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Broadcasters Show Daily 2 1 Monday, April 20, 2020 as SMBs and others. We want everybody to enjoy the very best technology avail- able. BSD: OWC carries over 4,000 SKUs, including memory upgrades, SSDs, docking solutions, refurbished Macs, high-end storage like your ThunderBlade and ThunderBay lines, and more. Where do you get inspiration for your new prod- uct development? LO: We are blessed to have a lot of incredible relationships with many of the leading creators on the planet. These are the folks that are making blockbuster Hollywood movies, producing the Superbowl half-time show, VR, AR, AI and everything in between. We have an open-door policy with them, and we lis- ten. Virtually every product we develop is the result of listening and taking action to meet the needs at the very high-end of the market, and again, that technology trickles down to benefit all our cus- tomers. BSD: Some people would say that things like memory, docks and SSDs are a com- modity today, with a hundred or more suppliers in every category. What's your response? OWC (Cont'd. from p. 1) LO: It is a very crowded space. We are typ- ically on the leading edge and the innovator others follow and look at it differently. Whether you're a typical user or you're a high-end professional user, your machine, your data and your user experience is mis- sion-critical in today's world. If your work laptop dies or your hard drive at home bites the dust, it's a disaster no matter who you are. That's why we use the absolute best components, the best engineers and we build everything to last. That's why we're still here after more than 30 years. BSD: You have some new products for the professional creator community. What's your hottest new product? LO: I think the big splash will be the new ThunderBay FLEX 8. It is literally a first-of-its-kind in the industry. It's a 3-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 storage, docking and PCIe expansion offering for the absolute most demanding video pro- duction and workflow demands. It's got eight flexible drive bays, 2750MB/s real-world speed, up to 128TB capaci- ty, docking ports, a PCIe expansion slot, CFExpress and U.2 support, + 500W of efficient power. There is liter- ally nothing like it, so I think we'll be turning a lot of heads. For more information, go to www.owcdigital.com. GM: To be honest, the challenges haven't changed. Producers need to figure out how to produce more con- tent at a higher quality for less? Let's start with college and high school sports. Instead of just broadcast- ing the big football games on Saturdays, there's demand to produce more niche sports to more niche audi- ences. The challenge for schools is even more interesting, because their budgets are tighter, footprint is limited and pro- duction personnel is varied. One day they might have an experienced techni- cal director for the basketball game, and the next day it's an intern without much of a production background switching volleyball. This need to produce varied con- tent applies to the networks and other large content providers, too. We look at our success around the world at the four tennis majors. The outside courts are now being covered and available from the host broadcasters thanks to our very efficient ViBox production solution. At the U.S. Tennis Open, ESPN covered the nine outer courts during the opening rounds with a sin- gle TD/operator on the ViBox. That individual cut the live cameras, operat- ed an integrated replay, keyed graphics and built highlights at the end of matches. BSD: What other things is SimplyLive doing to help broadcasters achieve their goals? SimplyLive (Cont'd. from p. 1) GM: Plenty. Start with our flexible software approach and the fact that we design our interfaces for specific client needs. We're designed to be efficient and focused on the essentials. All of the applications run on touchscreen moni- tors. Whether it's our SloMo replay system, our RefBox officiating review or our All-In-One production system, all are extremely easy to learn and operate. Next, we focus on scalability and expanding the system for larger produc- tions. Right now, our ViBox SloMo sys- tems easily network together over a 10G network to offer a very large replay solution. With minimal hardware, the user can access dozens of cameras of recording and build a powerful replay network. Another critical way broadcasters are finding dollars to increase the number of shows they produce is by reducing the number of people they send to the sports venue. We're addressing this with our UI Gateway solution. Each user on our sys- tem can remotely connect to the hard- ware at the venue over connections from 5-50 Mbps. Now, with affordable con- nections to the venue, operators can work remotely and even produce multiple events at different locations on the same day. In the end, we're focused on har- nessing technology to develop sys- tems that help customers reach their goals. For more information, go to www .simplylive.tv. A Unity Intercom system is made up of two main components: The Unity Server software which is installed on a Mac com- puter and a wide variety of talk and listen Unity Clients. Unity Clients are available for iPhone, Android, Mac, PC and more. Using the Mac as a server and your mobile devices as comm stations and belt packs, a fully wireless system can be set up in minutes. Connect over WiFi or cel- lular data to talk and listen on independ- ent PL (party line) channels or have pri- Unity Intercom (Cont'd. from p. 1) vate conversations with individual users. Unity can also integrate with exist- ing hard-wired intercom systems. This allows Unity to be a very inexpensive stand-alone intercom solution that can also be used to extend a comm system wirelessly to anywhere in the world. Unity is extremely cost-effective compared to other industry solutions cur- rently on the market. For more information, go to www.unity intercom.com, call 888.225.8054 or email info@unityintercom.com. your content on your own branded net- work. Platform 9 is the result of Katapy's global experience delivering con- sumer-facing digital media streaming solutions. "Over the last five years, the team at Katapy brought together all our best practices and trade partners, and created the framework and archi- tecture for Platform 9," said Bishop. "In fact, the product exists and is oper- ating today. Naming the product Platform 9 simply makes it easier for clients to identify and ask for the solu- tion. And, with an implementation time of between 90 to 120 days, it's here now!" Company Overview Katapy is a division of Quantum Business Consulting, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Katapy provides consumer-facing digital media streaming solutions to any company with media Katapy (Cont'd. from p. 4) distribution intent. Services include video hosting and streaming as well as application and channel build-out for all platforms including any internet address- able device. Katapy is dedicated to delivering the best possible media experience for your audience while making the process of getting your video content online as easy as possible for you. With Katapy, you get an extensive end-to-end onboarding, curation and delivery process that simplifies your digital dis- tribution workflow. Katapy fully inte- grates into your existing media asset management system, offering both live and stored media workflows from con- tent to consumer, on all screens. Katapy is unique in its ability to offer an all- inclusive media distribution solution to any company with an unparalleled qual- ity of service. For more information, go to www.katapy .com or www.p9network.com or call 615.431.1809. popular services like Titan TV and Gracenote (TMS) or from a spreadsheet with programming for the next several weeks. In order to comply with the FCC, the D2Flex can host the optional D2Alert application that inserts critical emergency alerts (EAS) required at each remote site. The D2Alert system constantly monitors the EAS system, like the Digital Alert Systems DAS- DEC or the Trilithic EAS, and when a valid alert is found it is automatically inserted into all of the configured pro- D2Flex (Cont'd. from p. 4) grams. The D2Flex 3000 is available in a compact 1/3 RU wide design or as an openGear ® card in the OG-3220 model. List prices start at $1,199 for SRT turn- around and $1,999 with basic channel rebranding included. D2D Technologies™, D2Flex™, D2Mux™, D2Guide™ and D2Alert™ are trademarks of D2D Technologies, LLC. For more information, call 844.D2D.TECH or 904.323.4777, go to www.d2dtechnologies.com or email sales@d2dtechnologies.com. Here's how it works: First, a business sends a mailpiece to a prospective customer. This might be retargeted direct mail, triggered based on a customer's online interaction with the brand, or any other mail campaign. After the mail is sent, it is scanned at a Post Office™ facility and entered into the Informed Visibility tracking system. When the mailpiece reaches its intended destination area, the final scan alerts the sender on their Informed Visibility dashboard that the mail is out for delivery. With this valuable data, marketers can coordinate complementary digital campaigns to connect with customers on multiple channels. The service makes USPS (Cont'd. from p. 1) omni-channel campaigns easier to plan and execute. Deploying digital marketing at the optimal time based on mail delivery data improves the effectiveness of each individ- ual touchpoint. Plus, additional exposures can make marketing messages resonate more effectively with potential customers. Marketing campaigns work better together. They can deliver a stronger impact and higher value to customers and streamline internal processes for more measurable results and returns. The Informed Visibility feature is one of many powerful innovations that USPS has developed to help businesses strengthen their marketing. For more information, go to www.usps.com.

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