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H o s p i t a l i t y & D e s i g n S h o w D a i l y 1 9 W e d n e s d a y, J u n e 1 2 , 2 0 1 3 Silk Road as part of our exploration of what it means to be a nomad today. Our centerpiece collection is called Street Thread. Street Thread is a series of carpets inspired by street art. Every city to which I travel, whether domestic or international, has tags throughout its cityscape. Graffiti has transformed into a very valid art form, being shown in major galleries and being the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary. Jackie was inspired by two artists―Queen Andrea and Aakash Nihalani. She owns pieces from each artist and their work informed the two collections. Queen Andrea has a style that is easily recognizable with more traditional graffiti motifs and vibrant colors. Additionally, she also has ven- tured into scripted typography. We have explored both of these, and the result is a vibrant, energy-filled feeling you get when you start to lay them down in parts and pieces. This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. Designers will be able to "tag"spaces, both for- mally and informally, throughout a space. These designs become a destina- The Mohawk Group (Cont'd. from p. 1) tion for talking and collaborating. You can mix the different colors together or use them in one colorway, making the configurations endless and unique to each installation. Aakash Nihalani represents the new breed of graffiti artist. His work is unlike anyone else's and his point of view derives from his love of architecture and spatial relationships. By using brightly colored tape, Aakash creates an almost "trompe l'oeil" effect on the surfaces he tags. The crisp geometry of his designs has been recreated in our products, as well as his use of dynamic coloring. Fresh, sparse and clean, these will appeal to the modernist who is looking for something architectural and new. The world has been craving bold, and these designs answer that need. We see the romance in nomadism. With our new collections, we hope to appeal to the explorers, wanderers, hip- pies, pioneers and travelers. I guess that's all of us nowadays. Isn't it? To learn more about these and other new products from the Mohawk Group, please visit showroom 3-77 at Neocon 2013 or go online to www.themohawkgroup.com. process, or the implied natural propor- tion. Repetitive forms always remain a cornerstone of good architecture and design," Duncan said. Hexagon offers new tile styles to build social hives and form new commu- nities. The palette is thoughtfully planned to color any sort of connection in every sort of space. These neutrals network from warm to cool to pops of bright, so you can form subtle color shifts or plan punchy groupings. The entire collection is Cradle to Cradle silver certified and uses premium Eco Solution Q fiber. All tiles feature EcoWorx backing, which is completely recyclable, PVC-free, and contain 44 percent recycled content. Hexagon also Shaw Commercial (Cont'd. from p. 1) contributes to LEED credits, including recycled content, low-emitting materials and innovation in design. As a society, we depend on more connection points than ever before, and our workplace reflects this. "Today, noth- ing is linear," Duncan added. "Hexagon creates more connection points and removes the linear path. It will change the way people move through the space, to develop social pockets that facilitate networking and collaboration. We often see our customers create angular, organic seating areas or work spaces. Now, Hexagon allows for a similar system to be implemented on the floor." For more information, visit booth 10-167 at NeoCon 2013 or go online to www.shawcontractgroup.com. nature for inspiration to update its collec- tions. When LooseLay was first launched in 2012, the line consisted of six planks in best-selling designs. Since then, four tiles have been added. As the demand for a glue-free vinyl product continues to grow, Karndean will also continue to grow the line. Coming this fall, another four tiles and four planks will be added to the LooseLay line, and Karndean is now in the development process to expand the collection even further next year. HDSD: What distinguishes your prod- ucts from the competition? LM: A comment Karndean hears quite often, after mentioning that its product is luxury vinyl tile, is, "But it looks so real!" Karndean takes pride in choosing the best designs and colors for its product so that it resembles the look and feel of real wood and stone. From the grain details in real woods to the qualities of natural stone, Karndean has it covered. Nature is what inspires us, and we strive to give our product that real feel of nature without the extensive care that 'real' requires. HDSD: What products do you see as being hottest this year? LM: Striated, linear designs and wide format tiles are hot in flooring. Earlier this year, Karndean updated its Opus col- lection and launched incredible new designs that give a modern feel in a vari- ety of tones. Some of the new plank styles are large, 9 inches by 48 inches in size, and striated in a variety of color options. And our new Opus tile, in con- Karndean (Cont'd. from p. 1) temporary concrete and metallic designs, is the largest yet: 18 inches by 36 inches in size. HDSD: When it comes to technology, how does Karndean stand out from other flooring companies? LM: Karndean not only sets the stage with the development of their product