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Hospitality and Design Show Daily NeoCon June 12 2013

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Should an organization question how it stores valu- able personal information? Human Resource Departments are an area within an office environment which stores some of the more valu- able, personal information within an organization. Whether it is performance evaluations, health records, or salary structures, these documents are generally stored in a traditional lateral file, with little to no securi- ty. What would be the consequence should this informa- tion become available to individuals who should not have had access? Dasco Storage Solutions manufactures storage cab- inets which provide clients with various levels of secu- rity. The standard cabinet comes complete with an all- steel tambour door, and the interior of the cabinet can be designed to suit your specific needs. Your choices could include file bins with individual lockable lids, end tab filing shelves, or secure lockable compartments. PROTECT VALUABLE INFORMATION WITH DASCO STORAGE SOLUTIONS Non-linear in its composition, Hexagon reflects the culture shift toward more collaborative environments– impacting the way we work, walk, communicate and create. "We are continually researching the influence of mathematics on design, as we search for the ultimate symmetry that is found in everyday objects and in nature," said Reesie Duncan, Shaw Contract Group Creative Director. "And we feel that the geometry of the hexagon is perfection." A natural evolution of form beyond square and rec- tangle, the hexagon is the next logical move for the design of carpet tile. And while it may be geometrically perfect with six equal sides, it's anything but linear. This new shape reinforces the social aspect of a space as well as the physical and mental interaction that occurs within it. "In commercial spaces, we achieve the best outcome when we pay respect to the order and Working under the design direction of Corgan Associates, Mannington Commercial, a leader in innovative flooring products for the interiors industry, has created The Redefined Collection: Fashion classics re-imag- ined as 18-inch by 36-inch modular carpet. Made up of six products inspired by houndstooth, tweed, hexa- gons, and other classic patterns, Redefined is visually rich and stunning, yet designed to play a supporting role in an interior space. Mannington first teamed up with a design team at Corgan, led by Principal Lindsay Wilson, with the launch of the Connected Collection, a breakthrough in using carpet to shape spaces in the open floor plans. Building upon this success, the Redefined Collection is also designed to blur the lines between public and pri- vate space, work areas and play areas, and more. An interview with Lucia Martuccio, Assistant Product Manager, Karndean Designflooring. HDSD: What would you say makes your company unique? LM: Karndean is a trendsetter. It's a design flooring manufacturer that develops product ahead of the trend. Before anyone knows what that trend is going to be, Karndean is at the development stage, taking nature that surrounds everyday life and incorporating that into a unique design to complement your space, your needs and your style. The product is realistic in how it looks and, most importantly, designed for living. HDSD: Are you introducing any new products? LM: For the past 40 years, Karndean has looked at By Christopher Stulpin, Director, Design and Development, Mohawk Group Over a year ago, I attended a lecture with several design clients to hear Li Edelkoort from Trend Union discuss nomadism. Our species has become super-nomads, using the world as their field of action. I certainly fall into this category, spending as much time in airports and planes as I do in my office in New York. My colleague, Jackie Dettmar, our Vice President of Product Development, travels almost as much. It was this idea of travel and the modern worker that inspired much of what we developed for NeoCon 2013. We wanted to take the notion that a flooring finish could acknowledge this new paradigm and could also help solve some of the new challenges that designers face when developing space for the Modern Nomad. NeoCon visitors can try on Denim, revisit Idlewild and travel the Continued on Page 19 Hufcor, the world's most installed brand of operable par- titions, introduces RG Designer faux wood laminate finish for use on Hufcor operable parti- tions and/or the permanent walls. The RG Designer wood laminates provide abstract, textured prints that are richly detailed and easy-to-maintain. The base paint coats, precision wood grain prints and melamine top layer (five coats total) provide a durable, lush finish perfect for use on Hufcor movable panel partitions. The wood grains are beautiful and look just like real wood. RG Designer faces combine ½-inch medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a custom rotogravure paint process. The rotogravure painting process was perfected decades ago for use on MDF materials and is much less expensive than wood veneer or laminate. National retailers Continued on Page 19 Continued on Page 19 Continued on Page 19 Continued on Page 19 Continued on Page 14 HEXAGON FROM SHAW CONTRACT GROUP IS ANYTHING BUT LINEAR MANNINGTON COMMERCIAL PRESENTS THE REDEFINED COLLECTION DESIGNING FOR THE WORKPLACE 'MODERN NOMAD' KARNDEAN STAYS AHEAD OF THE TRENDS HUFCOR INTRODUCES RG DESIGNER FAUX WOOD HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATES O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p L a s V e g a s W e d n e s d a y, J u n e 1 2 , 2 0 1 3 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NEOCON

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