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An interview with Dr. Tim Hudson, Senior Director of Curriculum Design, DreamBox ® Learning. ESD: Tell us about your company. TH: DreamBox Learning is an engaging Web- and app- based PreK-8 math curriculum that empowers students to think mathematically and independently to under- stand key concepts, improve achievement and boost long-lasting confidence in learning. DreamBox's per- sonalized learning experience combines a rigorous mathematics curriculum created for deep conceptual understanding and strong procedural fluency, elements of game design that promote sustained engagement and perseverance, and our industry-leading Intelligent DREAMBOX OFFERS PERSONALIZED AND ENGAGING LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR STUDENTS An interview with Tony DeBruno, President, SportsPay Division of American Credit Card Processing Corporation (ACCPC). ESD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? TD: We are a full service payment processing company. We process and deposit the money into the merchant/business' account for payments made by cred- it card, e-check, gift cards, etc. For those that already accept payments, we work to save them money on this process. TD: If they don't already accept non-cash payments, we What separates All Covered from other companies that serve the education market is a holistic approach born of the belief that every investment in technology should advance the mission of the institution. For All Covered, it's not enough to sell you something that works: the company wants it to work for you, to do what you expect, says Ed Joras, the compa- ny's Director, Education Technology Practice. Everything that All Covered does is driven by expected outcomes such as increased student engage- ment, improved retention, higher attendance, improved staff performance and improved test scores. "Our vision starts with the classroom, and our class- room experts, our Teaching Learning Consultants. Each Have students create fun school projects and learn in the process with the HUE HD Camera with Animation Studio. Students can use their creativity to make stop motion animation and time-lapse video projects. The HUE Animation Studio software has been specifically designed for educational use, with a user friendly, full-featured interface. Projects can range from filming a claymation movie to watching a flower bloom using time-lapse photography. Students of all ages can create their own projects. The HUE HD Camera is a flexible plug-and-play camera with a built-in microphone. Sounds can either be recorded directly in the software itself using the camera's built-in microphone or imported from the computer. Sheila Veschusio, Education Industry Manager at Ergotron, talks about Ergotron's solutions for creating active learning spaces for students and educa- tors. ESD: What does Ergotron see as the biggest challenges facing Texas educators today? SV: Keeping kids engaged in learning without harming their health is one challenge that faces all educators. The truth is, kids are becoming ever more sedentary. Not only during the school day, due in part to traditional sit- ting only desks and reduction of active time outside of the classroom, but also at home. We are seeing adult dis- eases in our kids; they are dealing with diabetes and Continued on Page 25 An interview with Kendra Timberlake, PEG Writing Texas Pilot Project Manager. ESD: Tell us about the pilot. KT: PEG Writing ® , the Web-based writ- ing platform developed by Measurement Incorporated, has been selected by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to implement a statewide pilot of online writing practice, instruction and formative assessment. Under the pilot program, up to 50,000 Texas students in grades 6–12 will receive free subscriptions to PEG Writing through their schools. ESD: What are the goals of the pilot? Continued on Page 33 Continued on Page 33 SPORTSPAY OFFERS ONE-TO-ONE SERVICE FOR NON-PROFITS ALL COVERED: SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS THAT MATTER NEW KEYS TO IMPROVING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN EDUCATION CREATE STOP MOTION ANIMATION AND TIME-LAPSE VIDEO PROJECTS WITH HUE TEA SELECTS PEG WRITING FOR STATEWIDE WRITING PILOT Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 33 Continued on Page 25 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p A u s t i n T h u r s d a y, F e b r u a r y 5 , 2 0 1 5

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