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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 6 Emile Henry Presents Delight, A New Technology of Ceramic Cookware Emile Henry launches Delight, a new collection of cookware for all stovetops including induction. This collection incorporates all the heirloom quality fea- tures the brand is known for such as being crafted from Burgundy clay, but this collection also presents modern fea- tures and style. The "delightful" curves are lovely, something you might expect in an art gallery or collector's archives. Then there is the blend of the modern functions: it is 100 percent natural, light- weight, nonstick and problem solving for the modern cook. The collection includes a round 2-quart casserole, a round 4- quart casserole, an oval casserole, a tagine, a 2.5-quart braiser with lid, a fon- due and a tart tatin. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, the Delight ceramic range offers all the advantages expected from a high-quality culinary ceramic, plus new benefits that were once only available from other materials. "This ceramic offers unparalleled versatility, durability and reactivity," said Tara Steffen, Marketing Director, Emile Henry USA. "The cookware is designed for use on all stovetops, even induction stoves, and it is safe in microwave and traditional ovens. The proprietary formu- la for the matte glaze is highly resistant to scratches from metal uten- sils and the ceramic heats up quickly for searing, brown- ing and sautéing." Other smart features include the shape of the lids and the weight of the cook- ware. The domed lids give ample space for larger cuts of meat and double as triv- ets when turned upside down. Bumps on the inside of the lids help to circulate cooking juices. Although Delight looks heavy, it is not, making the cookware easier to lift and carry. Specialists in culinary ceramic for more than 170 years, Emile Henry cre- ates cooking products stamped by its unique savoir-faire. Inspired by its histo- ry and desires, the family-run company continues to use its passion for authentic, homemade cooking prepared with love and shared with pleasure. Like all Emile Henry products, Delight is made of all-natural materials and is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is not offered by any other ceramic manufacturers. Carefully shaped, each piece is signed by the artisan who makes it. The oven- ware is then meticulously checked by the person who packs it, adding a label with their name for traceability and as a guar- antee of quality. Emile Henry is located in the Burgundy town of Marcigny, France. To find out more about Emile Henry, call 302.326.4800, visit www.emilehenry usa.com or stop by booth #S860. Cold Brew Coffee Lovers Have Spoken: Why Most Cold Brewers Don't Satisfy When the coffee industry dubbed 2015 "the year of cold brew coffee" and the trend went from niche to mainstream, the market was flooded with simple home cold brew coffee makers. But it seems "simple" wasn't the same as "easy to use" for consumers – and consumers left the same complaints over and over again in user reviews. ESPRO had to do some- thing about it. ESPRO's re-designed Cold Brew CB1 coffee maker is a home device cre- ated to serve the growing cold brew mar- ket with intuitive design that addresses three frequent consumer complaints about cold brew coffee makers: They are likely to drip or spill from the bottom unexpectedly; filtering the finished brew into another container is a messy affair; and the coffee tends to have lots of coffee grounds in it. ESPRO designed an auto-lock valve that eliminates the risk of drips or spills from the bottom of the brewer for a mess- free setup experience. The valve unlocks only when the brewer is set atop the growler funnel and UV-pro- tected growler for a simple, streamlined draining process when brewing is complete. Thanks to the dual-filter sys- tem, the final cold brew is rich and clean – no rogue grounds to be found The Cold Brew CB1 brews up to 48 ounces of cold brew coffee, and the growler's 64-ounce capacity offers the flexibility to dilute with water or mix with other ingredients as desired. The brewer and funnel store neatly away, while the growler keeps the cold brew fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. The Cold Brew CB1 exists in ESPRO's lineup of indus- try-leading coffee makers, including top-rated French presses, the world's lightest travel press and the upcom- ing Bloom Pour Over brew- er. Visit ESPRO at Booth #N8316 to learn more about how the Cold Brew CB1 is helping coffee lovers ele- vate their home cold brew experience. For more information, go to www.espro.com, call 844.377.7622, email info@espro.com or stop by booth #N8316. Premium Cassava Flour Surpasses 50 Million Pound Milestone American Key Food Products (AKFP) announced that it has shipped more than 55 million pounds of its Premium Cassava Flour since its introduction in 2011. "We have invested eight years in developing and improving not only a dis- tinctive gluten-free and grain-free ingre- dient adapted to the challenging, compet- itive environment of North America, but also our production, logistics capabilities and food safety, adhering to the high standards demanded by the industry," says Mel Festejo, Chief Operating Officer at AKFP. "We now have an estab- lished track record for promptly and reli- ably delivering consistent quality cassava flour to an increasing customer base in the baking and snack segments. Thanks to a strong partnership with our manufac- turing partner, our cassava flour is pro- duced in a highly efficient and controlled environment, and the production capacity has been boosted to cope with the rising demand." Premium Cassava Flour is simply the naturally gluten-free root of the cas- sava plant, converted to a highly versatile flour through AKFP's proprietary process, with no added ingredients. Cassava has been used as a food source in South America, Asia and Africa for centuries. "What's old is new again," says Festejo. "We have reimagined this traditional ingredi- ent to make it a simple, smart solution for today's gluten-free, grain-free and paleo baked goods and snacks, which are also non-GMO, and clean-label. It is also noteworthy that cas- sava is a sustainable crop and one that could be less adversely affected by cli- mate change relative to other staple crops." The company states that its Premium Cassava Flour provides baking characteristics that closely mimic the structure, texture and taste of wheat- based baked goods and snacks in a num- ber of baking applica- tions, while comple- menting other gluten- free flours and/or starch- es in composite blends for the more complex applications. It also con- tains 7 percent dietary fiber, positively con- tributing to baking func- tionality and the nutritional profile of the finished product. It has been successful- ly used in products such as cookies, cakes, tortillas, breads, pizza crusts and many others, without the need for com- plex ingredient formulations. It is also effective in extruded products like puffed or fabricated snacks. For more information, go to www .akfponline.com. Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. Expands Packaged Fudge Line By Ed Stockton, President, Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. In a recent trade magazine article, it was stated that retailers were focusing on four key areas: grow revenue, reduce costs, improve customer experiences and improve products and features. With these goals in mind, Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. is expanding its highly successful 12-ounce Country Fresh Fudge Sweet Shoppe line to over 100 flavors in order to help retail- ers achieve those goals. The additional flavors will allow retailers to offer an exciting variety of gourmet fudge only previously found in stores that made their own. Country Fresh Fudge is made with premium ingredients such as cream, AA grade butter, Dutch cocoa, real fruits and Belgian chocolate, without adding expensive labor costs. New flavors to be offered include Banana Walnut, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Pistachio Nut. More flavors will also be added to the ever-popular sugar- free fudge selections which have seen tremen- dous growth due to their low carb properties which are very popular in keto diets. For retailers looking to improve their in-house brands, private labeling is also offered without the usual high devel- opment costs. Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. has invested in state-of- the-art printing equipment to meet its high demand for privately labeled, pre- mium fudge. With only being packed eight units per case, and a six-month shelf life, retailers can make a splash with their customers by offering a unique assortment of fla- vors at a very minimal cost. Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. also offers pre-made fudge in 6-pound loaves as well as convenient pre-cut 2- ounce pieces, individually wrapped pieces, and fudge mix for those who choose to make their own. Visit Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. For more information, email info@countryfreshfood.com.

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