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An interview with Darri Stephens, Director, Community Marketing. ESD: Who is Cue? DS: Cue is the latest addition to our Wonder Workshop CleverBot family! We were thrilled to introduce Cue this past fall. Cue is designed specifically with middle schoolers in mind and is our most sophisticated CleverBot to date, from its witty personalities (note, plural!), to its robust hardware, to its advanced software. And this year, we will be releasing classroom-specific apps and a brand new curriculum for grades 6-8. ESD: How is Cue different than Dash? DS: There is a quite a bit of difference hidden behind Cue's matte and Dash's shiny Cue, Wonder Workshop's Award-Winning CleverBot for Middle Schoolers Imagine engaging your students with zero prep, captur- ing instant data and immediately intervening to correct misconceptions. Imagine creating a test, grading and re- teaching in the same class period. Now, imagine all of these results posting instantly to your Focus gradebook. Now, have fun thinking about what you will do with the 6-8 hours you will save every week! ALL In Learning and Focus work hand-in-hand so this can be your reality. With ALL In Learning, teachers get complete student engagement and instant feedback with clickers, Chromebooks, tablets and computers. Teachers can scan stu- dent bubble sheets with doc cams, web cams or their phones. Student-, item- and stan- dards-analysis heat maps are immediately available in ALL In Learning. Teachers instantly know which students are struggling and the concepts they need to reteach. Grading and data collection takes only seconds in ALL in Learning, and then can be synced or posted to Focus in just a few clicks. Teachers report saving 6-8 By Julie Link, Director of Research, Advertiser & Consumer Insights You might be working on boosting your home's IQ, but have you thought about your home's EQ? We're bringing more smart technology into our homes every day and with that comes heightening expectations of how all those smart products deliver on our emotional satisfaction. It's about bringing some emotional intelligence into the world of the smart home – adding some EQ to your home's IQ. It's not good enough that technology merely respond to our requests; consumers expect technology to anticipate needs by learning patterns, moods and if/then sequences. Technology that anticipates needs, rather than reacting when called upon, will win the hearts of consumers. Better yet, technology that can be forgotten is the very best scenario, according to our recent conversations with consumers on smart home technology. Physically and psychologically unobtrusive devices allow the household to operate in a focused and An interview with Shane Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Peeq and creator of the Qball. ESD: Tell our readers what it was like to be on Shark Tank. SC: It was definitely one of the most exciting, challenging and frightening things I have ever done in my life! It is hard to describe the mix of emotions you feel standing behind those doors, waiting to make that walk down the hallway and enter The Tank. ESD: Were you surprised to get a deal? SC: I was honestly a little bit in shock. I knew going into it that I was going to get push- back from the fact that our main market is education. A lot of investors have this idea Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 21 Teachers Get Lives Back with Focus School Software & ALL In Learning Technology in the Home the Key Ingredient to a Life Well-Run Out of the Classroom and into the Shark Tank Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 19 BOOTH #1317 BOOTH #1552 BOOTH #543 Oser Communications Group Orlando Friday, January 26, 2018 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH FETC

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