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NATURALLY HEALTHY www.gourmetnews.com n MARCH 2016 n GOURMET NEWS N H 8 6 Using Ad Claims in the Food Industry An interview with ChefsBest Sensory Direc- tor Janet Williams. GN: What are some factors that manufactur- ers don't necessarily know about using ad- vertising claims in the food industry? JW: Advertising claims cover a wide range of statements concerning products, with some of the more popular being "new," "new and improved" or "preferred by moms two- to-one" over a competing brand. Every claim, no matter where it is used, must be substantiated. They also all have a shelf life and may not be used indefinitely. Most ad claims on packages are limited to a six- month usage, while claims used on TV may remain on air for about 12 weeks. When you consider the time and often exorbitant cost it takes to substantiate ad claims, that's an ex- tremely small window. GN: What type of research needs to be done in order to use an ad claim that measures product quality among consumers? JW: Claims involving consumers, whether they focus on quality or preference, can re- quire the most rigorous research, especially when TV commercials are involved. Stan- dard industry practices suggest that at least four to eight representative cities from across the United States be selected to field the re- search with at least 100 or more consumers in each location participating. Once that pool is established, methodology, test execution, data collection and data analysis must follow exacting guidelines. Questionnaire develop- ment is critical to the re- sults and potential chal- lenges by competitors. Overall, it's a very time consuming process that demands meticulous planning. GN: What claims does ChefsBest support and how does the organi- zation's proprietary process make it possible for brands to use those claims? JW: At ChefsBest, our methods are based on industry accepted sensory evaluation meth- ods. Identifying high-quality and best-tasting foods is an objective process rooted in the expertise of Certified Master Tasters ® who have undergone months of training in sen- sory acuity and our proprietary methodology. Using this methodology, which we call Sen- sory Attribute Quality Analysis ® , our panel measures perceived intensities and uses each attribute to define quality. Recipients of the ChefsBest Taste Award earn superiority over other brands based on statistically higher overall quality mean scores. Once that recog- nition is received, they are eligible to use claims like "Best Taste" over leading brands or "America's Best." In either case, licensees enjoy category exclusivity. GN: How long can brands use an ad claim awarded to them by ChefsBest? JW: Products honored with the ChefsBest Best Taste Award are eligible to use associ- ated ad claims for three years unless the product is modified or reformulated. Get a complimentary taste evaluation today by visiting chefsbest.com or calling 415. 568.2659. For more information, visit booth #8053. Suzie's Continues to Improve Quality & Increase Value Good Groceries Company, under its popular Suzie's Brand, continues to launch category- changing healthy products while improving its healthy natural staples. Good Groceries is proud to provide unique and delicious prod- ucts that are also healthy and nutrient-rich. Suzie's groundbreaking quinoa non-dairy shelf stable beverage has been improved in every way possible, starting with the twist- off cap, which allows for a tighter seal after initial opening, giving the freshness more staying power. The sleek new graphics fea- ture bolder colors with eye-catching callouts, identifying calories per serving and other characteristics. More than the look, the com- pany has improved the taste. It has found a new source for its water, resulting in a creamier taste, highlighting the natural good- ness of the quinoa. A pristine and protected mountain lake provides pure water, and as if that weren't enough, it has increased the size of the package while lowering the cost. Larger size plus lower cost equals better value. Also, Suzie's changed the pack size from 12 to six, opening up opportunities for all retailers. Suzie's quinoa non-dairy shelf stable bev- erage is gluten-free, vegan, dairy/lactose-free milk beverage alternative that is perfect by itself or with cereal. It is made with pure quinoa, not blended with other grains, so you get the pure, sweet, nutty taste of quinoa and all its amazing health bene- fits. Quinoa milk beverages are available in three fla- vors: Unsweetened Origi- nal, Unsweetened Vanilla and Vanilla Sweetened with agave instead of sugar. New for 2016 is "Horchata" or Tigernut Milk, a shelf stable vegetable-based non-dairy beverage. Paleo man received 80 percent of his protein from Tiger Nuts and Good Groceries captured that for you in a creamy delicious beverage. Suzie's thin cakes continue to be the leader of the pack, now with a bold new look high- lighting its non-GMO status, Whole Grain Council and low calories per serving. These puffed grain cakes are thin enough to be used as a bread substitute, perfect with your fa- vorite topping or simply delicious