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C o n v e n i e n c e R e t a i l e r S h o w D a i l y 4 1 M o n d a y, O c t o b e r 1 4 , 2 0 1 3 GOT HEARTBURN? GIVE HEARTBURN RELIEF By Maggie Ting, Brand Manager, The Tummy Company, Relief OTC™. Picture this: You've just completed enjoying the most delicious meal with family and friends, but your stomach isn't even close to feeling any bit of sat- isfaction. In fact, what began as mild dis- comfort in your belly has quickly turned into a mean case of heartburn and indi- gestion. So now what? Do you tolerate the discomfort with the hopes the burning sensation will just go away with time, or do you actually do something about it? Unfortunately, this is a scenario that far too many Americans are dealing with today. In fact, according to the American Gastroenterological Association, an esti- mated 25 million people in the U.S. suf- fer from heartburn or indigestion every single day. In most cases, heartburn and indi- gestion occur after you eat – typically from consuming foods that are spicy, high in fat content and often greasy – and not only is it what you eat, but it's also if you eat too much or too quickly. Obviously it's important to watch what you eat and avoid common trig- gers such as spicy and fatty foods, along with limiting portion sizes. But when you feel the pain coming on, it's a relief to know there's a new dependable antacid compan- ion to turn to. Meet Relief OTC, a fast- acting liquid antacid that begins fighting heartburn within sec- onds by neutralizing stomach acid at the source of the pain – the esophagus – providing long lasting relief. Relief OTC is proudly debuting at the 2013 NACS Show and is now available for purchase. Relief OTC is an entirely new, unique, and FDA-compliant OTC reme- dy that combines proven ingredients with the convenience of an enjoyable and ready-to-consume 4-ounce portable bottle. Available in a great-tasting orange crème flavor, in a compact six selling unit display carton that fits nicely at the point of purchase and on store shelves. Knowing nearly one in three of your shoppers are heartburn suffer- ers, it only makes sense that you provide Relief OTC as a heartburn solution for them. Find Relief OTC in the "Cool New Products" pre- view room and visit us at booth 1519 for free samples and discuss how Relief OTC will add incremental sales to your set. For more information, visit booth 1519 at 2013 NACS Show, go online to www.ReliefOTC.com or call 88-959-6207 D.R. MOZELEY: A HISTORY OF SAFETY, TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT D.R. Mozeley has provided the highest degree of services since 1958. With a commitment to quality, we have success- fully completed over 1800 stores. Our company specializes in design builds, construction management, and turnkey solutions. Services include pump and tank, site work, remediations, permitting, concrete, remodeling, upfits, raise and rebuilds, and brand name construction for C-stores, food stores, fuel kiosks, car washes, drive-thrus, fast food and retail. An in-house team of 80-plus includes pump and tank installers; concrete finishers, grading operators, project managers, esti- mators, sales, superintendents, crew leaders, office personnel, and sub-contractors. This teamwork approach effectively keeps your costs to a minimum and allows our company and yours to meet deadlines. D.R. Mozeley is licensed in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and both North and South Carolina. D.R. Mozeley is OSHA compliant and is a proud member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute, North Carolina Petroleum & Convenience Store Marketers, Florida Petroleum Convenience Store Marketers Association, National Convenience Store Member, Tennessee Fuel Convenience Store Association, West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association, South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores, Petroleum & Convenience Marketers of Alabama; Mississippi Petroleum & Convenience Store Association, Georgia Association of Convenience Stores, and the Louisiana Oil Marketers & Convenience Store Association. For more information, visit booth 5113, go online to www.drmozeley.com, email Megan Mozeley at mmozeley@dr mozeley.com or call 704-394-0133. TAKE ACTION AGAINST CIGARETTE THEFT WITH SENEFF MANUFACTURING By Bob Seneff, Owner, Seneff Manufacturing Are you tired of employees stealing ciga- rettes? Because there's such a large mar- ket for cigarettes, they're very easy to sell. This makes cigarettes an attractive item for your employees to steal. Ultimately, the most successful conven- ience stores are the ones who both acknowledge they have cigarette theft and have a sincere desire to do something about it. In an industry where margins are notoriously small, cigarette