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Th u rsd a y, Ja n u a ry 9 , 2 0 1 4 C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic D a ily N e ws MONOPRICE UNVEILS NEW 19-INCH INTERACTIVE PEN DISPLAY Is it a graphics pen? Or is it a monitor? Actually, Monoprice's new 19-inch Interactive Pen Display ($399, Product ID No. 10707) is both. This beauty combines the functions of a drawing tablet and a monitor into one convenient design that is ideal for professional graphic artists, designers and other drafting enthusiasts. The price is also striking when compared to competing products, which can cost as much as $800. Monoprice is unveiling this new product at CES to demonstrate the com- pany's leadership in and dedication to the drawing tablet market. The new display will be available at booth 36064 in South Hall 4, allowing visitors to try out their drawing skills. Monoprice's display features a 1440x900 maximum resolution and a 0.3mm dot pitch, and can produce up to 16.7 million colors with a viewing angle of 160 degrees in the horizontal and 140 degrees vertically. The monitor also includes a lightweight, rechargeable pen-stylus, a pen holder and ASTRO STOPS THE MADNESS OF POS SYSTEMS Attention fellow merchants! Your point of sale doesn't have to be such a painful experience. Astro is coming to help. Astro can provide you with inventory control, and the ability to track inventory levels for multiple locations and perform inventory counts with your mobile device. You can easily see your inventory value at any time. Astro gives you the flexibility to go wherever your customers are: retail stores, trade show floors or your customer's door. It is easy to handle login, permissions and till counts for each staff member. Clear, concise reports are provided, so you can quickly see reports for current sales staff, current totals and end of day totals. No MBA required! Astro allows for split payments, and also allows you to quickly apply discounts to individual line items or to the LIQUIPEL PARTNERS WITH SUPERSTAR DJ STEVE AOKI Making high-tech DJ equipment resistant to damage might not strike most people as a priority, but they likely have never been to a major nightclub and seen champagne bottles popped and sprayed all over the performers and their expensive Seratos. For those who have, the announcement earlier this year that Liquipel, the industry leader in Watersafe™ technology and producer of impact-resistant Skins™, and international EDM star Steve Aoki had partnered up to cross-promote each other's brands and lines of business should have come as little surprise. Named the highest-grossing dance artist in North America in June of 2012, Aoki also oversees his own label, Dim Mak Records, which has released music from The Bloody Beetroots, Bloc Party and other wellknown artists. Aoki launched his Dim Mak Collection clothing line in 2006, and is a founding partner in the Sol Republic headphone company. As well as ranking as one of the Top 20 DJs in the world by internationally renowned DJ Mag, his 2011 album Wonderland was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Electronic/Dance category. TMI STEREO: SPLIT WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS Too Much Innovation (TMI) has a passion for the surround sound experience. It immerses people in the song and puts them in the movie. What if they could take this sound with them everywhere? Now they can, with the TMI STEREO. The speakers lead the market in portable speakers with their low cost ($169 MSRP) and high quality combination. The first time the speakers are turned on, they instantly pair to each other via Bluetooth, simplifying the experience from the start. They pair with Bluetooth compatible devices, and can even be used as computer speakers. The TMI STEREO has the flexibility of using the speakers together or independently. Each speaker has its own microphone, allowing for clear speakerphone conversations. Each is equipped with light-up touch-sensitive controls, a hard carrying case, and a 10 hour battery life to make sure the party CUSTOM AUTOSOUND UPGRADES USA-630 CLASSIC RADIO Custom Autosound has been making radios for classic vehicles for over 37 years, and its best-selling USA-630 has been upgraded with exciting new features. This radio now includes iPod dock and control (control your iPod from the buttons on the radio), 300 watts (75w x replacement pen tips. "Monoprice's new interactive pen display brings graphic artists, designers and drafting enthusiasts the convenience and accuracy of a graphics pen combined with a high-end monitor display typically found in competitor brands costing twice as much," said Edelmo Garcia, Monoprice's Director of Product Development. Other features of the Pen Display include a pointing accuracy of ±3mm, when tilted to a 50 degree angle, 5080 lines per inch resolution, 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, 200 RPS report rate, entire order. You can also handle product exchanges and control where returned inventory should go. Professional merchant accounts provide advanced fraud protection against credit card chargebacks and other scams, along with live, super-friendly customer support. Astro works with a wide range of professional hardware, from card swipers to Bluetooth barcode scanners – the choice is yours. In the rare event that you need help, just call Astro. The customer service staff will help you get to the bottom of whatever the issue might be. No joke. "I've had too much expensive equipment damaged by sprayed champagne and spilled water," said Aoki. "Getting my equipment, smartphone and headphones treated by Liquipel has been one of the smartest moves I've ever made. I'm equally excited to be working with them to help spread the word about this amazing technology." Liquipel's patent-pending process creates a liquid-repellant coating that is microscopic and will outlast treated devices because the coating fuses at the molecular level. Liquipel is virtually untraceable and will not affect nor compromise the look, feel and performance of the device. Liquipel's new Skins act as literal shock absorbers for devices while lasts all night. The TMI STEREO sold over $42,000 in pre-order sales in just one month. It only took a short demo of the speakers for people to hear the amazing quality and feel the immersive experience. Audiophiles note that the TMI STEREO mimics sound monitors, producing undistorted audio even at 95 decibels. People are truly shocked to discover that the product is lower in price with better quality. 4) of power, RDS tuner shows radio station name and song titles on RDS broadcast stations, a digital equalizer and new negative LCD display (dark background with white letters /numbers). The USA-630 still has the USB flash drive player, AUX input and CD changer 15 USB interface for charging, angled adjustable stand from about 10-80 degrees, and it is compatible with Windows XP and later, and Mac OS X 10.4.x and later. When used with a Mac, the monitor can serve as part of an extended desktop, multi-monitor setup. However, when using Windows, it must be used to mirror the other display(s) or be in a single-monitor setup. Be sure to stop by Monoprice's CES booth to test out your drawing or design skills on this exciting new product. Visit Monoprice at booth 36064. For more information, go to www.monoprice.com. Astro was born from a decade of boiling in the commerce lava pits of Comic-Con. Years of sweat and frustration dealing with poorly designed point of sale software prompted the company to create a solution that will allow merchants to focus on their customers and their products. Astro is built by fellow merchants bent on changing the world of point of sale software. The madness needs to stop and Astro is here to help. For more information, visit www .usaepay.com. also maintaining a smooth, glass-like surface. The film itself is a hybrid of many of the best components found within other protective materials, including from the military. "We are thrilled to welcome Steve to the Liquipel team," said Jason Winkler, Liquipel's Vice President of Marketing. "As a leader in areas as diverse as music, fashion, restaurants and online, he brings an immense creative energy to our efforts in promoting a nolimits lifestyle free from boundaries." Visit Liquipel at booth 36067. For more information, visit www.liquipel.com, call 855-478-4735 or email info@liquipel.com. The TMI STEREO is just the start of TMI's list of innovations. They have many products in development and some surprises to bring to CES. The company is currently expanding to retail in large stores, so make sure to get in on the sales. Visit TMI STEREO at booth 80039 in the Gold Pavilion. For more information, go to www.toomuchinnovation.com, email contactus@toomuchinnovation.com or call 304-281-1851. control, and it now has a Bluetooth option. All these new features and still the same price as the previous model! For more information, call 800-8888637 or visit www.customautosound.com.

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