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P ro d u c e S h o w D a i l y W e d n e s d a y, J u n e 1 1 , 2 0 1 4 1 6 A&B PROUDLY PRESENTS THE 'CHERRY EVOLUTION' By Michael Williamson, President of Sales, A&B Packing Equipment Here at A&B Packing Equipment, we are very proud of our newest addition to our "Evolution Weigh & Fill" family, the "Cherry Evolution!" The "Cherry Evolution" packing machine is modeled after our flagship machine, the "Blueberry Evolution." With the same proven technology that has brought our blueberry customers success for years, the "Cherry Evolution" has a similar style to bring that speed, gentleness, accuracy and versatility to the cherry industry. A&B Packing Equipment has not entered the cherry industry empty hand- ed. We have arrived on scene with years of experience handling some of the most fragile products on the market. Our gen- tle approach to packing has set us apart in the industry. The versatility of the Cherry Evolution is second to none. With the ability to accurately pack clamshells ranging from six ounces to four pounds, this Evolution can then be quickly trans- formed into a bagging system with the addition of our roll in bagger unit. Simply roll out the clamshell conveyor and roll in the bagger, and you are ready to bag! Both our bagger and clamshell systems can be quickly transitioned from one size to another as the need arises. The "Cherry Evolution" boasts speeds of up to 100 containers per minute, and still maintains accuracy lev- els unrivaled in the industry. The special- ly designed feed system gives you full control of target weights, even without stopping the machine. With the speed and accuracies we offer, you stand to see huge savings in labor costs and time. When you join the A&B Packing family, not only do you get the fastest, most gentle and accurate pack equipment on earth, but you also gain access to our outstanding serv- ice department. We have a dedicated team of field service technicians that will be available for training and support while you are in your busiest season. We would like to give a special thanks to our customers, from the Williamson family and the A&B team. We are committed to your success, as it has a direct effect on ours. We look forward to working together, side by side, to meet all of your packing needs in the future. For more information, visit www.abpacking.com, call 269-539- 4700, email info@abpacking.com or stop by booth #640. THE CONCEPT BEHIND ENDO LEDZ ENDO Lighting Corporation has been making various proposals as an original brand maker of lighting fixtures and equipment since its inception in 1967. It quickly and flexibly reflects direct feed- back from customers in the development of its products and meticulously address- es customer requests. As a result of the accumulation of its steady efforts, the company has acquired the top share in domestic commercial facilities. Although the domestic lighting mar- ket tends to be saturated, the emergence of LED has captured much attention as an epoch-making lighting source and has triggered a resumption of the growth trend in the domestic lighting market. In 2009, ENDO Lighting made the full- scale launch of the commercial use LED lighting series "LEDZ," quickly achiev- ing the industry's top product lineup and performance. It delivers its lighting prod- ucts to many well-known department stores, offices, factories, public facilities and other properties, as well as various specialty stores. Supported by major architectural offices, super general con- tractors and subcontractors, orders for its lighting products have been expanding. Its mainstay brand is high-quality LEDZ, and the registration of this trademark is pend- ing in approximately 60 countries worldwide. Endo's mission, "creating a lighting environment that res- onates with the human heart," cannot be achieved from a purely conservation oriented perspective that focuses exclusively on using less. To ful- fill this mission, it continues to create new forms of light that deliver new pos- sibilities and value by using limited ener- gy resources effectively, while at the same time delivering psychological and physiological fulfillment to the people who use our products. This approach embod- ies the philosophy behind ENDO LEDZ. In this way, behind ENDO LEDZ lies hope for a brighter, more fulfilling future. ENDO LEDZ continues to evolve in pursuit of limitless potential by creating the light of the future. Light that is both people- and earth-friendly. For more information, visit www .endo-lighting.com, call 401-295-2533, email overseas@m1.endo-lighting.co.jp or stop by booth #4661. BLUE BOOK SERVICES INTRODUCES NEW HIRE ACADEMY Blue Book Services, Inc. is pleased to introduce the "New Hire Academy," a program designed to help new hires learn industry fundamentals. The New Hire Academy (NHA), sponsored by