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Cleaning News November 5, 2014

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By Fred Wehmeyer, Senior Vice President/Engineering, U.S. Battery Manufacturing Commercial floor cleaning equipment powered by flooded lead- acid batteries are some of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for cleaning contractors and building maintenance crews. But if the equipment is constantly down because the batteries are under- charged, it can cause havoc with meeting cleaning schedules and ultimately force you to purchase new sets of batteries to maintain the work load. Poor battery performance can come from a variety of issues, but the most common usually result from key maintenance procedures that aren't performed, simply because they take time to do. By adding three procedures to your routine battery maintenance schedule, you'll not only receive longer run times from your batteries, but you'll also extend service-life and lower your annual operating costs by decreasing the frequency of needing to replace them. REDUCE DOWNTIME, OPERATING COSTS WITH U.S. BATTERY An interview with Rob Lynch, Sales Manager, Micro Essential Laboratory, Inc. CN: Food safety is often in the news. What can food service estab- lishments do to improve food safety? RL: Food safety is a complicated, but critical business. Most peo- ple in the food business focus on a few key issues: elimination of pests, keeping food at correct temperature, keeping food contact surfaces clean – but that's just a sample of what is required and checked by health inspectors. CN: What do health inspectors look for? RL: The health inspector's job is to enforce food codes and educate staff on proper safety practices. They look at a great many things, but in general they want to be sure The commercial floor care industry covers a variety of products, so when it comes time to choose a supplier, how do you pick one? If you're looking for dedication to commercial vacuums, choose CleanMax. CleanMax offers commercial vacuum experts with a full range of models dedicated to specific floor care needs. Whether you need to grab dirt from hard to reach places, get sand that's ground deep into carpeting or tackle seemingly endless stretches of hallway, there's a CleanMax vacuum for you. No matter which model you choose, you can depend on your CleanMax vacuum. Don't take the company's word for it; ask one of its many customers. CleanMax is known in the hotel and restaurant industry for durable, reliable commercial vacuums with low cost maintenance. Additionally, every model is built for easy cleaning. Everything including turning the vacuum on, attachment cleaning and changing the bags is user-friend- ly. This makes it easy for businesses with a large cleaning staff because no mat- A building's floors can say a lot about a facility. A clean floor projects a safe and sanitary environment, and dirty floors can easily deter people from a business or lead to slip-and-fall accidents. So how can property managers maintain the appearance and safety of floors without breaking the bank? By using efficient and effective floor care solutions, facilities can ensure a clean and safe environment, prolong the life of their floors and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Machines Today's machines are smarter, smaller and more effective at cleaning than ever before. Organizations should look for models that offer sustainability through conservation of water, chemicals and energy use. For instance, intelligent dosing systems ensure that chemical is dispensed based on the speed of the machine, rather than the amount of time elapsed. This system can reduce chemical waste by up to 30 percent; deliver superior Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 12 PROTECT CUSTOMER HEALTH WITH MICRO ESSENTIAL LABORATORY CLEANMAX: DEDICATED TO COMMERCIAL VACUUMS FIRST-PLACE FINISH: TOTAL FLOOR CARE SOLUTIONS Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 12 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G ro u p O rl a n d o W e d n e s d a y, N o ve m b e r 5 , 2 0 1 4 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ISSA

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