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P ro d u c e S h o w D a i l y 1 3 W e d n e s d a y, J u n e 1 1 , 2 0 1 4 BERNARD EGAN & COMPANY CELEBRATING 100TH ANNIVERSARY Bernard Egan & Company, parent com- pany of DNE World Fruit LLC, is cele- brating 100 years of success as a family- owned and operated business growing and marketing fresh citrus. The company began back in 1914 as a receiver and distributor of fruit and vegetables in New York City. In the 1920s, the company began investing in citrus groves and packinghouses in Florida, and today Fellsmere Farms is one of the largest groves in the state of Florida. In 1935, the company pioneered a new concept in the citrus industry by selling direct from Florida to its largest customers. In 1937, Bernard A. Egan joined the company and worked in sales together with his brothers. In 1968, DNE Sales was formed as the marketing arm of the company. The company really began to grow. DNE pio- neered the development of Japanese mar- kets for fresh Indian River grapefruit as well as expanding European markets for fresh Florida citrus. The emphasis on qual- ity was Bernard Egan's principle. "The only way to build a successful business is through consistent quality." By growing, packing and shipping the fruit, the compa- ny maintained control of the quality. The company's name changed from Egan, Fickett & Company to Bernard Egan & Company in 1989 on the 75th anniversary. In 1997, the company entered into a strategic market- ing alliance with Ocean Spray on fresh citrus. Through this alliance, DNE became the exclusive dis- tributor of fresh citrus under the well-rec- ognized "Ocean Spray" brand. This alliance has been very successful for both partners and continues to grow today. DNE has become a global mar- keter, packer and shipper. Through the years (1992 – to current), the company has ventured outside of Florida citrus to be able to offer its customers year round quality citrus. As well as offer- ing citrus from Texas and California, DNE imports summer citrus from Australia, South Africa, Chile, Peru and Mexico as well as clementines from Spain and Morocco. Bernard Egan & Company is the largest mar- keter of fresh Florida citrus and one of the largest citrus marketers in the world. The company continues the family commit- ment to operating an organization driven by values of hard work, customer service and produce excellence. The company is honored and proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary in an industry that has grown tremendously in every aspect over the years. It thanks its employees, growers and customers for their participation in helping the compa- ny reach this significant milestone. For more information, visit www.dneworld.com, call 800-327-6676 or stop by booth #966. FRESH APPROACH TO AUTOMATION By Chris Jones, Group Sales Manager – Controls, tna When packaging fresh produce, manu- facturers must consider the characteris- tics of items such as fresh vegetables and salad leaves. Gentle handling is essential to prevent damage and costly waste. Product freshness and speed are key when moving product from delivery to shelf-ready packaged goods, particularly for produce grown out of season, which may have a shorter life span. Variation in pack sizes also has an impact. The rise of single person house- holds and the drive to reduce food waste has seen an increase in convenient, single serve formats, while the economic squeeze has created demand for family- size value packs. All this must be achieved while ensuring high Operational Efficiency Effectiveness (OEE) and compliance with strict food safety regulations. Manufacturers need to ensure production lines deliver on quality, flexibility and productivity. These issues are driving innovative developments in packaging automation, where technology can improve performance. Quality and Quantity The right distribution technology can maximize product quality, removing the risks and potential errors associated with human contact. Innovations such as horizontal motion distribution sys- tems can transport dry fresh produce smoothly, while wet or sticky non-frag- ile products can be moved confidently using a high throw conveyor – perfect for loose lettuce which may otherwise stick to the pan. Conveyors with gate- less designs, for example, which keep product contact to a minimum are essential too. Gentle handling must not be at the expense of speed. Conveyors need to transport product both carefully and rap- idly to retain its freshness. Increased Productivity Bagged produce is a popular packag- ing format for consumers, offering both convenience and the ability to assess product quality inside. A cost effective and lightweight material, polyethylene (PE) is now a reliable option to protect less heavy applica- tions. Here, developments in automation technology can help processors remain competitive. Rotary impulse sealing systems allow Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) polyethylene packaging machines to be used for fresh