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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 5 8 Reliable Constantly Innovating Reliable is a successful family business. Founded in 1955 by the father of the cur- rent Chief Executive Officer, Reliable has grown to include various steam prod- ucts for businesses and the home. The professional steam irons and steam gar- ment products are used in premium apparel stores, hotels, restaurants and other commercial applications. Steam effectively and efficiently gets rid of wrinkles for a polished look in clothes. It also helps to freshen the garment without the use of chemicals. Reliable was established in response to the need of empowering tailors and seamstresses to produce and craft their creations with precision and quality. For over 65 years, Reliable has been bringing high-quality products to the professional market. Its quality and expertise is what makes Reliable stand apart in the home ironing category. Reliable is a leader in the professional alterations and apparel industry and has expanded to bring this expertise into the home. The iron category is an area where Reliable is constantly innovating to deliver on consumer needs. For home irons, Reliable continually talks to con- sumers to understand their needs. Consumers are continually looking for quality irons that will have constant steam to achieve professional results with zero leaks. The main cause of con- sumer frustration with home irons is that it spits, leaks and does not heat up evenly on the soleplate. Steam removes wrin- kles...not heat. With contin- ued use, competitive irons cool down and steam starts to turn into water. Once the water flows to the soleplate, it transforms into steam to help with your ironing. So, when the soleplate is not at the right temperature needed to create steam, the water that flows through will end up leaking or spitting onto your gar- ment. Adding more to frustration is that the heat on the irons is not evenly dis- persed, potentially damaging your clothes. The New Reliable Velocity Iron Series overcomes these challenges. Reliable's patented dual heating ele- ment and micro pump technology preheats the water and turns it into steam before it reaches the soleplate. The results are continuous steam and evenly distributed heat for more maximum steam and professional results. The Reliable Velocity Series pro- duces continuous steam and zero leaks. Other features include a non-stick sole- plate, auto shut off, built-in anti-scale system and is safe for all fabrics. For more information, stop by booth #L11313 or go to www.reliable corporation.com. Essential Oil Wall-Plug Diffusers from Serene House Serene House introduces a new way to enjoy your favorite essential oils. The essential oil wall-plug diffusers deliver calming, healthy aromatherapy without the need to add water. The wall-plug dif- fusers feature dual scent delivery sys- tems, allowing you to customize your fragrance experience. Scent delivery sys- tem 1 uses essential oil wicks, while scent delivery system 2 utilizes a scent cartridge with paper pads. Both scent delivery systems can operate in continu- ous or intermittent mode. All of Serene House's wall-plug diffusers feature rotat- ing metal prongs to guarantee you can use your unit in every outlet in every room. A nightlight with three brightness levels ensures that your diffuser is as functional as it is beautiful. New dual scent delivery systems allow you to control fragrance strength. For system 1, insert a wick into your favorite Serene House essential oil and place the bottle inside the diffuser and plug it into any standard wall outlet. The diffusers can hold 5ml, 10ml or 15ml essential oil bottles. For sys- tem 2, add 5-10 drops of Serene House essential oil onto the paper pad. Close the cartridge and place it back inside the diffuser before plugging it into any standard wall outlet. Change scents quickly and easily by adding a new paper pad to the cartridge. To maintain your favorite scent, add 5-10 drops of essential oil to your paper pad daily until the pad stops absorbing new oil. Serene House's essential oil wall-plug diffusers work best with Serene House's 100 percent natural essential oils. Each of Serene House's essential oils are designed to enhance and main- tain your sense of psychological and physical well-being. Available fragrances include: Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Lavender and the signature Relax, Refresh, Inspire and Comfort blends. For more information, stop by booth #N8113 or go to www.serenehouse.com. Snack Easier with NESCO's Snackmaster Jr. From the market leaders in dehydrating comes a new and compact model unlike anything else available today. More individuals than ever before are living in urban housing with less kitchen space. This has led to a gap in the food dehydrator category as consumers seek smaller models to suit their contempo- rary homes. The NESCO Snackmaster Jr.™ is built to fit in any size living space and makes healthy snacking less expensive and more convenient. This new, modern unit features a digital dis- play with temperature control and a timer, giving consumers in small living spaces unmatched versatility. The tem- perature control ranges 97-175 degrees Fahrenheit for everything from drying herbs to making jerky. The compact design also accommodates smaller batches of food and produce, which eliminates waste by making fewer por- tions. Four trays provide the perfect amount of space for making fruit chips to last one or two people a few days. NESCO designed this unit with the modern con- sumer in mind. Just as the compact form serves the functionality of the unit, the color also appeals to today's consumer. Created in the Pantone Color of the Year (Classic Blue), this dehydrator is both stylish and small enough to leave on the kitchen counter all day. It is also avail- able in red, so customers can choose a color to fit their kitchen and personal style. With the rise of urban gardening, as well as farmers' markets and "locavores," NESCO gives consumers more options for enjoying home- grown and locally pur- chased produce and meats. NESCO has been the market leader in dehydra- tion starting with its acqui- sition of American Harvest in 1998. Today, it continues to innovate in the category with its extensive line of dehydrators and accessories to meet everyone's needs. For more information, call 800.624.2949, email sales@mwcorp.com or stop by booth #L12702. Techko Strives to Provide Best Product at the Best Price Techko Kobot Inc. is announcing the introduction of its new line of outdoor solar lights that will be added to its exist- ing Techko brand. "We have been working on the Solar Light for many years, however the rapid growth of new technology has made it possible to for Techko to bring to the market quality solar lights that will last 12-plus hours on one full charge. Our quality solar panels are able to absorb the maximum amount of electrons per charge even on overcast or rainy day. Our fea- tures, functions and quality are better than other higher priced competitor's models," said Techko Product Manager, Eugene Ko. Since 1986, Techko invented an independent DIY Security Product Line. Techko security products are carried by many major national retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Pool Corp and Leslie's Pool. In 2010, Techko Kobot expanded its existing security and office equipment product lines to robotic floor care prod- ucts. "We have had many successes in our previous product lines; however, the products' life cycles were short. After years of research, we have decided to get involved in the solar lighting indus- try. We believe going green is the sus- tainable future which has the potential to continue to expand and improve in features, functions and its utilities. We are looking at the long term and already have plans for great new products in the solar sector that are innovative, practical and consciously patented and designed by our teams. We have made the product better and more affordable to serve the mass market and meet the majority of consumer's needs. We have several other innovative solar products, which will also be released in the second half of 2020. We believe our solar light fea- tures, functions and quality are better than our higher priced competitor's models. Our corporate philosophy is to provide the best product at the best price," said Techko Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Ko. Learn more at www.techkogroup.com.

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