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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 3 8 Garage & Sport Organizers from neatfreak Clutter is one of the biggest issues with garage organization. The garage serves a lot of purposes, with the primary being housing cars; however, for many, the garage is so unorganized, it can't even fit one car. A survey by Peachtree Consulting found that more than 50 per- cent of homeowners plan on reorganizing their garage within the next two years. Driven by the growing size of garages in higher-end homes, coupled with an increasing base of baby boomers having the time and money to invest in remodelling their garages, sales of home organization products used in garages are expected to increase 4.9 percent annually through 2021 to $8 billion, experiencing the fastest of growth of sales to any room (Home Organization Market in the US, 7th Edition). There is also a growing market for organization products for hobby items in the garage; for example, sports equip- ment and gardening. In addition, a rising number of homeowners are interested in making their garage more of a living space, leading to a greater emphasis on organizing these areas. As a result, there has been a trend toward complete garage makeovers. Neatfreak! The Home Organization Company has responded to this trend by introducing new and innovative garage organization products to its offering in 2020, including wall-mounted track & hook systems and freestanding organiz- ers. With the idea to get garage items off the floor and stored vertically, neatfreak! has designed three new freestanding Garage and Sport Organizers. The first is a 3-Compartment Sorter with three deep vertical cubbies with mesh front panels to store and organize sports equipment and toys, like balls, helmets, etc. The removeable top wire grid gives the ability to vertically store tall items like hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, pool noodles, rakes and brooms. Also new are the 3-Tier Bin Organizer and 2-Tier Large Bin Organizer, both designed to store sports equipment, balls, bats, gloves, skates, helmets, toys and more. All the garage and sport organizers are constructed with heavy-duty metal and durable wipe-clean polyester materi- al. Each unit also has metal side grids with six hooks for additional storage space to hang gloves, hats, gardening tools, pet supplies, etc. Neatfreak! has added to its lineup of Neat-Trax aluminum track click & lock hooks for the home with the introduction of the Neat-Trax Heavy-Duty Garage Organizing System. This is a lightweight track system with var- ious multipurpose hooks to organ- ize and store tools, extension cords, ladders, gardening sup- plies, hoses, sport and pool equip- ment, bikes, camping equipment, etc., vertically and off the floor by making use of empty wall space. The hooks have a durable non- slip vinyl coating and are simple to attach or move to reposition. Locking grippers provide rein- forced security when attaching the hooks to the track. Surprisingly lightweight, these hooks can hold up from 60 pounds to 175 pounds each with an overall track load capacity of 550 pounds. For more details about these garage organizers or other neatfreak! home organization products, visit booth #N7740 clean & contain or contact John Collins at jc@neatfreak.com. Visit www.neatfreak.com. A 'Fish' for Every Tough Challenge Introducing the tenacious new shape of clean – the DishFish, created by Jim Kordenbrock. The new DishFish line of powerful multi-purpose sponges and non-scratch scrubbers work hard to eliminate every- thing from kitchen grime to bathroom soap scum to car and motorcycle grease and everything in between. Plus, they stay fresh and odor-free longer while lasting up to 10 times longer than the leading competitor. Like the name implies, the sponge is shaped like a fish. This patented, innova- tive shape allows for effective cleaning in hard to reach spots and is designed to stand on its 'tail' to dry quicker and stay fresh longer, by reducing bacteria odors, mold and mildew. Unlike traditional sponges, DishFish products are made with PowerCell Technology™ which attacks the grease and grime but is gentle enough to not scratch sensitive surfaces. Its ForeverFresh Foam™ achieves absolute "wipe dry" results, making it perfect for everyday cleaning tasks. According to Kordenbrock, "Our best sales tool is simply to try the DishFish family of products. Once you try them, you will understand why 'Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!'" In fact, over 92 percent of consumers prefer the DishFish over their existing sponge prod- uct after using it one time. There's a "Fish" for every tough chal- lenge: DishFish Scrubber: The revolution- ary new dish-cleaning tool for powerful, scratch-free scrubbing – even on your most sensitive surfaces. DishFish Dual: A dual scrubber and sponge that's perfect for everyday house- hold cleaning tasks. DishFish Lil Scrubber: A revolution- ary new scouring-type pad for the tough- est jobs. GoFish Scrub Sponge: A larger dual sponge and scrubber for challenging "on-the-go jobs" or hobbies includ- ing, outdoor grilling, cars and motorcycles, boats, RVs, hunting or fishing use. GoFish Power Scrubber: Same great benefits as the GoFish sponge, but in a scrubber that will aggressively and safely remove oxidation, tar, grease, bugs, biofouling and all of your toughest outdoor stains. The DishFish family of products were created by Foamtec International, LLC., a 22-year global leader in the high-tech foam industry characterized by tremen- dous business acumen, high integrity and manufacturing/operational excellence. Foamtec operates four divisions, to include a newly formed Consumer Products Division. Foamtec International's globally experienced team uti- lizes state of the art technology to operate under the most stringent standards and certifica- tions, to include clean room environments. Foamtec offers a unique end-to-end solution, from raw materials to packaged product ship- ment, located conve- niently at some of the busiest ports in the world. Foamtec International's world class manufactur- ing systems provides their customers a one-stop, high tech business model with complete traceability and accountability. Foamtec International currently operates 10 facilities in five countries and continues to explore further global expansion opportunities, to include the consumer-packaged goods market. For more information, email sales@ dishfish.com or go to www.dishfish.com and www.getgofish.com. Reduce Plastic Consumption & Keep Food Fresh with Buzzee If you take a look around your kitchen or office right now, chances are you'll notice you're surrounded by plastic – water bottles, straws, plastic grocery bags, food wrappers, take-out containers, single-serve coffee pods, disposable utensils and produce bags. These are all examples of single-use plastic products, which represent the epitome of today's throwaway culture. Roughly half of the annual plastic production in the world is destined for single-use plastics. Luckily, many con- sumers are starting to choose reusable items as much as they can and cities are banning single use plastics, working towards a clean globe. Buzzee is an Atlanta-based company that makes reusable food wraps and bags, creating a buzz in the industry with its easy to use, quality products. Buzzee Founder Pushpa Santhosh was inspired by her father, who has been weaving cotton for more than four decades in India, and her mother, who always uses the fabric to bag produce and cover jars. When her son was born in 2016, she wanted to minimize how much plastic her family used and threw away. Drawing from her family history, she decided to try her hand at making this cotton-based alternative. Buzzee products are made with 100 percent organic printed cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). The wraps are infused with tropical beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, organic citrus essential oils and Himalayan pine tree resin. They are reusable, wash- able, compostable and longer-lasting than their plastic counterparts. Buzzee would be the thinnest beeswax wrap available in the market. Most would agree that dealing with sticky and bulky food wrap is far from con- v e n i e n t when mak- ing an effort to t r a n s i t i o n from plas- tic habits. Buzzee's reusable approach helps reduce single-use plastics, like baggies and cling wrap. While its organic cotton bags are great for shopping trips, strain- ing nut milk, bagging produce and bulk food items, with vibrant patterns (includ- ing one drawn by Pushpa's young daugh- ter), a wrap can work to store produce, cover bowls, save cheese, seal up left- overs, stash a sandwich, and above all, reduce plastic consumption while keep- ing food fresh. For more information, email info@buzzeewraps.com or stop by booth #S4460.

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