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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 2 6 What's Going On with the Water at Your Facility? Managing a Precious Resource Have words like pH adjustment, equaliza- tion, clarifiers, settlers, discharge monitor- ing and dissolved air flotation become part of your vocabulary lately – whether you wanted them to or not? Perhaps the issue of water in your facility has become a front- burner topic of conversation. Don't worry. You're speaking Complete Water Services' language. Complete Water Services (CWS) provides the experience and resources that produce innovative solutions to water and wastewater treatment. It has a proven track record assisting the baking industry in meet- ing their unique challenges involved in managing our planet's most vital resource. Water for the 21st Century Purity of water used in food and beverage processing industries is essential to every- thing we eat. From bread and sweet-good bakeries to meat, fish and poultry pro- cessing, vegetable preparation to animal and vegetable oil processing, beverage to condiment preparation, clean water is fundamental. You have to have it coming into your facility for sure. But it's what comes out that can cause worse problems. Pretreatment and Wastewater Systems CWS has extensive experience in finding solutions for existing wastewater issues, as well as custom-designing brand new systems. Even though manufacturing processes vary across food and beverage industries, there are similar characteristics and problems you might have become aware of, including: pH excursions caused by acid and caustic cleaning processes; high levels of settleable solids and suspended solids caused by cleaning operations and in-product loss during pro- duction; high levels of five-day biochem- ical oxygen demand (BOD5) and chemi- cal oxygen demand (COD); excessive fats, oils and grease (FOG) caused during bakery operations cleaning, product loss during transfer and in blending and clean- up operations. Hands-On, Real-World Designers and Operators There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to wastewater treatment. Each facility is unique and requires the practiced eye of a CWS professional to see what would work best to provide reliable, cost- effective water and wastewater solutions while ensuring regulatory compliance. For more information, go to www .cwaterservices.com. Coffee Tasting Cups from ESPRO Modern sensory science brought us fla- vor-amplifying drinkware for wine, beer, spirits and beyond in recent decades, altering the way consumers enjoy their favorite beverages forever. ESPRO is using those same principles to transform the daily espresso experience. ESPRO invites you to taste rich cof- fee and espresso from its unique Coffee Tasting Cups, designed with cutting-edge sensory science to amplify coffee's natu- ral flavors, at booth #N8316. ESPRO's new cups for espresso- based drinks are engineered to amplify the two most-beloved areas of espresso flavor and aroma – Cocoa and Nutty – and are available in espresso, cappuccino and latte sizes. These new designs, named Best New Product at World of Coffee 2019, expand on the existing fruity, floral, cocoa and spicy standard- size cups. Made with porcelain, the cups are extra-durable, dish- washer and microwave-safe, and perfect for homes and kitchens of all styles. They also comple- ment ESPRO's lineup of coffee gear, including industry-beloved French presses, a cold brew cof- fee maker and the all-new Bloom Pour Over brewer. By using cups that pair specifically with certain coffee flavors and aromas, customers are given an enhanced coffee experi- ence that's tailored to their preferred flavor profiles. It's no wonder 74 percent of consumers prefer ESPRO cups. Visit booth #N8316 and experience amplified coffee flavors you won't find any- where else. For more information, go to www.espro.com, call 844.377.7622, email info@ espro.com or stop by booth #N8316. Karving King's New Dripless Cutting Board Great for Home Entertaining Entertaining at home, all day meal plan- ning, healthy eating and the return to old family recipes are redesigning the home entertaining landscape. The Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System is taking center stage as cooks expect their tools to be attractive and utilitarian. Designed to answer the need for a no-mess carving solution, this large capacity cutting board with a 20.5-inch by 13.5-inch carving surface not only cuts the mess but also eliminates the stress when carving everything from turkeys and roasts to fruits and vegeta- bles. All of the liquid juices are collected in the drip tray drawer instead of on kitchen countertops and floors, which reduces cleanup time and allows home entertainers to spend more time with family and friends. BPA-free and bacteria-resistant, the Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2- in-1 System is dishwasher-safe and requires no special cleaning products after use. Because it can go in the dish- washer, it's also ideal for cutting up raw meat and fish. Additional fea- tures include spikes to hold the food in place during carving, a sup- plemental chopping board, the removable drip drawer to collect juices which can be used for sauces or gravies, easy grip han- dles and non-slip rubber feet to keep the board firmly in place. The drip drawer can also be used to store cutlery. The contemporary design and choice of colors (red, green, blue) will enhance any kitchen or outdoor entertaining area. Made in America, the boards are crafted of a very lightweight and durable poly- ethylene, which will withstand the test of time. The polyethylene is non-porous and odor- resistant. Karving King offers a money-back return pol- icy within 30 days of purchase, a 12-month limited warranty for any material defects and replacement parts, should they be necessary. For more details about the Karving King Dripless Cutting Board 2-in-1 System, visit booth #S1752, South Building, or contact Kenneth King at 800.951.8384. Go to www.karvingking.com to learn more. See AIRCARE's New Line at Show An interview with Chad Long, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AIR- CARE. KNSD: Tell our readers about AIR- CARE. CL: AIRCARE is a brand of Essick Air Products, located in Arkansas, and we manufacture humidifiers. Essick started in 1943, and entered the humidifier cate- gory when it acquired the home comfort divisions of Bemis and Emerson. The AIRCARE brand launched in 2015. Essick has exhibited at the show since 2004 with the acquisition of Bemis; we inherited the booth space. KNSD: What do you enjoy most about the show? CL: I really love showing our humidi- fiers to existing and potential customers and discussing how we can help them grow their business. The show is a great reminder of how big a space we play in, and it allows us to showcase our products to the entire industry. KNSD: How do your humidifiers improve your customers' lives? CL: Humidifiers help prevent the spread of flu and cold viruses, relieve allergy and asthma symptoms, and prevent dry skin and static electricity. We provide comfort. KNSD: What made you want to work for AIRCARE? CL: I interviewed because it was a great opportunity to work for the market leader, but the people sold me on wanting to work here. We have a great owner in Jim Walton, which gives us very strong financial backing. Our president, Kim Stafford, has been with the company over 30 years. He and the rest of our leadership team are passionate about our customers. KNSD: What are you most excit- ed about for AIRCARE in 2020? CL: AIRCARE is known for whole house evaporative humidifiers, but our small ultrasonic humidifiers have been very successful. This year, we're introducing more ultrasonics: the MESA, the PILLAR and the NOVA. I'm most excited about our new brand extension – AIRCARE Essentials. The Essentials line will go after food, drug and mass channels – channels we didn't have a good solution for previous- ly because of our whole house units' large footprints on retail shelves. The Essentials line features the ultrasonic DUET and FELLOW, and the Ozark, our first steam humidifier. You can see all of these at booth #L12112. KNSD: To what do you attribute AIRCARE's success? CL: For the consumer, our prod- ucts improve the air they breathe. For our retail partners, we pride ourselves on never running out of inventory, even in peak season, and shipping on time. We have dedicated key account reps to serv- ice our customers, and an in-house call center for our consumers. Our amaz- ing marketing department creates the best packaging and social media cam- paigns in the industry, and our sales department builds strong relationships with our retail partners. KNSD: Which humidifier is your favorite? CL: The EP9800 Pedestal changed the life of my son Parker, who's had asthma since he was a young child. Stop by our booth #L12112 – I'd love to share the rest of the story with you. For more information, go to www .aircareproducts.com, call 501.562.1094 or stop by booth #L12112.

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