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Earlier this year, Amazon hosted its first FBA Seller Summit in New York City. At the event, Amazon handed out a case study about using Sponsored Product ads, highlighting the success of Marketplace Valet's Chief Executive Officer Will Land. Will Land is known as "The Marketplace Guy." He started selling his own brands of cell phone accessories through marketplace channels such as Amazon and eBay over 14 years ago. Over that time, he has participated in numerous beta programs with marketplaces in order to help them introduce new tools and services to third-party sellers. Land was Amazon's Beta User for Sponsored Products, helping to shape the platform. Now, you will often find that Amazon uses quotes from him as they market the Sponsored Products service to other sellers, as seen on Amazon's advertis- ing services landing page. Today, Will Land is the Chief Executive Officer of Marketplace Valet, a 3PL with a twist, which helps brands and ecommerce companies save time and money Marketplace Valet CEO is Amazon's Case Study at Amazon's FBA Seller Summit By Sameer Vuyyuru, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. In IoT, "location context" has become increas- ingly important for applications that capture real-world data for both automation and ana- lytics, including those in the logistics, industrial and healthcare markets, as well as con- nected homes, smart cities and agriculture. Whether the device is a smartphone, fire alarm, smart meter or environmental sensor, the need for a seamless way to accurately and intel- ligently identify the location of devices and where their data was captured is growing. Fortunately, Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a global leader in precise loca- tion-based services (LBS) infrastructure, offers an extensive suite of location-based IoT solutions that provide a rich set of functionality and contextual awareness, including: Location Studio Comtech's complete end-to-end location platform provides mobile carriers, application By Janet O. Estep, President and Chief Executive Officer, NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association In a time when communications move at lightning speed, businesses and consumers alike are asking, "Why can't my money move just as fast?" The truth of the matter is that money is more than just words – misdirected money can have significant personal or corporate impacts. In addition, the U.S. financial system is a very complex network with thousands of financial institutions and countless more businesses, leveraging a variety of important processes to make and receive payments. Despite our reality, money should move faster … and, in fact, it is. The ACH Network sits at the center of the U.S. financial system. Each year, it transfers trillions of dollars safely and seamlessly to businesses, governments and con- sumers looking to make and receive payments. Until last year, the Network operated predominantly as a next-day settlement system, meaning that if a payment was made ATC Loudspeakers of Britain announced the re-launch of its consumer HiFi Series loudspeakers for the home in 2017. ATC's HiFi Series was created to provide the music enthusiast with a range of high performance loudspeakers that incorpo- rates features found in ATC's professional products to enjoy in their own homes – delivering "The Studio Experience at Home." The re-launch is packed with new products, a fresh new website in the works, dealer support, advertising and marketing. ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, formed in 1974 and is the renowned manufacturer of handcrafted precision loud- speakers that can be found in the most prominent music and film mastering studios worldwide. The company is the preferred listening choice of recording artists. Dolby Laboratories, Inc.'s new San Francisco headquarters facilities recently opened and are outfitted with ATCs throughout the complex. Within the sales pitch, HiFi Series resellers will be able to share ATC's client list of record labels and artists Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Brings Location Context to IoT The ACH Network: Moving Money Faster An Uncompromised Loudspeaker Hits U.S. Homes Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 Oser Communications Group San Francisco Wednesday, September 13, 2017 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH MWCA OR CTIA

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