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Broadcasters Show Daily 1 1 Monday, April 20, 2020 ZIPP (Zixi IP Processor) from Blonder Tongue The Blonder Tongue ZIPP (Zixi IP Processor) is designed to provide an "on ramp" to the Zixi Broadcaster (ZEN Master) for content providers to distrib- ute high-quality live linear encoded pro- grams to anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The ZIPP utilizes "feeder" software functionality to send video to Zixi's Live Streaming Platform, allowing SD, HD and UHD content to be delivered quickly, easily and securely without relying on traditional methods, such as satellite and fiber. The ZIPP accepts MPEG-2, H.264 or H.265 (HEVC) encoded video pro- grams in IP, ASI or RF formats and sends up to four IP transport streams wrapped in Zixi UDP or RTP protocol with config- urable AES-128, AES-192 or AES-256 encryption, to a Zixi Broadcaster using the "Push Mode" feature. The ZIPP unit allows user ability to pass-through or modify PSIP informa- tion, such as major and minor chan- nels, short names and corresponding program identifi- cation (PIDs). The ZIPP also pro- vides Program Drop and Muxing, while supporting SPTS and MPTS formats. For large scale applications using a network headend, the Rack Panel Kit is perfect for mount- ing two ZIPP units across 1RU. The Zixi Live Streaming Platform delivers outstanding performance at low latency, superior reliability, no packet loss and broadcast-grade video quality with no tradeoffs in video or audio delay, resolu- tion or stutter. Streaming from one Zixi-enabled device (the ZIPP) to anoth- er protects every stream against quali- ty degradations along an IP network path. For over 10 years, the Zixi Platform has overcome the network conditions inherent in the public internet, where the number of errors, packet loss, jitter and out-of-order packets fluctuates second by second. For more information, go to www.blondertongue.com. One Call for All Broadcasting Needs Mission-critical support on the first call: WESCO Broadcast & AV is a leading provider of infrastructure, connectivity and tactical products for content acquisi- tion and distribution, with a complete selection of fiber optic products designed to keep your broadcast on the air. As a part of its commitment to being your one-stop location for all your broad- cast needs, WESCO Broadcast & AV is proud to offer products and services by Satellite Engineering Group (SEG), a division of TVC Communications. SEG is an international communica- tions company primarily focusing on sup- plying products and services to the CATV, broadcast and satellite markets. These products include satellite receivers, mpeg encoders/decoders, multiswitches, fiber optic splitters, RF headend and more. Service doesn't stop with the sale of a product. SEG also provides on-site sur- veys, small and large anten- na installation, RF fiber transport, earth station con- struction, antenna farm installations, bill of materi- als and logistical manage- ment for satellite systems and broadband networks, providing complete turn-key solutions for your project. In addition to Satellite Engineering Group, WESCO Broadcast & AV also provides the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently, including products from leading manufacturers including Milwaukee Tool, Klein Tools and more. For the most responsive support, accurate delivery and breadth of product, custom components and tools, plus the backing of the five year warranty and tech support the indus- try has come to know and trust, WESCO Broadcast & AV delivers every time. For more information, call 844.746.3853 or email broadcastsales@wescodist.com. The Most Advanced Immersive Mixing Room in the Music World Founded in 2002 by legendary sound engineer John McBride and country superstar Martina McBride, Blackbird is one of the most prestigious recording and mixing facilities in the world. With nine world-class studios and an unrivaled selection of vintage microphones and recording equipment, Blackbird has been the studio of choice for artists such as Beck, Rush, Sheryl Crow, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes and Taylor Swift. In order to remain on the cutting- edge of audio production technology, Blackbird recently decided to renovate its George Massenburg-designed Studio C and upgrade it with an immersive mix- ing solution. Blackbird partnered with Dolby Laboratories on the install and design, and brought in Vintage King to supply gear from ATC Loudspeakers, Avid and Antelope Audio. The set-up for Studio C now includes three ATC SCM300ASL loudspeakers in LCR posi- tion, 12 ATC SCM100ASL surround speakers and six ATC SCM1-15ASL Subwoofers controlled via 2 Dante- enabled Avid MTRX interfaces, an Avid S6 and an Antelope 10MX Clock. John McBride on the importance for Blackbird Studio to have an immersive mix facility on-site, and how the installa- tion came about: "I feel that Blackbird has always been a leader in audio. Our bar is very, very high, and I believe immersive audio has a great future. It's just such an incredible way to listen to music. "I wanted it to be the best it can possibly be, and that's why we ended up with ATC speakers in a room that is very well diffused, our Massenburg- designed C Room. I've never seen a person leave that room without a smile on their face. So, we had to do it right. We got the right speakers and the right room. It's a one-of-a-kind experience. "Ceri Thomas from Dolby came in and said that they were interested in having a Dolby Atmos room at Blackbird. I told him I wanted it to be the best immersive room available any- where, because at Blackbird, we really pride ourselves on doing everything the best we possibly can. I've always felt that way. Good is the enemy of great. If we'd have built a good studio 17 years ago, we would have been out of busi- ness 10 years ago, but we built a great studio so we're still around. "By the time we finally figured out all of the details and how to make this happen, we had about two weeks until Summer NAMM, and Christine Thomas from Dolby said that it would be perfect to debut the room the night before Summer NAMM started. I told her, 'If you're looking for somebody to partner with and you have to get s*** done fast, you picked the right people because we will throw everything we have at it.' I immediately called our stu- dio builder and structural engineer, and we devised a plan to install all of the speakers." For more information, go to www .vintageking.com or call 818.237.9181. Murata: Spotlight On Data Center Power An interview with Scott Klettke, Director of Business Development, Murata's Connectivity Business Unit. BSD: Can you lend high-level perspec- tive on the data center market? SK: The industry is massive, complex and completely dynamic. As 5G, cloud, edge data deployment and AI applica- tions gain significant traction, the demand for data centers soars. With that comes the need for advanced power man- agement solutions. Consider this – it is estimated that four percent of our global energy consumption happens at the data center level. That is a massive swath. BSD: What is the opportunity? SK: Energy use is a major cost to operate a datacenter. That is why many facilities are located where costs are lower, like the Pacific Northwest that has substantial hydro options or in cooler areas where A/C costs can be mitigated due to heat generated by processors, power supplies, etc. Given that, anything that we can do to improve efficiency will positively impact the market's trajectory and bene- fit all stakeholders. BSD: What is Murata's competency that can improve data centers' efficiency? SK: As a global technology leader, we approach this opportunity like we do all others – as engineering, packaging and material experts focused on innovation, collaboration and integration. If you follow Murata, you know that we continually push the limit on the lev- els of densification that we achieve. Because of that, we pack more high- ly efficient power into smaller spaces to handle more servers. BSD: How does Murata accomplish this? SK: We leverage our power supply archi- tecture expertise and integrate world class capacitors and inductors to enable highly dense, flexible and configurable solutions. Additionally, they are extremely reliable. With required uptimes approaching five nines, built-in redundancy is an inherent part of this and something we deliver via instantaneous battery backup. That said, with such a broad portfolio of offerings, we integrate at a level where most cannot – like in our custom and OCP compliant racks, which are comprised of class-leading power solutions. BSD: What else do readers need to know? SK: The double-digit growth of data centers and the sectors they encompass is astounding. However, what is even more extraordinary is how much more room there is to continue on this path. The projected expansion is limit- less, especially when you factor in all the new facilities coming online, the prolifer- ation of IoT and the expected leapfrog- ging of other technologies and their applications. Improving power efficiency will absolutely be a major operational challenge for the foreseeable future. For more information, go to www .murata.com.

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