theft can have a huge impact on your profits. After years of research and develop- ment, the solution is finally here. With our new digitally secured cigarette rack, you can move into the 21st century and put an end to cigarette theft. The comput- erized rack is the result of years of devel- opment and design. Entering the industry in 1991, I instantly encountered the prob- lem of cigarette theft firsthand. After years of counting, firing employees and just plain frustration, it was time to come up with a definitive solution and tackle the problem head on. We have now brought this problem to an end. Our Anti Theft rack ends the hundreds of labor hours a year counting and marking cigarette packs. At any time you choose, you can do a sur- prise check on any employee. Simply print a register flash report and verify the sales number count against the digital counter on the rack. Now that's protection. You can account for every pack removed from the rack digitally. The computer starts a connected DVR recorder every time an employee opens the unit to reload the rack. If some- one tries to overcome the security the computer will record when the rack was tampered with. If an employee unplugs the unit to shut down the counter, the computer will record the time it lost power. It will also record when the unit regains power, if the employee unplugs the USB memory stick, and when the employee re-inserts the stick. These time stamps can be used to view the DVR recorder or store video to confirm that no theft occurred. It's time to take action. Come see us in booth 611 and receive a 10 percent show discount or interest-free financing. For more information, visit booth 611, go online to www.stopcigarettetheft.com or call 262-522-4066. DEWEY PEST CONTROL: SETTING THE STANDARD FOR MORE THAN 80 YEARS Founded in 1929, Dewey is a family- owned and operated company headquar- tered in Pasadena, Calif. From humble beginnings, Dewey Pest Control has managed to grow into the third largest pest control company operating on the West Coast, and it continues to expand by providing cost efficient services, effec- tive services, and responsive services. Today, Dewey operates 32 branch offices in the state of California. Its mission, in addition to being California's most inno- vative and value driven commercial pest specialist company, is market recognition as the first call by potential clients requir- ing pest services. Dewey lives this mis- sion every day by providing top-quality services with impeccable value to its clients. Dewey's results are always meas- ured by client satisfaction: it all starts with communication and understanding the unique needs of each client. Dewey's commercial service encompasses all areas, including food retail, food process- ing, healthcare and hospitality facilities. Its service specialists receive the highest level of training and are state certified. Dewey's exclusive commercial training protocol requires all Dewey Commercial Pest Specialists to complete a compre- hensive in-house training program. Dewey has become known for some of the best-trained professionals in the industry. The Dewey Difference The value of Dewey's service is meas- ured by your complete satisfaction. Choosing Dewey is a statement that your quality standards are high and that you demand nothing but the very best service for your staff, students, and visitors. Your satisfaction is Dewey's promise. Quality Assurance Dewey backs its Integrated Pest Service with Dewey's Quality Assurance pro- gram, which guarantees your pest man- agement service meets Dewey's high quality standards and your own. Dewey offers fully automated trend analysis reporting with the Audix bar scanning system, ensuring absolute compliance for Quality Assurance reporting. A follow-up visit by your Dewey Pest Management Specialist will be scheduled within 60 days of your initial service to review your IPM program. All findings will be documented and dis- cussed with your designated facility rep- resentative. Dewey's uncompromising quality service standards lead the indus- try and always exceed customer expecta- tions. Dewey specializes in: AIB, SQF, facilities, food service, food processing, pharmaceu- tical, hospitality, healthcare, manufactur- ing, warehouses, retail, property manage- ment, schools/universities, transportation, small business, museums, cruise ships, government facilities, FDA, USDA facili- ties, third-party audits, HACCP, GMPs, organic certified facilities, and IPM. For Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego, call 858-717-7364 for Regional Sales Manager Jack Harris, email Jharris@deweypest.com or visit www.deweypest.com. For more information, visit www.deweypest.com, call 323-316-7373 or email hmeijer@deweypest.com.

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