by them- selves as a favorite snack. Now available in seven mouthwatering flavor profiles, as Buckwheat has joined the family. Suzie's puffed cakes are now made with or- ganic spelt and kamut, providing a delicious al- ternative to traditional rice cakes. They are available in six delectable flavor profiles to satisfy the most discerning customer's taste buds. Suzie's quinoa non-dairy beverage, quinoa ready-to-eat meals, thin cakes, organic crackers, organic puffed cakes, ancient grain flat breads and other quality, healthy natural foods are available at fine grocery stores throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about Suzie's products, visit booth #3192, go to www.good-groceries.com, email info@good- groceries.com or call 718.768.0821. Energy contain high-end natural herb ex- tracts, at a competitive MSRP of $2.79. Under the principle that "human health must be supported, not harmed," KGC hot- fills its drinks in its state-of-the-art cGMP certified factory, an impressive investment to avoid using the benzoate preservatives, linked to cancer, which less-capable cold- fillers use. KGC Shot Drinks additionally add the natural, premium herbs missing in other shot drinks. KGC Slim is a diet and fit- ness support drink with zero calories that has a delicious, natural, blueberry flavor, while containing green tea, green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, and ginseng extracts. KGC Energy has a citrus flavor, blending ginseng, astragalus, maca, schizandra, goji berries and ginger. KGC Focus includes a natural-herbs flavor, blended with seven berry extracts, gingko, lemon balm and gin- seng. Six-Years-Grown Cheong Kwan Jang Ginseng A reliable 117-year-old brand with origins in the Korean government, Korea Ginseng Cor- poration uses only six-years-grown Korean red ginseng (called Cheong Kwan Jang). Safely consumed for thousands of years, Cheong Kwan Jang Korean red ginseng is a superfood that, when grown for six years to full-maturity, is certified by the Korean FDA to support the immune system, the circulatory system, healthy memory functions, and fa- tigue resistance and stamina. Most manufac- turers fail to certify the years their roots have been grown and use inferior, immature roots grown for four years or less. Korea is where Asian ginseng evolved, growing robustly, for longer in the season. Red ginseng is naturally dried, using sunlight, and contains more healthy components in the root skin than white ginseng. Called "the King of Herbs," fully-mature, six-years-grown Korean red ginseng is the world's most famous adapto- genic herb, a gold-star standard in Eastern nat- ural medicine. When growing plants for six years, it is im- portant to have a reliable manufacturer. KGC has annual sales near $2 billion and employs an astonishing 50 full-time PhDs to ensure quality control. KGC is not only South Korea's No. 1 dietary supplement company, its Cheong Kwan Jang ginseng is certified by Euromonitor International LTD as the world's No. 1 brand of ginseng (supplement category, percent retail value share, 2005-2014). KGC directly operates an incredible 1,000 chain stores in 60 countries with over 40 stores in the United States, and 10 in Canada, while maintaining wide U.S. distribution to well- known retailers like Costco, Lucky Vitamin and Atkin's & Chamberlin's. KGC has a flag- ship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan (which also serves ginseng-infused health drinks) and is actively looking for ways to partner with similar-values retailers. For business inquiries, visit KGC's corpo- rate website at www.kgcus.com, or contact Vince Field at 562.860.2323 (vfield@kgcus.com). To learn more about KGC's shot drinks, visit kgcshots.com. Learn more at booth #1060. Korea Ginseng (Cont'd. from p. 1) Frozen Custard & Fruit Ice from Double Rainbow Double Rainbow Ice Cream introduces a line of nostalgic frozen custards and fruit ice. This line of frozen custards, fruit ice and malts brings you back with every bite to the good old days of weekends on the boardwalk and world fairs. It's culinary-inspired ice cream with a new twist on some old fa- vorites. Creamy frozen custards and cool fruit ice are layered together for an indulgent and re- freshing treat. Flavors include: Chocolate and Vanilla Malt, Sea Salt Caramel, Original Vanilla, Vanilla and Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemon, Mango Tangerine, Rasp- berry and Tart Cherry. It is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the introduc- tion of these excit- ing new desserts. During the fall of 1976 when the first lease was signed to open the first Double Rainbow ice cream parlor, a brand was born in the heart of the Castro district of San Fran- cisco, California. Double Rainbow has been producing award winning, super premium ice creams and frozen desserts ever since. Family owned and operated since the begin- ning, Double Rainbow is excited to bring you yet another delicious treat rooted in au- thentic ice cream tradition. For more information, go to www.custards.doublerainbow.com, email info@doublerainbow.com or stop by booth #5610.

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