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By Gary Grimes, Director Sales RF Solutions, Optical Zonu Corp. GPS Fiber Transport Optical Zonu is now the only GPS-Over-Fiber solution approved by all four U.S. mobile wireless service providers. Whether you need a GPS connection for one or two sectors, or 100 sectors in a C-RAN Hub or base station hotel, Optical Zonu's GPS Fiber Transport is the com- pact and scalable solution of choice. With nothing to adjust and no software setup, installation is a snap. Our patented optical alarm reporting permits quick integration into the existing base station and DAS Network Management Systems for complete system status reporting. Auto-switchover antenna and fiber redundancy maximizes sys- tem reliability. NEBS Level 3 certification permits installation in the Central Office and C-RAN Hubs. The optimum balance of optical and RF splitting results in a GPS RF distribution for your C-RAN Hub using lightweight, easy-to-manage cables – all at Optical Zonu – The Standard for GPS Fiber Connectivity & Base Station-to-DAS Fiber Transport Powered by a quad-core ARM CPU SmartWitness' CP4 delivers HD video to over 30 telematics plat- forms. The CP4 is the size of a ciga- rette pack and is equipped with GPS, 6-axis accelerometer, 128 GB of video storage and can connect up to four cameras for full 360-degree visibility of your vehicle. At just 4.75" x 3.5" x 1", the CP4 is the smallest IoT video telematics DVR on the market today. The first CP4 LTE models are already on the road and connecting on AT&T's LTE network, with Sprint and Verizon models upcoming. Typically under the radar, SmartWitness has been quietly delivering cutting edge video telematics solutions, as both a manufacturer and a global supplier. In the past 10 years, SmartWitness has grown to open four offices, launch eight new product lines and has installed nearly 300,000 in-vehicle video recorders and software solutions By Julie Link, Director of Research, Advertiser & Consumer Insights You might be working on boosting your home's IQ, but have you thought about your home's EQ? We're bringing more smart technology into our homes every day and with that comes heightening expectations of how all those smart products deliver on our emotional satisfaction. It's about bringing some emotional intelligence into the world of the smart home – adding some EQ to your home's IQ. It's not good enough that technology merely respond to our requests; consumers expect technology to anticipate needs by learning patterns, moods and if/then sequences. Technology that anticipates needs, rather than reacting when called upon, will win the hearts of consumers. Better yet, technology that can be forgotten is the very best scenario, according to our recent conversations with consumers on smart home technology. Physically and psychologically unobtrusive devices allow the household to operate in a focused and An interview with Rob Bergquist, co-Founder of Cell Phones for Soldiers. WW: Tell our readers how Cell Phones for Soldiers works. RB: Cell Phones for Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit that collects and repurposes gently used cell phones and other electronics as a means to provide wireless services, equipment and calling cards for veterans and military members deployed overseas. Cell Phones for Soldiers works alongside VA social workers, family readiness groups, care package programs and other military support initiatives to fulfill our mis- sion to connect military members to their loved ones back home. WW: How do the donated cell phones turn into minutes for the troops? RB: This past year, Cell Phones for Soldiers received our R2 certification. With this Continued on Page 18 Continued on Page 18 SmartWitness Launches LTE Video Telematics Camera Technology in the Home is the Key Ingredient to a Life Well-Run Serving as a Lifeline to Deployed and Returning Troops Continued on Page 15 Continued on Page 18 Oser Communications Group Los Angeles Wednesday, September 12, 2018 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH MWCA BOOTH #S2928 BOOTH #W1424

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