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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 4 3 Saturday, March 14, 2020 GreenTech Debuts pureComfort YEAR-ROUND New for 2020, GreenTech Environmental introduces innovative heating and cool- ing technology to meet the consumer demand for a single appliance that is both a powerful fan and a heavy-duty heater. This heater/fan adds features while reducing the cost to the consumer. Priced conveniently below $200 (less than one- third of the price of competing bladeless heater/fan combos) it's an affordable product that will keep your seasonal sales consistent throughout the year. pureComfort YEAR-ROUND can make any room more comfortable, every day, in all four seasons. GreenTech's Founder, inventor, innovator and lead engineer, Allen Johnston, set out to replicate the industry leaders technologies at a price that con- sumers would embrace where retailers can still achieve strong MAP margins. Building on the success of its best-selling bladeless fan, pureFlow QT7, the new pureComfort YEAR-ROUND sells for a fraction of the price of the market leader. "The market response has been incredibly positive. Its popularity is growing quickly and orders are rolling in," says GreenTech's Director of Independent Retail Jayme Crean. "The unique design really draws customers in to see what it's all about." Consumers are also raving about the high-speed heating and cooling capabili- ties in such a small unit. pureComfort YEAR-ROUND distributes the air even- ly up to 15 feet throughout your space. Controlling the temperature between 60 degrees to 90 degrees is simple with the touch panel or included remote control. For added convenience and energy sav- ings, pureComfort YEAR-ROUND offers a one to nine hour timer that automatically shuts off. The manual tilt of up to 52.5 degrees makes heating and cool- ing possible from the floor or counter. Combined with its fast heating and cool down times, the amount of air- flow that it moves makes this an easy decision for customers needing 100 percent heater and 100 percent fan. This heater/fan combo takes safety to a whole new level. The Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) heater main- tains a much lower internal temperature than other space heaters, which means the grille is safe and the heater is inca- pable of causing a fire. In addition, PTC heat proves to be more efficient and con- sistent while lasting much longer than other heaters. The bladeless fan keeps curious fingers or paws protected so that you can use it with children and pets playing nearby. In recent years, GreenTech Environmental's brand has emerged as the company to watch as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of quality electri- cal appliances that improve lifestyle and health while being a leader in environ- mental responsibility. Company categories include air purifiers, portable heaters, portable fans, power management devices and the unique pureWash PRO X2, which requires no detergent and uses only cold water to clean laundry. Since 2018, the brand has been found in big box retail, independent appliance, hardware and e- commerce. Come and see the hottest and coolest new product, pureComfort YEAR- ROUND, debuting in booth #L12450. For more information, stop by booth #L12450 or go to www.greentechenv.com. TravelJohn Provides Ease, Convenience in Tough Situations TravelJohn™ products by Reach Global Industries, Inc (RGi) offers the safest, cleanest way to solve the problem of what to do when traditional restroom facilities are inaccessible, unsanitary or unavailable. Perfect for emergency situations, home renovations, travel- ing, healthcare, sporting goods, juvenile and con- venience needs. All of TravelJohn's products are unisex and may be used by all gen- ders. A majority of TravelJohn's urinals fea- ture a unisex adapter, making urination easier for anyone to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flow- ing opening) or standing, and a spill guard to prevent backflow during use. The only urinal without an adapter is the economical 2-1 paper bag (model TJ1P) designed for both sickness and urination. The bag is 99 percent paper-based and features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal. TravelJohn's top-selling disposable urinal is model TJ1C due to the double bag protection with a resealable zipper, which allows the bag to be dropped from up to 10 feet (3.05 meters) without risk of rupturing. Each urinal holds ups to 28 fluid ounces (800ml) and instantly turns liquid into a solid gel using the patented LIQSORB ® technology. The LIQSORB pouch securely absorbs all liquid waste and turns it into a leak-proof, odorless, non-toxic gel that is spill-proof and waste disposal safe. At the end of 2018, TravelJohn products released a new paper (TJ1Q) version of the disposable urinal with a flexible paper adapter to the international market. The uni- sex paper adapter features a hanging hook to allow any- one to expand the bag or adapter with ease. The bag is 99 percent paper-based and features its new dissolving pouch. Due to the improved LIQSORB technol- ogy, the pouch instantly begins to dis- solve when liquid contact is made, and the polymer instantly begins to solidify the liquid, turning it into an odorless and non-toxic solid gel. Similar to its sick- ness bag, the paper version features a peel and seal closure to ensure simple and safe waste disposal. The TravelJohn disposable urinal line is available in three, six and 18 packs and in multiple model options: TJ1C duo-bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1N single bag with a resealable zipper, TJ1A TravelJohn original bag, TJ1R TravelJane™ for women, TJ1H TravelJohn Jr. for children. Model TJ1P 2-1 paper bag for sickness and urination is available in a five pack and TJ1Q paper urinal bag with a unisex paper adapter in a four pack. The dispos- able urinal standard volume capacity is 28 ounces (800cc) and 20 ounces (600ml) for TravelJohn Jr., the children sized version. These products are widely loved by consumers for the ease and convenience provided in tough situations. For more information, go to www .traveljohn.com, call 888.518.8389, email sales@traveljohn.com or stop by booth #N8154. Smart Cuisine from Luminarc By Jess Sailey, Digital Marketing Manager, Arc Americas If you are one of many who have already fallen in love with the Smart Cuisine™ line by Luminarc ® , we have exciting news for you! We are thrilled to let you know that our entire Smart Cuisine line is oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. And hold on to your oven mitts, because Smart Cuisine is also broiler safe for up to 10 minutes. Our innovative bakeware line can withstand higher oven tempera- tures than most other bakeware options in the market. Since its grand debut in 2018, and due to the overwhelming market reac- tion to this product line, we have con- tinued to expand the assortment with new shapes, sizes and designs. Currently, there are over 20 different pieces in the Smart Cuisine line to choose from, with three new rectangu- lar sizes just added. This beautifully designed bakeware line is available in an array of contemporary and tradition- al shapes that will appeal to all your cus- tomers no matter their home aesthetic. Our light-weight oven safe opal glass combines the strengths of both ceramic and glass into one versatile product, which is both non- porous and easy to clean. The dishes' organic forms offer excellent ergonom- ics, and their variety of shapes and sizes allow for all kinds of culinary creations from individual to family portions. These contemporary dishes are designed with the home cook in mind, offering a beautiful presentation straight from oven to table. As an added bonus, all the sizes of each shape nest and stack within each other to save space in the cab- inet. This is bakeware built to meet your customers' needs! Come see it all in-person at The Inspired Home Show ® in booth #S1428. Learn more at www.arc-intl.com or by calling 800.257.7470.

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