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RDN: What makes Hammer Stahl Cutlery unique, special? BG: We are super proud of the combination of our look, unique features and per- f o r m a n c e . Hammer Stahl features our Quad-Tang handles, which expose metal on all four sides, giving the blade wonderful balance and comfort in the hand. Additionally, we feature fully forged X50 CrMov 15 Solingen Steel, allowing for a precise edge out of the box and easy to maintain for years of use. We consistently hear from our customers that the knives look like a work of art and they perform even better than they look. Thus, we devel- oped our tagline, "Discover the Art of Bobby Griggs, Vice President of Business Developent for Hammer Stahl Cutlery, discusses his company's fine line of kitchen knives. RDN: Tell our readers about your com- pany. What's your main line of business? BG: Our company's focus is to provide world-class kitchen products that feature exceptional design and superior perform- ance at an affordable price. Hammer Stahl's primary product has been German Steel Cutlery that features our Quad- Tang handles, which offer superior bal- ance. Hammer Stahl is a premier brand of New Era, Inc., one of the oldest manu- factures of cookware in North America. New Era manufactures multi-clad stain- less steel cookware and accessories in Clarksville, Tenn. New Era has begun to leverage its knowledge and abilities in cookware manufacturing to launch an entire line of cookware and bakeware to the Hammer Stahl Brand. Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 13 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p N e w Yo r k C i t y M o n d a y, M a r c h 5 , 2 0 1 2 HAMMER STAHL: DISCOVER THE ART OF CUTLERY savvy enough to take advantage of the technology available for the foodservice industry to control costs and manage inventory. With the right back-of-the- house software, operators can find relief from rising food costs, maintain tight controls on purchasing and improve operational efficiencies. We guarantee to save operations 3-8 percent on food costs by using ChefTec. A company selling $1 million in food every year can shave 3 percent off food costs with ChefTec, sav- ing $30,000 in the first year. Looked at from this perspective, finding the money to spend a few thousand dollars on ChefTec a no-brainer. Brian Bennett, President of Culinary Software Services―Makers of ChefTec Software―talks about why now is the right time to implement ChefTec Software into businesses. RDN: What exactly does your software do? BB: Culinary Software Services Inc. is the leading provider of foodservice soft- ware to the hospitality industry. Our products include CorTec™ and ChefTec ® for recipe and menu costing, inventory control, purchasing and ordering, pro- duction management, requisitions and transfers and nutritional analysis. RDN: Times are tough; companies are cutting back on their spending. Why is ChefTec something they should spend their money on? BB: These tough times create both chal- lenges and opportunities for operators CHEFTEC SOFTWARE IS CRITICAL DURING CHALLENGING TIMES "Restroom paper towels were one of the first areas we assessed," said Jon Speier, Senior Vice President of Operations, Medieval Times. "Our goal was to both reduce paper towel and jani- torial dumpster usage, recognizing there was a big potential for savings in terms of paper waste and cost. A more pristine restroom, without paper littering the floors or falling out of trashcans, was another great result." Initially, a few new hand dryer models were tested at the company's Dallas headquarters. "They just didn't feel intuitive enough to use and the cost per hand dryer was going to be prohibitive," Speier added. Eventually, while searching the Web, Speier came across XLERATOR. After a brief trial, Speier purchased 75 XLERA- TOR XL-SI custom cover units to replace the paper towels in the castles' restrooms. Unlike conventional hand dryers, which average 30 to 45 seconds With locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Medieval Times has instituted a number of green initiatives through its 'Cutting Edge Task Force' to help save the environment―and money. Each year, over 2.5 million guests visit Medieval Times to experience an authentic 11th century medieval dinner banquet, thrilling competition between knights on horsebackand plenty of the- atrical excitement. As the name suggests, each castle is designed around the medieval period, complete with an authentic dinner expe- rience. Guests feast on pewter plates of medieval fare and are required to only eat with their hands. In 2009, executives at Medieval Times took on a more modern chal- lenge―the development of a 'Cutting Edge Task Force' that encouraged employees to identify new ways to make environmental upgrades and trim operat- ing costs without compromising the guest experience or safety. MEDIEVAL TIMES BATTLES PAPER TOWEL COSTS AT CASTLES NATIONWIDE study on the effectiveness of the INSTANT-OFF. The study concluded*: "The risk of cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles (after hands were washed) was virtually eliminated using the INSTANT-OFF. INSTANT- OFF was found to be an effective device to reduce cross-contamination during hand washing and provides a cost-effec- tive solution to reduce cross-contamina- tion at hand-wash sinks. No contamina- tion of the actuator rod occurred from contaminated hands during hand wash- ing. INSTANT-OFF offers a cost-effec- tive alternative for anyone who is attempting to reduce the risk of cross- contamination at hand-wash sinks." INSTANT-OFF lowers water and sewer costs by eliminating wasted water and stopping drippy faucets. With a cost of less than $25, the INSTANT-OFF pays Cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles after washing hands is a well known and serious health risk. There is an amazing device that reduces cross-contamination and eliminates wast- ed water called the INSTANT-OFF. INSTANT-OFF is installed in place of the aerator on any faucet, or it can be installed directly onto pipe thread using a special adapter. Once installed, the water is left on and controlled by pressing a stainless steel rod with the back of the thumb. When properly used, hands never touch the faucet handles and fingers never touch the rod. The moment hands are moved away from the rod, the water stops. Once hands are clean, food service workers reach for the paper towels not the faucet handles. The Center for Biological Defense and the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida in Tampa recently completed an extensive research REDUCE CROSS-CONTAMINATION AT HAND-WASH SINKS AND CONSERVE WATER AT THE SAME TIME AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT & FOODSERVICE SHOW OF NEW YORK

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