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Th u rsd a y, Ja n u a ry 9 , 2 0 1 4 C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic D a ily N e ws Medi-Rub (Cont'd. from p. 1) your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Medi-Rub massagers, operating at 3700 rpm, will do what no human can. Customers will drag themselves in with all the strength they have left, and walk away with a spring in their step. The results and effects of Medi-Rub demonstrations are immediate. With stimulated blood flow, your body gets the oxygen and nutrient rich blood it needs to heal as quickly and completely as possible. Imagine, if you can, bringing trillions of cells in your body to life. Giving the body oxygen is the main focus of Medi-Rub massagers. Standzout (Cont'd. from p. 1) our customers have been coming to us and saying, 'I never would have thought that I would want a floor stand for my iPad.' Then, I got a Standzfree and now it's the one iPad accessory I wouldn't want to be without." That's the kind of experience that Standzout set out to create with their new products, which officially released this holiday season. The company created two new concepts for tablet accessories, and complemented them with a sleek and functional Universal Holder that will hold any tablet currently on the market, from the largest full-sized tablets all the way to pocket-sized smartphones. Photonic Controls (Cont'd. from p. 1) silicon CMOS industry. These mature processes are extremely well controlled, producing high-yielding devices with a scalable path to high volume through open interfaces. The staff at Photonic Controls, LLC includes pioneers of silicon microphotonics who maintain active involvement in the advancement of this groundbreaking technology. Our company has invested in several process development kits which offer well characterized photonic devices with validated performance specifications. This means you can test out your optical circuit on a MOSIS-like project chip and receive a handful of prototypes for around $10k without having to understand the intricacies of phoPhilips Consumer Lifestyle (Cont'd. from p. 1) radio receiver in 1931 to the world's First Airplay 2.0 Docking Speaker in 2011, and these new Fidelio innovations continue that tradition. The Philips Fidelio family will transform the way you experience music, both at home and on-thego. The new Philips Fidelio E-Series is the ideal home cinema audio solution for consumers who want high-definition surround sound without the wires. The Fidelio E-Series is beautifully crafted and precisely engineered to deliver natural, balanced sound, revealing every detail as the artist intended. These sleek speakers, the latest step in Philips' commitment to Surround on Demand, feature a unique design that allows the top to detach, creating four independent wireless speakers for a full surround sound experience. For added power and a theater feel, the E5 comes with a wireless Deep tissue massage has become a popular treatment in this age of holistic medicine. Soft tissue release, a form of deep tissue massage, has been reported to be about 90 percent effective in improving lower back pain when using MediRub massagers. What makes Medi-Rub unique is that we bring the product to the people, let them try it and experience the results first hand. The customer has a chance to realize that Medi-Rub massagers are a great service to the employees in their company, as well as for themselves. This human need to survive the body's ordeals proves to us that when it comes to our body, we are very vulnerable individuals. We all Standzout created an innovative desk mount that quickly and easily mounts to and removes from any desk, table, or bar up to four inches thick, without having to use any extra tools. Officially dubbed the Surmount, the stand uses a flexible gooseneck to give nearly limitless options for positioning a tablet anywhere you need it. The Wallmate is Standzout's new wall-mounted tablet holder. It comes with two mounting sockets, which the user attaches to a wall or other flat surface using 3M Command Strips or screws, and a Universal Holder that you can quickly and easily move between socket locations. You can put one mounting socket in the bathroom to use your tablet while experience a lot of pain, stress and fatigue. Our product may help decrease anxiety and stress and enhance sleep quality, and may improve concentration and reduce fatigue symptoms. Medi-Rub massagers may help reduce the symptoms of depression. They also release endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. The natural high everyone loves can be found with Medi-Rub massagers. Massage therapy continues to be a popular and comforting form of both relaxation and healing. The leaders of the company must take the responsibility and recognize that this equipment is vital to people if you are looking for efficiency and productivity. That's right: you're getting ready, and another in the kitchen for when you're making breakfast," says Barnard. "It's the perfect accessory for people on-the-go that need to stay connected." Along with adding new products into their line, Standzout also chose to breathe new life into their flagship Standzfree iPad floor stand. They've outfitted the Standzfree with the new Universal Holder. With the popularity of the iPad mini, the announcement of the iPad Air and the growing size of the non-Apple tablet market, we knew that we needed to come up with an accessory that could hold more than just the iPad," says Barnard. "Our Universal Holder is up for the job, and retains an attractive aes- tonic device design, or pay for an entire wafer lot to develop your product concepts. Building