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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily 2 3 Saturday, March 14, 2020 Why the DishFish? In an extremely competitive category with little innovation and a plethora of brands, why create a new sponge prod- uct? According to Jim Kordenbrock, Founder of the DishFish family of prod- ucts, "there is an amazing love-hate rela- tionship among sponge users and their sponges, yet we found it's a topic con- sumers love to discuss. This is not sur- prising as sponges are a product we use virtually every day. We found that con- sumers were looking for a sponge that would last longer, stay clean and not smell. Our solution was the DishFish!" The process began when Foamtec International hired Kordenbrock to create their first consumer product after 22 years in the B2B market. "We were able to leverage the expertise of Foamtec International, an industry leader in high tech specialized foam applications within the automotive, electronic, cosmetic and medical industries. Foamtec's clean room solutions provided the foundation for the real science behind the DishFish materi- al. It's the material inside that makes the DishFish truly revolutionary. Kordenbrock's team set out to create the "perfect" scrubbing sponge. They lis- tened to hundreds of customers and test- ed dozens of products in order to create the final DishFish product. The first and most important differentiator of the DishFish is the patented design. It's shaped like a fish to ergonomically fit in your hand, clean tight spaces and most importantly, stand on its tail to drain and stay fresh. As a result, the DishFish does- n't smell. "A rectangle sponge provides cost savings and a round sponge is novel, but neither of the two options are functional. Plus, a round sponge will roll off the table. We wanted something unique, fun and func- tional," said Kordenbrock. The DishFish addresses many of the issues consumers have with sponges. Compared to the competitors, the DishFish is stronger, stays clean longer and is more absorbent. Additionally, the DishFish won't scratch sensitive surfaces and avoids those horrible bacteria odors by standing on its tail to drain. Remarkably, when consumers try the DishFish, nearly 92 percent prefer it over their current scrub sponge. According to Kordenbrock, "When you create a prod- uct with this high level of acceptance, it means you listened and delivered a prod- uct that consumers love! This is amazing to me and it's also what I am most proud of!" In fact, during the exten- sive consumer research, consumers actually used the word "perfect" to describe the DishFish. This strong preference fits the new DishFish tagline: "Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!" According to Kordenbrock, "Our best sales tool is to simply have people try the DishFish. Once you try it, you will understand why we created the DishFish family of products and why 'Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!'" For more information, email sales@ dishfish.com or go to www.dishfish.com and www.getgofish.com. Back to Basics with Betty Bossi – The Meat & Potatoes Collection Betty Bossi, the leading Swiss culinary brand, celebrates satisfying classic cui- sine with the Meat & Potatoes collection of innovative kitchen gadgets. With seven new items in all, it's easier than ever before to prepare delicious home- made mashed potatoes, potato salad, Rösti, hash browns, Hasselback potatoes and stuffed meatballs and burgers. No peeling required when making homemade mashed potatoes with the new Betty Bossi Potato Ricer. This two- in-one marvel peels and mashes simulta- neously, making it simpler to create this all-time favorite dish from scratch. Achieve a perfect, velvety consistency with little effort. Video demo is available online. Colorful product insert sparks the imagination with delicious recipes for Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin & Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Red Beet and Mashed Potatoes and more. It has a suggested retail price of $34.99. With the Betty Bossi Filled Meatball Maker Set, the options are endless and the results super tasty. It quickly makes perfectly round meatballs, in your choice of large (2.5-inch) or small (1.5-inch). The filling will be exactly centered and won't leak, and the process is clean and simple – no sticky fin- gers. Be creative with ingredients and flavors. Stuffed meatballs can be filled with fresh, soft or semi-hard cheeses, vegetables and herbs. It can be used for preparing round balls of falafel or vege- tarian or vegan balls made with aromatic vegetables, lentils, beans, tofu and more. A delicious recipe for Meatballs with Peas is included with the product. The Filled Meatball Maker Set, which comes with the large and small, has a suggested retail price of $19.99. The small size is also sold separately for $9.99. The Potato Ricer and Filled Meatball Maker Set are dish- washer safe for every- day convenience. The collection makes an impact at retail with a big story about the magic of homemade