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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, O c t o b e r 1 4 , 2 0 1 3 4 4 washes – it makes success stories. AUTEC, Inc. specializes in develop- ing the most profitable car washes in the market. Combining superior cleaning performance with vastly improved throughput makes AUTEC the logical choice for higher profitability with a spectacular profile. The components of success in the car wash business are: the site must have easy access, be highly visible, brightly lit, provide extraordinary cleaning of all vehicles-without dam- age and must be professionally main- tained, mechanically and cosmetically, by a professional service organization who delivers service 24/7. AUTEC's unique aluminum and glass structures combined with the AUTEC INBAY EXPRESS technolo- Autec Car Wash Systems (Cont'd. from p. 1) gy make your choice simple when looking at a new car wash project. The superior cleaning performance of the AUTEC EV 1 Combination system will make your car wash the destina- tion that keeps customers returning over and over. Imagine a car wash that has no employees, operates completely 24/7 without attendants, washes 25-30 vehi- cles per hour, has a small footprint, a short-term depreciation on building and equipment, and an extraordinary cleaning performance with extraordi- nary dependability. Autec: Celebrating over 32 years of manufacturing excellence! For more information, visit booth 5013, call 800-438-3028, visit www.autec-carwash.com or email info@autec-carwash.com. DAYMARK INCREASES CUT PROTECTION WITH NXT SERIES FROM HEXARMOR While visiting a variety of restaurants and kitchens, DayMark Safety Systems found that employees were unhappy with the traditional cut gloves they were using. The cut gloves were being used in food preparation when handling knives and other bladed equipment. The gloves often seemed bulky and ill- fitting. Loose fingertips on the gloves often bunched up and caused issues when cutting or food handling. Other gloves were difficult to sanitize, and were found to retain odor and color from the foods they came into contact with. From a safety standpoint, the spectra's fiber offered little or no pro- tection for knife-tip injuries, where the point of the knife penetrated through their gaps. When the employee is uncomfortable in the cut glove, compli- ance drops significantly. Why did NXT 10-302 cut–resis- tant gloves become the choice of some of the largest restaurant chains and grocers in the United States? NXT 10- 302 exceeds Level 5 protection on ASTM and CE industry scales. They offer industry-leading protection from knife slips and cuts with the combina- tion of SuperFabric ® guard plates. High-dexterity and comfort in a 13- gauge lightweight shell make the gloves easy to wear and allow for very dexterous functional- ity. The NXT 10-302 washes better than the competition and is easily sanitized during a normal dish cycle. The NXT 10-302 cut- resistant gloves immediately increased employee acceptance of the product. All of DayMark's tests have shown an increase in compliance, as well as longer product life and enhanced safety due to the protective nature of NXT 10-302 SuperFabric guard plates. The NXT 10- 302 allows a latex or nitrile glove to eas- ily fit overtop. Fiber-based cut gloves can protect your hands from contact with the straight edge of a blade, but if the blade slips, a knife tip will easily find its way between the fibers and cause injury. Fiber-based gloves have gaps in between the weave where a blade tip can easily penetrate. This "window" effect can cause a user to have an injury the same as if they weren't wearing a cut glove at all. The NXT 10-302 is not only a step up in safety; it is a better fit- ting, more comfortable solution to traditional knit gloves. Many kitchen managers and chefs are moving toward the NXT 10-302 as the in-kitchen testing proves a higher level of protection and employee acceptance. Try the NXT 10-302 today and watch your safety pro- gram and employee compliance grow. For more information on the NXT 10-302 cut glove, call DayMark Safety Systems at 800-847-0101, visit www.daymark.com or email imcclellan@daymarksafety.com. FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES MAKE MOVES TO OFFER FROYO There's nothing like a cool, refreshing and healthy treat to chase away the summer heat or the winter dreariness, no matter if you're 80 or 8 years old. And it's rare for a person to turn down a delicious snack when celebrating a birthday. Frozen yogurt is a popular treat for all ages and celebrations in life, which could explain why businesses offering it reported significant growth over the past five years. From 2006 to 2011, the industry grew 5.9 percent, even during the tough