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P ro d u c e S h o w D a i l y W e d n e s d a y, J u n e 1 1 , 2 0 1 4 4 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH UNITED FRESH Lee M. Oser CEO and Editor-in-Chief Kim Forrester Paul Harris Jeff Rosano Associate Publisher Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director JoEllen Lowry Dave Bernard Jeanie Catron Associate Editors Yasmine Brown Vicky Glover Graphic Designer Mandy Feld Ruth Haltiwanger Customer Service Managers Larry Blaskey, Levi Borland Ryan Harter Lynn Hilton Justin Schmigel Account Managers Enrico Cecchi European Sales Produce Show Daily is published by Oser Communications Group ©2014. All rights reserved. Executive and editorial offices at: 1877 N. Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715 520-721-1300/Fax: 520-721-6300 www.oser.com European offices located at Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 11, 50125 Florence, Italy. FIVE QUESTIONS THAT CAN HELP YOU PREVENT WIRE FRAUD By David Pollino, Fraud Prevention Officer, Bank of the West Wire fraud is a growing concern for busi- nesses that can be difficult to detect before the damage is done. Here is a common fraud scenario: An employee receives an email pur- portedly from the CFO of the company requesting an immediate wire transfer from the business's bank account to an overseas account. The employee initiates and approves the outgoing wire transfer, and several thousand dollars are sent from the business's bank account. Unbeknownst to the employee, criminals have gained control of the CFO's email, and the wire transfer request is fraudu- lent. The money is most likely gone. Wire fraud can be particularly costly to a business. As the Federal Trade Commission points out, "Know that wiring money is like sending cash. Con artists often insist that people wire money, especially overseas, because it's nearly impossible to reverse the transac- tion or trace the money." (www.con- sumer.ftc.gov/articles/0060-10-ways- avoid-fraud) Wire fraud is a growing threat to businesses as crim- inals become more sophisticated at hacking email and inter- nal systems of companies, but there are steps you can take to protect your busi- ness. To help you look for signs of poten- tial fraud, here are some questions to ask: Do you know if the wire was created based on an email, phone call, fax or text from another employee or someone known to the business? Can you confirm that the request to initiate the wire is from an authorized Continued on Page 41 Continued on Page 41 ESI GROUP A TRUSTED DESIGN- BUILDER FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION, EXPANSIONS, RENOVATIONS For more than 20 years, ESI Group has been trusted to serve customers rang- ing from local, regional and national leaders in food manufacturing, pro- cessing and distribution. Since 1991, the company has satisfied more than 150 clients and is proud to share that more than 80 percent of its business is with repeat customers, like US Foods, Sysco, United Natural Foods, Reinhart FoodService, Joseph Campione, Land O'Frost, Organically Grown, Performance Food Group, Usinger's Sausage, etc. What ESI Group's Subcontractors Say "On behalf of Systems, Inc and Fairborn USA, it was a pleasure to work with your organization on the WinCo Project. From start to finish, the professionalism and competence of the Design Team to field construction and administration to integration, made ESI one of the highest performing organizations I have had the pleasure to work with. The detail approval drawings we were able to use to collaborate with your Design Team and incorporate into the construction drawings immensely improved commu- nication among other trades, reduced installation time and assured WinCo the highest quality installation possible. I want to also commend your administra- tion staff. For a project with a heightened level of safety, regulation and cleanli- ness it was not over-burdensome for us internally or with our crews in terms of paperwork or "red tape." The field guys

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