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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 8 Cooks Standard Considered Top Rated Cookware Brand for Six Consecutive Years John Wei Shen of Neway International Housewares reveals what makes his com- pany unique. KNSD: Tell our readers about your com- pany. What's your main line of business? JWS: We design and produce high-qual- ity cookware, Cooks Standardâ„¢, which has been top rated for six consecutive years. The cookware features a stay-cool handle. This handle design was patented in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2011. The cookware handle provides a comfortable grip and stays cool during cooking use. Since we introduced this line of cookware seven years ago, it quickly became very popular in the mar- ketplace. We have many positive cus- tomer reviews online. KNSD: What would you say makes your company unique? JWS: Our quality and design. KNSD: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year? JWS: This show gave us an opportunity to welcome new customers. Our cus- tomer retention rate is 100 percent. We were limited in resources to service new dealers last year, so we hope we can soon overcome this limitation. KNSD: Did your marketing strategy in the past year pro- vide you the overall position you had projected? JWS: Yes, busi- ness has grown quickly! KNSD: Describe your current marketing strategy. JWS: We aim to offer the highest quality beyond our customers' expectations. KNSD: Are you introducing any new products this year? JWS: We are expanding our Cooks Standard high-end line, adding more sizes and functional items to meet cus- tomer needs. KNSD: What distinguishes your products from the competition? JWS: Quality, quality, quality! KNSD: What is the nature of your distribution? JWS: We welcome all distributors. KNSD: Tell our readers about your tradeshow objectives, plans, products, promotions, etc. JWS: There are many new products becoming available in 2020, and we wel- come distributors as well as sales reps. For more information, email sales01@ newayusa.com, visit www.newayusa.com or stop by booth #S4810. NESCO: Your Key Ingredient NESCO has been known since 1931 for the brand's wide variety of small kitchen electrics. Originally known as the creator of the Roaster Oven, today it is a big play- er in vacuum sealers, dehydrators and roaster ovens. A lot has changed in the 90 years since the brand's inception and NESCO is swiftly keeping up. After NESCO's parent company The Metal Ware Corporation underwent a merger in late 2016, the brand took on a facelift with a new look and feel. NESCO's tagline is Your Key Ingredient and its consumer communications and product innovations are focused on showing consumers how NESCO fits in as a key part of their lives. Starting from the outside, NESCO's new packaging won the 2019 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA. The packaging look and feel, created by NESCO's in-house mar- keting team, is centered around showing consumers not only the features of each product, but also the ways in which it can be used to create special and memorable meals. Working off this branding, NESCO is redesigning its marketing materials and content to follow suit. The brand redesigned its website to give users a more friendly and informative experi- ence where consumers can find recipes, blog posts and instructions on NESCO's full line to make informed buying choic- es. Extending its reach into consumers' ever-growing web consumption, NESCO recently signed a new email marketing platform to increase engagement and build communication with longtime, loyal customers through carefully seg- mented and targeted sends. To build content, the brand is putting more emphasis on its ambassador pro- gram. Starting in 2016, NESCO teamed up with TV personali- ty The Cooking Mom, Amy Hanten, to use NESCO products on her morning shows across the United States. Amy can also be spotted at the NESCO booth #L12702 at the show. In 2020, NESCO plans to expand its brand ambassador program, putting more emphasis on building rela- tionships to tap into new demographics. NESCO's plans to connect with con- sumers extend past the content realm. The brand recently hired on new Product Manager Geralyn Braun to expand its line of products to fit in with the evolving modern consumer. Braun will work with domestic and global manufacturing teams to drive the brand in innovation and quality. Based on extensive and ongoing market research, NESCO will be adding to its product line based on con- sumers' anticipated demands in func- tions, features and color through both new-to- market and added-value products. For example, NESCO is adding to its market-leading line of dehydrators with a compact "junior" dehydrator that easily fits into modern, smaller living spaces, while the entire line of dehydrators includes sample packs of jerky seasoning and cure, to get users started on making their own homemade jerky. The goal is to repeatedly drive consumers back to the retailer for consumables long after the initial purchase is complete. While the market is constantly and consistently evolving, NESCO has been reemerging as a brand that continues to be consumers' key ingredient through its new branding and product initiatives. For more information, call 800.624.2949, email sales@mwcorp.com or stop by booth #L12702. Grant Howard Introduces New Range of Glass Tabletop Products By Michael Dima, Executive Vice President, Grant Howard Grant Howard's line of business is commonly associated with the tabletop housewares category and glass prod- ucts, incorporating a wide range of storage jars, O&V cruets, S&P shakers and spice jars, as well as high quality powder coated stainless steel mixing bowls, colanders, measuring bowls, spoon rests, utensil holders and kitchen serving tools. Grant Howard's office is located in Southbury, Connecticut. Our shipping point is Stratford, Connecticut. This year, we are cele- brating our 40th anniversary, a land- mark which makes all of us at Grant Howard very proud. One of our most recognized features as an industry leader has always been the desire to satisfy the ever-demanding task of cross merchandising based on story- telling and vibrant color themes. The main attribute to our success is integrat- ing new artwork designs into new shapes and blending contemporary functional styles with retro vintage embossed con- cepts. Fun, decorative and functional items with high perceived value are always available in warehouse stock for immediate shipping. Our uniqueness resides in paying attention to our cus- tomer's challenges and the pursuit to compete in the current retail environ- ment. A long time ago, we made our- selves a promise to constantly deliver exciting and quality driven items at very competitive pricing to our growing cus- tomer base. In light of a challenging 2019, Grant Howard remained determined to strive and find new areas of marketing and sell- ing channels in conjunction with the pur- pose of remaining important and honest to the marketplace. For 2020, Grant Howard brings to the market a new range of glass tabletop products. Our new motto for this line of products to be unveiled during the show is "go in style while helping keep harm- ful materials out of our precious oceans and crowded landfills." Through the col- orful tinged lush glass bodies and expen- sive feel, customers will enjoy serving their oil and vinegar, juice, water or milk in these beautifully crafted products. Perfect for daily use or parties! In addition to our pop- ular airtight clip top cruets collection and wrapped around decal O&V bottles, we are expanding our jumbo storage jars, as well as the spice jars categories. Many new shapes and sizes packed in display boxes or gift boxed sets with great value and appeal. Our food storage containers collection featuring the borosilicate glass (oven, microwave and freezer safe) airtight BPA-free plastic tops has been expanded with the inclusion of new shapes and sizes. It is our privilege and excitement to welcome you once again while visiting our booth #S400-S410. For more information, go to www.granthoward.com or stop by booth #S400-S410. NORDI Chocolate Bars from Fazer Fazer launched the NORDI Chocolate brand into the U.S. market earlier this year. Produced in a state-of-the-art pro- duction facility in Finland, with meticu- lous quality control, NORDI is made with only the highest-quality ingredients. NORDI cacao comes from farmers that belong to Fazer's direct sourcing pro- gram or a supplier that is certified through the UTZ, Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade Cocoa Sourcing Programme. NORDI is 100 percent sustainably sourced, with non-GMO ingre- dients that promote overall health and well-being. There are four flavors: Sea Buckthorn & Salty Caramel, Hazelnut and Campsite Coffee, Raspberry & Tangy Licorice and Smooth and Dark Original. For more information, go to www.fazer.com.

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