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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 7 3 Saturday, March 14, 2020 take lightly. We pride ourselves on the products we create and the people that back them. We masterfully deliver the best possible solutions to provide peace of mind to consumers. From natural dis- asters to home break-ins to college move- in day, our products stand ready to pro- tect your most valuable items. Many people might see safes as large, expensive items that aren't needed or perhaps an item that is out of reach financially and spatially. The near-instan- taneous image people have when they think of home safes is something hidden in a wall behind a painting or a large vault being cracked by a criminal. In all actuality, safes can be whatev- er the consumer needs them to be, and they're available in all shapes, sizes and colors. From small, portable safes to large fire and water-resistant safes, Alpha Guardian has a method of secure storage to meet anyone's needs. Unfortunately, the misgivings of size and cost surrounding the need for secure storage leaves many people at risk and without a way to protect their belongings. Thousands of firearms are stolen or misused each year due to improper storage. Millions of dollars in damage occurs from natural disasters, and even more damage is done due to house fires and home flooding. Therefore, to fully protect what's most important to you, secure storage is essential. Alpha Guardian's brands, GunVault, Cannon, and Stack-On, offer varying types of secure storage that can fit any need. Stack-On offers a wide variety of quick, small, and large safes at affordable price points; Edge provides affordable security with a modern twist, perfect for communal living and dorm life; GunVault provides premium quick access safes; Cannon Safes are premium Alpha Guardian (Cont'd. from p. 1) models for firearms and homes. We make it a point to protect your heirlooms, collectibles, important docu- ments, priceless mementos, hobby gear, firearms and treasured memories. Your family is our family, and providing you with peace of mind is paramount; simply put: what matters to you, matters to us. Cannon Safe Cannon Safes are built for superior secu- rity with essential features to provide best-in-class Secure Organization™ solutions for your most valuable posses- sions. Stack-On Stack-On builds its safe purposefully, with the user in mind. It delivers an exceptional value with a wide array of features, options and flexibility. Stack-On quick access safes, portable security cases and personal safes are the choice for the value-driven shop- per in a variety of markets, channels and demographics. Edge Safe Small, highly maneuverable safes boast- ing a modern array of colors that blend in with your home. Smartly designed for everyday use in small living spaces including communal spaces, apartments, dorms, bedrooms and offices. GunVault GunVault quick access safes provide optimal security for handguns. As the leader in digital and biometric safe tech- nologies, GunVault is the premier brand in the industry, offering the features you want and strength you need to ensure a Safer Way of Living ® . To learn more about Alpha Guardian and our brands, visit www.alphaguardian .com, www.cannonsafe.com, www.stack- on.com or www.gunvault.com. Cheese Straws and Cookies from J&M Foods J&M Foods proudly continues its family tradition and passion for good food by providing its customers with the best tasting cheese straws and cookies in the market. As a family-owned business operating for roughly three decades, J&M Foods is happy to bring a little joy to its customers' eating experience. J&M Foods currently offers 21 vari- eties of cheese straws and cookies as well as additional seasonal offerings. Working with various combinations of cheeses, chocolates, nuts, grains, fruits and spices, there's never a dull moment. Its products are great for everyday pleasure and make the perfect gift. In addition, the company is always exploring new possibilities to tickle the taste buds and provide some- thing new. In keeping with the 100-year-old family recipe that inspired the great tast- ing Original Cheese Straws, J&M Foods is committed to maintaining its heritage of providing great products made from the finest ingredients avail- able. All of its products are trans-fat free and baked with care. The company's latest creation, and something it's very proud to add to the Janis & Melanie line of products, comes in the form of a large, soft-baked cookie (3 inches in diame- ter). They're made with butter, whole egg and a whole lot of love. Varieties include Chocolate Chunk, Brownie and Oatmeal Cranberry. Each carton contains eight 1-ounce cookies, which are individually wrapped. Enjoy them with milk, coffee, tea, ice cream or by themselves anytime as a snack. J&M Foods enjoys being flexible enough to handle all its customers' needs. Located in a 32,000 square foot facility residing on 21 acres, the