has grown into a local com- pany with a global reach specializing in nat- ural and organic ingredients for consumers. GloryBee continues to be a family-owned business in Eugene, Oregon. To learn more about GloryBee, visit www.glorybee.com, and to find out how you can partner with the Save the Bee Program, visit www.glorybee.com/savethebee or call 800.456.7923. Be sure to visit booths #3015 and #3660 at Natural Products Expo West. Delicious Dairy Products Going Greek at Clover In celebration of its centennial anniversary, Clover introduces its newest dairy delicacy, an organic nonfat Greek yogurt line to add to its selection of more than 175 dairy prod- ucts, which range from natural and organic milks, butter and cheese, to craft ice cream. The company's superior-quality organic Greek yogurt is carefully crafted in authentic Greek tradition, using fresh Clover organic nonfat milk and the finest of premium or- ganic fruits. Silky smooth and mildly tangy, this authentically-strained yogurt has a thick, creamy texture to delight all palates. Clover's Greek yogurt comes from happy cows that enjoy American Humane Certified, family- owned farms. With the highest standards for quality, environmental stewardship and ani- mal welfare in the industry, these happy cows produce the best organic milk on the market. "Our Greek yogurts are available in five delicious flavors and make great snacks – packed with protein, calcium and live cul- tures that make them the perfect addition to a healthy diet," said Clover President and Chief Executive Officer Marcus Benedetti. "And true to our passion for excellence, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or preser- vatives." Clover organic Greek yogurts are also free of antibiotics and growth hormones and not fortified with powders or unnecessary unpro- nounceable additives. Authentically strained and with a smooth, creamy texture, Clover organic Greek yogurts are also less tangy than many other Greek yogurts. Each fruit variety is bursting with flavor and whole nutrients, with the second ingre- dient listed being premium organic fruit next to the first ingredient of Clover organic non- fat milk. Sweet and tangy come together in the classic Blueberry Greek Yogurt, which combines floral and jammy notes of organic blueberries. Savor the fresh-picked essence of sweet, sun-kissed peaches plucked from the tree that perfectly pair with the milk to make a creamy Peach Greek Yogurt treat. And prepare to fall in love with the flavorful Black Cherry Greek Yogurt, exploding with tart organic cher- ries with subtle floral notes of cassis and fresh-baked pie. America's favorite flavor got better, too. Clover blended its fresh milk with aro- matic vanilla bean to create a rich, tantalizing Vanilla Greek Yogurt that's perfect for break- fast, a healthy snack or nutritious smoothie. And the Plain Greek Yogurt is anything but plain – this rich yogurt has a luxurious mouth-feel and texture, perfect in pure form or with other foods. For more information, visit www. cloverpetaluma.com, call 800.237.3315 or stop by booth #1683. Coco Libre Resets the Coconut Water Category with New Launch Coco Libre made its mark on the coconut water category by being the first to bring or- ganic coconut water to consumers. That flag- ship product line has grown along with the popularity of coconut water overall, as more and more people from different backgrounds embrace its natural, electrolyte-driven hydra- tion. Now, Coco Libre has elevated that hy- drating power into a new beverage experience: Sparkling Organic Coconut Water. The company's new line elevates its Or- ganic Coconut Water with a swash of light carbonation and flavors that bridge exotic and familiar. Arriving on shelves in April 2016, the launch includes three flavors: Original, Grapefruit and Cucumber + Lemongrass, with more flavors in develop- ment. (A fourth flavor is a Whole Foods Market exclusive.) Equally at home in a personal setting or an upscale bar, restaurant, spa, hotel or office, Coco Libre's Sparkling line offers dual functional- ity – indulging the senses while supporting bodily balance. With no added sugar and 20 calories for 12-ounces, the Sparkling line appeals as a standalone refreshment as well as a mixer in healthy cocktails or mock- tails. Testers involved in the development process saw the Coco Libre products as a sat- isfying alternative to sugary sodas and as a welcome nutritional boost over plain sparkling water. As a mixer with a founda- tion of hydrating nutrition, the line fits in the growing category of "lifestyle defense" that includes hangover pre- ventions. A slate of cock- tail and mocktail recipes is in development and will be shared on the company's website. Sparkling Organic Coconut Water extends Coco Libre's brand promise to "liberate your thirst." Experience it firsthand and find out what else is new with Coco Libre at booth #5306. For more information, go to www. cocolibreorganic.com or stop by booth #5306. Wild Forest Products Introduces New Gourmet Label to Industry The Royal Truffle is what the name means in French. It wanted to bring to the market a quality gourmet truffle oil just one step over its Wild Forest product. It wanted to present to the fine dining restaurants as well as gour- met cooks a product that was the next level in taste, quality and enjoyment. First, it worked on the olive oil. Its Truffle Olive Oil had to be different, so it has put to- gether the finest imported pure olive oil it could find and infused the oil with its signa- ture truffle essence, bringing out a robust earthy truffle flavor. It uses pure olive oil so that the olive taste does not clash with the truffle essence. This olive oil is perfect for any dish such as pasta, poultry, pork, beef and lamb. It works wonders on seafood as a finishing oil. Its Truffle flavors, the white or the black, will leave you in truffle euphoria. Second, it imported from Italy Organic Whole Black Summer Truffles packaged in one-ounce jars. These are large truffles unlike the smaller ones seen on the market. These truffles are perfect for any dish that would use truffles. These truf- fles are handpicked, and come from the finest European truffle growers. They are picked and cleaned, then processed to be used straight from the jar. Blending these truffles with the La Truffe Royale oils is a work of art. There are more items to come. It is cur- rently working on some new products exclu- sively for the La Truffe Royale label, such as mustards and a mayonnaise. It is also working on some other products that would be new not only to La Truffe Royale, but to Wild Forest all to- gether. Wild Forest prides itself on producing the finest quality truffle products at affordable prices. It wants everyone to be able to enjoy a truffle experience without having to go broke doing so. For more information, call 855.645.7772 or visit www.wildforestproducts.com.

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