produce. Standard single jaw packaging systems have recently been superseded by advanced rotary dou- ble flat jaw configurations which double the throughput rate. Processors can also benefit from advancements in bagging speeds. The latest VFFS PE packaging systems, such as the tna robagFXIS 3ci, achieve speeds of 150 bags per minute (bpm) compared to 70-80 bpm for traditional PE machines. Versatility of bag size, format and the ability to adapt to different products which are often processed in the same plant are also key. This level of flexibility can eas- ily be achieved with automated systems which do not require any mechanical adjustments when changing product or film. Increasingly sophisticated software underpins the packaging line and allows adjustments to be made from one central control point. Manufacturers can make real time changes electroni- cally rather than having to manually take out a machine or line. Integrated technology also flags breakdowns or errors immediately; operators can resolve any issues quickly and avoid bigger problems backing up on the line. Downtime is kept to a minimum and manufacturers are able to respond even faster to changing market demands. Discover more benefits to automat- ing your packaging line tomorrow. For more information, visit www.tna solutions.com, call 972-462-6500, follow on Twitter at twitter.com/tnasolutions or stop by booth #753. TRIANGLE'S X-SERIES VFFS BAGGERS OFFER HIGH SPEED BAGGING AND MORE A leader in VFFS baggers and packaging equipment since 1923, Triangle's pack- aging equipment thrives in cold, wet, harsh environments. Because of this, pro- duce packaging is an ideal application for its rugged, sanitary bagging machines. Whether you're running leaf lettuce, baby carrots, apple slices or frozen berries, you won't find a faster, cleaner, smarter solution than the X-Series verti- cal form fill seal (vffs) baggers. Faster Ideal for small, fresh cut produce, nuts and more, Model XYS08 is a compact, high speed bagger that offers speeds up to 150 bags per minute. Like all models in the X-Series line, the bagger features quick, tool-less changeover of forming tubes and film rolls, allowing customers to run multiple package styles and sizes on the same machine. When switching from laminated to non-supported film structures, sealing jaws can be replaced tool-lessly in less than five minutes. Cleaner When it comes to sanitation, Triangle's X-Series VFFS baggers are second to none. Customers love the open, acces- sible, easy to clean design. X-Series baggers are available in three levels of sanitation, including stainless steel, stainless steel washdown and USDA/3A models, with control box ratings from Nema 12 to Nema 4X. In fact, Triangle offers the only vertical form fill seal bagger and forming tube designed to meet strict USDA and 3A sanitation standards. "In addition to the standard features, our USDA model features an electropol- ished stainless steel frame with continu- ously welded frames ground smooth, stainless steel control box, washdown rated servo motors, an extended stainless steel top plate with drain and cross members rotated 45 degrees to facilitate 'drip- drain-draw,' and stainless steel, bearing-free film rollers (patent-pending)," explained Paul Muskat, V.P. of Service and Product Development, Triangle Package Machinery. Smarter Triangle is the only North American company to not only offer ultrasonic sealing, but to provide the flexibility to run ultrasonic or traditional heat sealing on the same bagging machine. A unique, cold sealing technology, ultrasonic seal- ing offers many benefits to produce pack- aging companies, including improved OEE and reduced leakers, as well as labor, material and energy savings. Looking for versatility? The X- Series VFFS bagger is available in inter- mittent or constant motion, with three frame sizes and styles to best meet your produce packaging needs. Bag styles include pillow bags, flat bottom or gus- seted bags, and four-corner/quad seal, stand-up bags. With quick, tool-less changeover of sealing jaws or film rolls, all of the bagging machine mod- els are designed to run multi- ple package styles and sizes on the same machine, allow- ing customers to enjoy less downtime and move more product out the door. About Triangle Triangle Package Machinery is a U.S. manufacturer of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bag machines, combination weighers, bag in box systems and tray loading/depositing systems. Located in Chicago, Triangle offers a 120,000 square foot facility that houses its entire manufacturing process from raw mate- rial fabrication through complete machine testing and checkout. Triangle's after sales support is second- to-none and offers online troubleshoot- ing, training, documentation and spare parts service. For more information, visit www.triangle package.com/www.trianglepackage.com, call 800-621-4170, email info@triangle package.cominfo@trianglepackage.com or stop by booth #2061.

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