economy. Restaurants, gas stations, catering companies and even hotels are delving into the frozen yogurt market, setting up shop thanks to low start up expenditures and low overhead mainte- nance costs. These frozen yogurt bars range in offerings from a selection of fla- vorings – including low fat – to a variety of fruit and nut toppings to enhance the treat. "Frozen yogurt is a quick and ver- satile element businesses have been able to add to their services, without expending a lot of costs or effort," said Dan Doromal from Donper America, an industry-leading manufacturer of frozen yogurt machines. "As a result, the industry has grown, and customers are finding new places serving their favorite frozen treat." For example, catering companies can expand their menus with soft-serve machines. Frozen yogurt machines are portable and can be taken to birthday parties, businesses, weddings, schools and even fundraising events. Mixes for the treat come in either liquid or dry options, providing businesses with a couple of long-term storage choices as well. Even hotels are jumping on the frozen yogurt band- wagon. The Palms in Las Vegas has a frozen yogurt bar do-it- yourself operation keeping visitors cool in the desert heat and satisfying their dessert cravings. Guests have all the options they want for either healthy or decadent desserts. And the next time you fill up for gas, there is a chance you might be able to purchase and enjoy a frozen yogurt treat at the convenience station before you head on down the road again. For exam- ple, RaceTrac has incorporated the entire frozen yogurt shop concept – toppings included – in some locations. Another reason for the popularity and growth in this industry is because frozen yogurt is often seen as a healthy snack, especially when served low-fat with fruit toppings. It's a great dairy sup- plement with a meal, is a delicious dessert and can be consid- ered a lower-calorie mid-afternoon snack on those hot summer days. IBISWorld projects that demand for frozen yogurt stores will continue to grow over the next five years because of new markets joining the industry. So the next time you're in the mood for a deli- cious and cold treat, you probably won't have to go far to find a business serving frozen yogurt with fresh fruit, nut and candy toppings. To learn more, callDonper America at 888-350-8091. ORLANDO-BASED WIRE-FREE LED PUTS FOOD IN THE SPOTLIGHT Orlando-based company Wire-free LED, the leader in battery-operated LED light- ing technology, got its start in January of 2011 when founder Jon Adcock set out to "offer clients a solution that incorporates the latest in cutting-edge technology that will save time and money." A few months later, CaterLight™ was born. CaterLight is a tabletop lighting solution for buffets, bars, or even carving stations that requires no electrical outlets or messy cabling. Weighing only 16 pounds, this battery-operated LED fix- ture lasts 8 to 10 hours on a single charge and uses color-enhancing lamps to show off the food's true colors. But here's the best part: these battery-operated, color- enhancing lamps don't produce any heat, preserving the integrity and safety of the food it illuminates. Imagine having a chocolate display that doesn't drip or a sushi bar that doesn't broil: CaterLight makes that possible. Wire-free LED does more than just brighten buffets. For those who live in the special event and catering world, lighting can make the difference between good and wow! Wire-free LED makes reaching wow that much easier with bat- tery-powered production fixtures that operate wirelessly using wirelessDMX technology. The RGBA, featuring red, green, blue and amber LEDs, weighs 18 pounds and is ideal for stage light- ing, uplighting, and tradeshow booth lighting. Rob O'Brien, General Manager of Wire-free LED, recalls an experience using Wire-free LED RGBA fixtures in his booth: "The electric service contractor kept checking out our booth making sure we weren't using more power than we ordered. Our entire booth was illu- minated, but we only needed the one outlet for our laptops. We saved thou- sands of dollars on power alone―it's a no-brainer!" Need something more compact? Wire-free LED has a light for that. Enter The Foundation. At 6.5 pounds, this fixture is a heavyweight in the mobile lighting industry. The Foundation is geared more towards smaller spaces like lighting furniture, truss and décor pieces. "Our clients need quality lighting at a cost-effective price point," Adcock said. "This technology is a perfect mar- riage of the clients' needs as they can save money without sacrificing quality." For more information, contact the com- pany by emailing info@wire-freeled.com or by calling 407-402-7430.

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