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Broadcasters Show Daily 1 9 Monday, April 20, 2020 ASHA's Concern About Tech Use Shared by World Health Organization The American Speech-Language Association (ASHA) has long raised con- cern about the threat to hearing from lis- tening to personal audio devices too loudly, too often and for too long. That concern was validated anew last February when the World Health Organization (WHO), in conjunction with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), introduced first ever global safe listening recommendations for man- ufacturers of personal audio devices. Collectively, the recommendations are referred to as the WHO-ITU Global Standard for Safe Listening Devices and Systems. According to WHO, nearly 50 per- cent of people age 12–35 years old – or 1.1 billion young people – are at risk of hearing loss from prolonged and exces- sive exposure to loud sounds, including music heard through personal audio devices. Since 2006, ASHA has been a leader warning the public about the risk, so much so that WHO invited ASHA to join a diverse group of outside experts to con- sult with them on its Make Listening Safe campaign, the effort that produced the new global safe listening recom- mendations. The recommendations ask manufac- turers to equip devices like smartphones and other personal audio devices with information that explains safe listening and includes usage warnings, tracking information and options for limiting vol- ume levels. The recommenda- tions would also have safe listening informa- tion appear in advertis- ing and on external product packaging and manufacturers' websites. These WHO recommendations represent a global attempt to mitigate the risk of unsafe popular tech use. You can be part of it by joining ASHA's Healthy Communication & Popular Technology Initiative at www.communicationandtech.org. For more information, go to www.asha.org or email pr@asha.org. MingFeng Offers High-End Packaging Solutions In over 20 years, MingFeng has become one of the top 100 national high-tech enterprises in China. MingFeng's mission is to turn incredi- ble concepts into practical realities. MingFeng provides services for brands from more than 30 industries including jewelry, spirit and beverage, commem- orative coin, watch, cigar, cosmetic, electronics and health-related prod- ucts. MingFeng's industrial park cov- ers an area of 230,000 square meters with thousands of skilled staff that can handle an annual output of up to 80 million pieces. The new facility consolidates its operations and maximizes efficiency to produce three times more than its current production capacity. MingFeng continues to modernize and utilize the latest equip- ment and technology that applies to the manufacturing process. MingFeng's ded- icated work force assures that its cus- tomers will receive products at the high- est quality, on schedule and at competitive pric- ing. MingFeng believes in the great environmen- tal importance of the planet and sustainable human development. In 2013, MingFeng formed the Biomass Technology Company. This division specializes in the research and development of biomass composites and its applications. The biomass composites it develops aim at taking full advantage of the abundant forestry residues from the agriculture industry such as straw, rice husks and wood pulps. MingFeng then uses a modified formula design combined with upgraded pro- fessional equipment to produce different types of biomass com- posites, which are then extrud- ed and molded into useful, everyday commodities. MingFeng Brand Solutions is eager to bring clients the latest trends in packaging products and materials, helping with creating innovative designs, and offering support with its dedicated and trusted teams. For more information, go to www.mingfengus.com. myGEKOgear Releases the O!lexa myGEKOgear releases the O!lexa, a high performance dual dash cam empowered with Alexa. This feature allows users to ask Alexa questions straight from their dash cam. Her response will play through your vehi- cle's high-quality speakers using either the AUX or Bluetooth. Have all the fea- tures you enjoy from Alexa when you're on the go. Your day can play out smoother and simpler with the help of Alexa for those simple day-to-day tasks. All you need to do is ask Alexa questions, like, "Alexa, what's my cal- endar for today?" To make for a hassle- free drive, you can easily get help with getting directions, finding parking and playing music, along with much more just by asking Alexa. Besides the amaz- ing technology featured in the O!lexa, this dual dash cam records at 1080p at 60fps for the inside and outside of your car, allowing you to record in high def- inition at high speeds. Empowered by the Sony Starvis sensor for both cam- eras, this will allow the dash cam to render well-lit and clear videos in super low-light situations. WiFi is enabled to simply view and trans- fer footage via dash cam straight to your smart- phone. This removes the hassle of physically taking out the microSD card each time. Supporting up to 512GB of space allows you to save hours of recordings; you no longer need to worry about running out of space. A 16GB is included in the pack- age, so you can immediately install and start recording your everyday drive. With this incredible new feat of a high-performance dash cam along with Alexa, drivers will have video recordings of what hap- pened on the road in the event of an accident. Most importantly, drivers remain focused on the road, hands-free, all the while staying connected. For more information, email marketing @mygekogear.com. Enventys Partners Brings Ideas to Life Great ideas often start as small solutions to everyday problems. Inventors look at the world around them and create solu- tions that make their lives easier in some way. But bringing those ideas to the pub- lic is an enormous task that requires expertise and skill to do effectively. Enter Enventys Partners, the indus- try's only full-service, turnkey product launch agency. It combines start-to-fin- ish, all-encompassing product develop- ment services with digital marketing and crowdfunding expertise and has raised more than $300 million. It leverages global partnerships to design, prototype, manufacture, fulfill, crowdfund and mar- ket new products and businesses. This year, Enventys Partners is excited to celebrate the success of past and present clients including Mobile Pixels, kegg, Vitesy, Kryo, PlayShifu, Riego and Luminook. Luminook Luminook is a small-space LED lighting solution that uses sensor fusion to deter- mine the position of a door and control the light's brightness and temperature when in use. Creator Christopher Stubbs brought lofty ideas and a prototype constructed with plastic building blocks to Enventys Partners. The product development team transformed Luminook from sketch to full smart lighting ecosystem, and the crowdfunding team readied the brand for launch. Riego Riego, a decorative indoor irrigation sys- tem was born out of the desire to main- tain a variety of houseplants with a no- fuss self-watering system. Creators Manuel and Maria Caceras created a rudimentary prototype using found materials, then came to Enventys Partners to turn their conceptual proto- type into a product. Enventys Partners gave their concept IQ points with a smart watering algorithm and improved the device aes- thetics. It also developed an a c c o m p a n y - ing app, mak- ing the device smarter, and its marketers readied the brand for launch. Mobile Pixels, Inc. Mobile Pixels teamed up with Enventys Partners twice in two years to crowd- fund its portable laptop monitors, DUEX and TRIO, raising more than $2 million. kegg The kegg team worked with Enventys Partners to crowdfund its two-in-one fer- tility tracking monitor, which raised over $51,000 on Indiegogo in 2019. Vitesy Vitesy came to Enventys Partners twice in three years for help marketing and launching two natural air purifiers. Together, the teams raised more than $1 million over the campaigns. PlayShifu PlayShifu relied on Enventys Partners to raise more than $75,000 on Kickstarter, then transitioned to the Enventys Partners ecommerce marketing team. With Enventys Partners' help, PlayShifu saw a 211 percent return on advertising spend, building on the crowd- funding campaign's success. Kryo Inc. Enventys Partners worked with Chili Technology, a brand of Kryo Inc., to suc- cessfully crowdfund its temperature-reg- ulation mattress topper system in 2016. Post-campaign, Enventys Partners re- booted the Chili Technology website, leading to a 150 percent revenue increase. Whether an idea is in its infancy, or a brand is ready to test the waters and see what the demand is for its latest creation, Enventys Partners is ready to help inven- tors navigate the path to product launch success.

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