L & M Transportation Services, Inc. of Raleigh, N.C., is avail- able online through Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) and includes five instructional videos: Sales & Account Management, Trading Customs & Rules, Transportation Customs & Rules, the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Trust and Understanding Blue Book Ratings. "Feedback from our members has been very positive," enthused Jim Carr, President and CEO of Blue Book Services. "There's always more to learn, and for a new hire it can be especially challenging. We're finding the videos are a helpful 'refresher' for industry veterans as well." "Having eagerly awaited the New Hire Academy's debut, I signed up immediately to be a participant," stated Doug Stoiber, Vice President of Produce Transportation Operations at L & M Transportation Services, Inc. (LMTS). "By the time I finished all five sessions," Stoiber explained, "I was convinced the New Hire Academy had to be part of every LMTS new hire's experience, and that our veterans needed to participate and 'graduate' too. At LMTS, we believe so strongly in the value of the Academy that we not only reward our team mem- bers for participating, we want our cus- tomers and carriers to see our commit- ment to this program, too." Once employees complete the NHA series and successfully pass the associat- ed testing, their managers are notified by Blue Book Services. "We are very grateful to our outside partners who volunteered their time and expertise for this important initiative," stated Carr. The Sales & Account Management session is presented by Minos Athanassiadis, Managing Partner of the Fresh Link consulting group, while the PACA Trust session is presented by Jason Read, Partner at Rynn & Janowski law firm. Ken Schultz, Vice President of Rating Services at Blue Book, presents the session on Understanding Blue Book Ratings, and Doug Nelson, Blue Book's Vice President of Special Services presents the sessions on Trading Customs & Rules and Transportation Customs & Rules. Topics covered in the sessions include forming a contract, the impor- tance of written confirmations, the authority to grant price adjustments and modify terms, suitable shipping condi- tions, key transportation documents (e.g., bills of lading, rate confirmations, etc.), the PACA Trust and reparations process, interpreting Blue Book Ratings, industry segments (retailer, distributor, whole- saler, foodservice, processor) and much more. Best of all – each of the NHA video sessions is free to Blue Book members. "Blue Book Services has many new and exciting innovations to share at this year's United Fresh Produce Show," stat- ed Carr, who encourages attendees to visit Blue Book Services at booth #853 to learn more. For more information, visit www .producebluebook.com, call 630 668- 3500, email info@bluebookservices.com or stop by booth #853. NEW HERB AND FLOWER CRYSTALS GIVE CHEFS AND MIXOLOGISTS A NEW FLAVOR PALETTE Fresh Origins, America's leading produc- er of MicroGreens and Edible Flowers, is introducing Herb Crystals™ and Flower Crystals™. With dazzling, all-natural colors and the flavors of fresh flowers and herbs, the crystals are perfect ingre- dients for adding a distinctive finishing touch to any culinary creation. Carefully hand-harvested at the peak of flavor and color, fresh herbs and edible flowers are combined with pure cane sugar to create vibrant, flavorful crystals. Their crispy texture and concentrated fla- vor brighten up salads, pair well with savory dishes and add crunch to baked goods and desserts. The crystals can even be tossed into a cocktail for a surprise of color at the bottom of the glass, whose flavor will be savored in the last sip. "We're excited to introduce our Herb and Flower Crystals and eager to see how they inspire new trends," said David Sasuga, Founder of Fresh Origins. "The possibilities are endless!" Herb Crystals are available in Basil and Mint, and Flower Crystals are available in Fennel and Rose. Mini Herb and Flower Crystals – available in the same flavors but with a finer grain – will also be introduced. Best used for rimming the glasses of creative drinks and cocktails, their more delicate granules are perfect for inspiring forward-thinking mixolo- gists. All are Kosher-certified and have no added flavorings or colors. About Fresh Origins Fresh Origins is America's leading producer of micro- greens and edible flowers. Combining the benefits of an ideal climate with a deep passion for quality and inno- vation, Fresh Origins prod- ucts are sought after by the finest restaurants and top chefs nation- wide. Visit www.freshorigins.com for more information and recipes, and find the brand on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, please visit booth #1461 or go online to www.freshorigins.com.

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