culinary classics, appealing to consumer demand for convenience, alongside the timeless appeal of a hearty meal. The Filled Burger Press and Potato Salad Maker stand out as time savers with the potential to upgrade casual and everyday dining. The Betty Bossi Meat & Potatoes collection is now available for shipment. BOS Brands Debuts Red Rooibos Teas By Lorrie Baumann After an initial market test through online sales in the U.S. last fall, BOS Brands launched its canned iced teas and tea bags at this year's Winter Fancy Food Show and will be rolling the products out to retailers this month. BOS Iced Tea, a light- ly sweetened iced tea made from rooibos, launched first in Lemon, Peach, Lime & Ginger, Yuzu and Berry. Consumer testing revealed that consumers like the rooibos teas, but they also wanted options without sugar and with bubbles, so BOS Brands followed that initial launch in May, 2019 with BOS Sparkling Unsweetened Iced Tea, offered in White Peach & Elderflower, Blueberry & Jasmine and Pineapple Coconut flavors. The teas capitalize on a growing trend in favor of ready-to-drink iced teas and appeal to consumers who have an active lifestyle and are health-conscious. Those consumers are already familiar with, and active consumers of, beverages such as kombucha, sparkling waters and other iced teas, whether that's black, green or white tea, according to Jeff Donaldson, Head of Marketing, USA for BOS Brands. "We get a lot of people who are iced tea drinkers who want something different or healthier or who are trying to stop consumption of other beverages, such as sugared sodas," he said. "Everybody knows of black, green or white tea, but hardly anyone knows about red tea. This is known as a red tea because of the red bush that it comes from that's only grown in South Africa." All of the BOS Brands products are organic, and rooibos (pronounced ROY- BOSS) is caffeine free. It's an indigenous plant that grows as a spiky bush, rather like a Scotch broom, in a tiny area of South Africa where the soil is sandy and the climate is dry with moderate temper- atures. At harvest time, the stalks are pulled from the bush and dried in the sun to make a tea that South Africans have been consuming for hundreds of years, Donaldson said. "It only grows in a 90- acre area in South Africa that has the per- fect climate," he said. "You can't actually grow it anywhere else in the world." The iced teas are sold in 12-ounce cans retailing for $1.99. The cans are decorated in the bright colors of South Africa to communicate a sense of fun. "We're not trying to be a stodgy, good- for you brand; we want it to be fun," Donaldson said. "We are really focused on making healthy fun." If the botanical flavors of the BOS Sparkling Iced Tea suggest cocktails to you, you're not alone, and the company is promoting their use as cocktail mixers as well as refreshing beverages for any time of day. In addition, rooibos is con- sidered a functional ingredient that's thought to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent with positive effects on blood sugar and digestion. The company's newest product for the U.S. market is BOS Red Rooibos Tea, tea bags for the hot tea drinkers who want to try something different. "They can have it at any time of day, whether or not they'd cut themselves off from caffeine late in the day," Donaldson said. "People like that this can be an all-day drink and not just when they want caffeine." The BOS Red Rooibos Tea bags are packaged in a collectible tin that contains two sleeves of 20 tea bags and retails for $14.99, while the 40-tea bag refill for the tin (also containing two sleeves of 20) retails for $10.99. Adding to the appeal of the brand, BOS Brands has an active sustainability program in which the company plants a tree for every 2,000 cans of the iced teas that are sold. "So far, we've planted about 22,000 trees in South Africa, work- ing with an organization called Greenpop," Donaldson said. Greenpop is a South African non-profit organization focused on sustainable urban greening and forest restoration across Sub-Saharan Africa. For more information, email hello@ bosbrands.com. New Snack Mixes from Lehi Valley Lehi Valley Trading Company, a U.S. privately-owned premier snack food company, is introducing gourmet blends snacks. They're offered in three varieties. For Cherry Cocoa Almond Blend, cocoa- roasted almonds are handmade in fired kettles then blended with tart dried cher- ries and cranberries, semi-sweet choco- late chunks and rounded out with nutty pepitas. Vanilla Cranberry Cashew Blend offers vanilla cranberry cashews hand- made in fired kettles then blended with tart dried cranberries, sweet diced coconut, fresh almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chunks; and Cocoa Coconut Almond Blend features cocoa- roasted almonds and cocoa-coconut almonds handmade in fired kettles then blended with sweet coconut chunks, rich and crunchy macadamia nuts and semisweet chocolate chunks. For more information, go to www.lehivalley.com.

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