blocks include MachZehnder interferometer and micro-ring resonators, detectors, phase splitters and grating couplers. Customers can count on Photonic Controls to help specify, design, model, layout, fabricate and test to their custom needs. Photonic Controls, LLC is an engineering design services company, specializing in high-speed embedded systems. Skill areas include electronic, optical, software, system and mechanical design, with emphasis in opto-electronic hardware and software development, ranging from optical components, integrated modules and subsystems to full system architecture and design, and most recently, design and test of silicon microphotonic devices. This broad skill base has led to the completion of over 160 product designs in the last twelve years. Our company offers a unique, versatile combination of design experience and technical skills to help our customers leverage the benefits of the latest highspeed technologies. Photonic Controls has the necessary expertise to develop innovative solutions utilizing silicon optical circuits, including providing control electronics, software, and system packaging. Whether you are looking for simple proven designs implementing low power transceivers, high speed WDM I/O modules, optical sensor subsystems or advanced capabilities such as optical circuit, packet switching or amplified optical circuits, Photonic Controls can subwoofer. Both the Philips Fidelio E5 and E2 were honored with CEA 2014 Innovation awards, with the E5 receiving the 'Best of Innovations' award, besting the rest of Home Theater category award winners. It's easy to see why both of these are winners—the design is simply stunning. Ears' panel of audio experts, delivering exceptional sound detail for every song. Our Fidelio headphones are crafted with premium materials including aluminum, fine leather and detailed stitching. They are certain to make a style statement. We are also introducing a Bluetooth model of the Fidelio M1 on-ear headphones, which incidentally are also a 2014 CEA Innovation Award Winner. The M1BT combines the freedom of Bluetooth with the sound quality of the Fidelio brand. The M1BT is a natural fit for those who have a passion for sound and music. Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, the M1BT utilizes the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard along with APTX, AAC and SBC for the superior music streaming. The headphones have the controls easily accessed on the cans so consumers can adjust the volume and change tracks without ever having to get CEDN: What about portable solutions? Are there any Fidelio products that are good for travel? KM: Absolutely. We are introducing two new Fidelio headphones for those on the go. The new Fidelio L2 builds on the success of last year's L1s. This new model features lighter materials, a new headband design and key sound improvements that will impress even the most discerning audiophile. The Philips Fidelio L2s have been tuned by the sharpest ears from Philips' 'Golden 53 we need to take care of our instrument, our body. What are you gaining when people are distracted by body aches? Through demonstrations at trade shows, we meet the leaders who are only too happy to provide relief for their employees. Advertising in trade show magazines is a huge presence for us. TV interviews and game shows are also helpful in putting out the word. And as always, word of mouth about this wonderful product and service has proven to be invaluable. For more information, visit booth 20225 at CES, call 949-369-6900 or go online to www.medirub.com. thetic that you don't see in many universal tablet solutions." The Universal Standzfree retains its predecessor's long gooseneck and telescoping arm, making it a versatile floor stand that customers will find plenty of uses for. At Standzout, we believe in making products that surprise our customers with their usefulness." says Barnard. "We're not afraid to push into new territory to find the best ways to help people integrate technology into their lives." Standzout is exhibiting at CES 2014 in booth 6720. Standzout products are available online at standzout.com. Call 855-STANDZOUT (855-782-6396) to contact Standzout. help you realize your circuits in silicon. Photonic Controls is located in New York's Southern Tier, in close proximity to Corning, Cornell and the Rochester Photonic Cluster. Our cutting-edge facility is in a key area of photonic and optic technology and growth, placing a wealth of experienced resources at our fingertips. Our facility includes a state-of-the-art, fully equipped lab with complete testing and low-volume manufacturing resources. Contact our design center to learn more, or to reserve your space in an upcoming silicon microphotonic shuttle run. Visit Photonic Controls in South Hall 4 at booth 35169. For more information, call 607-562-4700, email info@photoniccontrols.com or visit www.photoniccontrols.com. out their smartphones. CEDN: Will all of these new innovations be at your booth? KM: Yes, we have the complete Fidelio family in our booth, which is located in the Renaissance Hotel ballrooms across from the South Hall. We will showcase the Fidelio E-Series, our award winning Fidelio Soundbar, the wireless Fidelio Hi-Fi solutions and the Fidelio headphone line. We will have a great sound demonstration area where you can hear the difference for yourself. The sound engineers and designers at Philips have really set the bar high with this year's Fidelio range. Visit Philips in the Renaissance Hotel ballrooms across from the South Hall. For more information, visit www.philips.com or email PhilipsCES@redmedia.biz.

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