company has room to grow along with you. Centrally located and nationally recognized, J&M Foods is an award-winning market leader within the specialty foods industry. For more information, call 800.264.2278. Divine Chocolate Introduces New Organic Line Featuring 85 Percent Dark Chocolate This year, Divine Chocolate expands its lineup with an innovative organic line. The new collection contains four 2.8- ounce bars, each made with Fairtrade cocoa sourced from São Tomé. The four variants include Lemon, Turmeric & Ginger, Cocoa Nibs, and Blueberry & Popped Quinoa. The introduction of these products reflects consumer demand for healthful, tasty treats. Divine also capitalizes on an underdeveloped market for flavored high-percentage cocoa bars. For con- sumers seeking chocolate that is low in sugar and high in quality, this line meets their needs. Chocolate lovers will partic- ularly delight in the fact that the range is certified by the Non-GMO Project, certi- fied by the Vegan Society, certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Certified Fairtrade. For Divine Chocolate, this is its first organic chocolate line, and it's the com- pany's first time partnering with a new cocoa co-operative: CECAQ-11. CECAQ-11 is a Fairtrade and organic cocoa farmer co-operative in São Tomé. São Tomé is a beautiful, forest-covered volcanic island off the west coast of Africa. When paired with sister island Príncipe, the two were once the biggest producers of cocoa in the world. In fact, this earned them the collective title of "Chocolate Island." Over the last half-century, how- ever, cocoa farming there collapsed. Today, the CECAQ- 11 co-operative works to rejuvenate the country's reputation for high-quality cocoa. It's the members' aim to promote the re-discovered secret of spicy and woodsy São Toméan cocoa beans. Divine Chocolate is the only Fairtrade chocolate company co-owned by farmers. A co-op in Ghana called Kuapa Kokoo, made up of over 85,000 farmers, owns 44 percent of Divine and shares in its prof- its. With the introduction of the new organic line, cocoa farmers in São Tomé enjoy the benefits of Fairtrade prices and premiums, and Divine Chocolate continues to deliver income to farmers in Ghana through its busi- ness model. As a result, Divine Chocolate con- tinues to show its commitment to its mis- sion – creating equitable and empower- ing trading relationships with smallhold- er farmers in Africa and around the world. For more information, email sales@divinechocolateusa.com. New Technologies Can Help You & Your Customer See Better Quality The color of a baked product is an indicator of overall product quality as well as a gauge of process variation. Furthermore, the color of baked products is difficult to measure because of the curved surfaces and irregu- lar shapes inherent in these types of food products. When there is color variation from the center to edge, it also reveals other business challenges like waste in energy, oven time and raw materials. While lightness/darkness/browning are often key parameters in consumer acceptance, the overall color can vary as well. Traditionally, simple instruments that report Baking Contrast Units (BCUs) are used to quantify the lightness or browning of baked crust, crumbs, breads, snack foods and other similar applications. Camera systems are sometimes uti- lized in baking as well, but require tightly controlled illumination and lighting, yet ultimately do not read color like the human eye. Both BCUs and camera tech- nology do help eliminate the human sub- jectivity in production for simple pass/fail; however, these technologies do not measure any changes in what the actual color is – such as the yellowness – and are not as accurate and precise as color spectrophotometers. Colorimetry is the science of how the human eye sees color and how color can be described, quantified and communicat- ed. Colorimetry helps instantly improve communication in a manufacturing envi- ronment (for example, between produc- tion and QA departments). Analytical instrumentation like color spectropho- tometers (also called colorimeters) is at the core of improved color quality with improved accuracy and precision, pre- ferred over older technology – and at an affordable price for the industry. Color spectrophotometers that uti- lize color parameters – like the Hunter L, a, b scale – quantify and assess the entire color of the product as a shopper would. HunterLab instruments used in the bak- ing industry are capable of reporting full- color values (and BCUs, if needed). HunterLab offers portable, at-line, in-line and laboratory color spectrophotometers built to measure baked products accu- rately and repeatably. These instruments include MiniScan EZ, Aeros, SpectraTrend HT, and its newest instru- ment, the Agera. This family of HunterLab instruments is well suited specifically for baking applications. For more information, go to www .hunterlab.com.

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