innovations, such as LooseLay, we are also developing ways to fit flooring vir- tually. Karndean has had much success with Floorstyle, an interactive room viewer on its website that allows you to view our product in typical room set- tings. This summer, Karndean will launch our first-ever virtual floor fitter, an augmented reality app that allows you to see what your favorite Karndean floor will look like in your own space. It's as easy as uploading your Karndean floor choice into the desired space so you can view the finished project. HDSD: Architects and home builders across the nation are increasingly inter- ested in green products. Are Karndean products an environmentally responsible choice? LM: Karndean Designflooring is a mem- ber of the U.S. Green Building Council. We are committed to the environmental credentials of our products and have also earned the FloorScore Seal to reassure customers that all of the Karndean prod- ucts meet the IAQ (indoor air quality) requirements. For more information, visit booth 8-7116 at NeoCon, go online to www.karn- dean.com, call 888-266-4343 or email info@karndean.com. Dasco cabinets come standard with Wesco locks, but the Abloy keyed lock is offered as a standard upgrade. What is unique about the Abloy lock is that it is a "one of a kind" key and lock. It cannot be duplicated except by the manufacturer. Beyond keyed entry to the Dasco cabi- nets, Dasco offers organizations the fol- lowing optional upgrades to the standard cabinet entry systems. Dasco can produce your cabinet to include Traceable Card Reading Technology as the means of entry into the cabinet. What this means to an organiza- tion is that they can not only limit access to the cabinets by providing only certain users with the appropriate pass cards, but the system can be programmed to add or remove users. The term "traceable entry" is a highly important element, beyond security. The card reader can provide the back-up information related to who Dasco (Cont'd. from p. 1) accessed the cabinet, and when. All entries into the cabinet can be traced back to who entered and when, up to the pre- vious 2000 entries. Dasco has also standardized the option on our cabinets to include biomet- rics. Assigned users would enter their password on the key pad located on the face of the cabinet, and the secondary security level would be the reading of an individual's fingerprint. Once the two stages are accepted by the system, the user would be granted access to the cabi- net. All entries into the cabinet can be traced back to who entered and when, up to the previous 2000 entries. Dasco Storage prides itself on pro- ducing not only high quality cabinets, but cabinets that provide organizations with an investment in security. For more information on Dasco Storage Solutions, please visit our booth 8-1106 or the website at www.dascostorage.com. Technology and community have blurred the lines in workspaces. Where there used to be hard lines between pub- lic and private space, now we all think in terms of collaboration, of projects, and of anywhere/anytime productivity. This is true not only in corporate settings, but also in retail and hospitality design. The impulse behind Redefined was not only to refresh classic patterns for today, but also to bring the past into the present in a meaningful way – where patterns can be used to emphasize the energy of a public area or the sophisticat- ed quiet of a conference room, with beau- tiful transitional and way-finding cues between. Through a smart use of the 18-inch by 36-inch modular carpet format, Redefined's textural patterns that appear and disappear, fading in and out of focus, the collection also enables a custom look without requiring intri- cate, costly installation methods. In fact, the patterns are designed to create a random effect when installed in a simple, linear fashion that requires no complex planning. The sophisticated palette of 16 running line colors, with or without accent colors, helps ensure that these classics will remain relevant in project installations for years to come. It is perfect not only for new hospitality construction and renova- Mannington Commercial (Cont'd. from p. 1) tion, but also for retail, higher educa- tion, corporate, and healthcare. A companion collection (Redefined Collection | Texture) includes two pat- terns: Bouclé and Bouclé Luxe, using a proprietary, ultra-large denier fiber with patented variable twist technology to give the carpet a heavily textured look and feel, while maintaining commercial grade performance. Redefined Collection | Texture is available in both 12 foot broadloom and 24-inch by 24inch modu- lar tiles. In keeping with Mannington's lead- ership position in sustainability – which is built upon innovative measures to close the recycling loop, reduce waste streams, reuse waste materials, and con- tinue its leadership position in energy efficiency – the Collection is available backed with two choices that work for today's projects. rEvolve is thermoplastic polyolefin, a vinyl alternative backing (20 percent recycled content, including 10 percent post-consumer); Infinity ® RE is high performance modular backing (30 percent recycled, including 15 percent post consumer). Both backings are third- party certified by NSF/ANSI as Environmentally Preferable Products, at the Platinum level. For more information, visit www .manningtoncommercial.com, call 800- 241-2262 and visit booth 10-39 at NeoCon 2013.

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