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Food Magic Daily July 17, 2016

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Fo o d M a g i c D a i l y S u n d a y, Ju l y 1 7 , 2 0 1 6 1 2 INTEGRATED CONTROL: EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR FOOD SAFETY PLATFORM The CDC estimates that each year rough- ly one in six Americans (or 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of food borne diseases. Pathogens that develop from temperature and time abuse, placing foods in the "danger zone," are a leading cause. FoodSafety.gov clearly states that the way to prevention is through "Cook- Clean-Chill-Separate." These are basic measurement points in a well designed HACCP program. How do you start to implement these critical guidelines in your restaurant? Start with automating temperature taking where you can. Wireless sensors, not the kind that need to be drilled into refriger- ation walls, can be placed in all hot and cold hold stations. Choose a system that includes flexibility in sensor measure- ment devices, including humidity, IR, door open, food probes, etc. Next, auto- mate your labeling process. An optimal Food Safety Platform will include a HACCP tool that is completely real-time wireless. This plat- form delivers the ultimate in food safety implementation, monitoring and reporting. All these tools should work inde- pendently of an in-house PC and should be completely cloud/IoT accessible. There are many options on the market that offer one or two of these features. Integrated Control offers everything you need for a fully integrated solution. The newest product in its suite is the all new Scan'n' Temp. Scan'n' Temp combines tempera- ture and barcode reading capability in one handheld tool. Wirelessly, the device reports HACCP activity in real time and records all necessary parameters required to meet regulatory and health code requirements. The device also wirelessly communi- cates with the accessory auto- mated label printer to meet the needs of prep, display, inventory and grab'n'go requirements. Consistency in compliance, performance and implementa- tion is the key to surviving the food safety jungle. The best approach to tackling this complexity: find one simple platform, and the Scan'n'Temp, Temp Minder family of products is a great all-in-one choice. For more information, call 877.ICC.8788 or visit www.goicc.com. THREE TIPS FOR REFRESHING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN IN 2016 By Cliff Rucker, Vice President, Sales, United States Postal Service If you could start fresh with your busi- ness, what changes would you make? Here are tips on how businesses can start off on the right foot by revisiting their business plan to help drive sales: Stand Out from the Competition Consumers are inundated with informa- tion everywhere they go. It's critical that your business is able to cut through the clutter of the modern media marketplace. If you are looking for new ways to acquire customers in 2016, consider Every Door Direct Mail ® . Every Door Direct Mail is the local- ized marketing option when your busi- ness needs to acquire new customers in key market locations. Reach local con- sumers with the USPS online Every Door Direct Mail tool, which allows you to digitally map a neighborhood to quickly find and target an ideal consumer based on demographics. According to Fortune Magazine, 80 percent of consumer dol- lars are spent within a 20 mile radius of their home. Minimize Costs Take a look at your entire business and look for areas to refocus on in the New Year, such as shipping costs — it is more important than ever to make sure you aren't paying more than you should for your shipping needs. Choose a service like USPS Priority Mail ® , which differentiates itself from its c o m p e t i t o r s with no fuel, residential or rural sur- charges for delivery to all 50 states. The Postal Service offers several outbound and return pricing options that can provide great savings, such as ounce- based, flat-rate or weight and zone pric- ing. Our Merchandise Return Service offers low rates for variable-volume returns, with a no minimum volume threshold. Innovate Companies you partner with are always making changes. At the U.S. Postal Service, we are constantly looking for new ways to provide more effective solu- tions for our customers: Better online tracking: Through an improved tracking system that offers up to 11 scans, packages can be tracked online or with text alerts — increasing package visibility like never before. My USPS ® : Managing incoming packages has never been so simple. With My USPS, users get automatic, real-time delivery notifications and can set text or email alert preferences, schedule redeliv- ery and add delivery instructions free of charge. USPS Mobile App: Today's con- sumers are on the go, so a trip to the Post Office isn't always possible. The USPS mobile app puts a post office in your hand. Use it to schedule free package pickup, scan shipping labels and QR codes, get tracking information, calculate shipping prices or put your mail delivery on hold. For more information, visit www.usps.com. ENHANCE TASTE WITH YEAST PRODUCTS FROM ANGEL YEAST Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, is a high-tech yeast company located in China, which is specialized in the pro- duction of yeast and yeast derivatives. Angel Yeast has 10 international produc- tion facilities in China, Egypt and Russia. Yeast, magical and vital to human health, is the partner of human health, according to Yu Xuefeng, President of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. In order to become a large specialized international yeast company with the most varieties and the most complete specifications, Angel has always adhered to the product concept of being "natural, nutritious and healthy," being customer needs-oriented and developing applications of yeast with modern biotechnology. Angel, by abiding by the market concept of creating value for customers, provides its global cus- tomers with secure, reliable, quality products and world-class technical serv- ice and support. In terms of Angel's products, Angel offers various forms and specifications of dry yeast, semi-dry yeast and fresh yeast, all designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing customer. In addition, Angel has developed various food ingre- dients, including bread improvers and pre-mixes that provide more comprehen- sive baking solutions for the end user. All of Angel's prod- ucts are manufactured under strict material and process controls in order to satisfy the customer's requirements for safety and consistent quality of products. Through close cooperation among research and development, manufacturing and customer service teams, Angel has the ability to provide timely and individu- alized services for its customers. Angel baker's yeast extracts (YE), a deep-processed product of yeast, have a variety of characteristics such as salt reduction, sugar reduction, umami and kokumi taste enhancement, pure taste, clean label and natural properties. Angel is capable of providing a full range of yeast extracts, including strong umami and strong kokumi taste products as well as the ability to provide tailor- made application solu- tions to customers all over the world. Strong umami taste yeast extracts from Angel feature complex mouth feel, flavor enhancement, reduced salt for processed foods and good synergistic effect in the final products with other fla- vor ingredients. Angel products meet standards for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. They are halal, kosher, non- GMO, non-allergenic and animal free. For more information visit Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. in booth #2471. After the show, call 845.325.6793, email tgarner@ingredients 101.us or visit www.ingredients101.us. in 30 seconds with the touch of a finger. Made in the USA with top quality com- ponents, the SpectraStar XT is the most accurate and repeatable instrument avail- able. The XT is designed to be used at- line in support of process control where immediate feedback to control the process can reduce material costs and rework, improving the bottom line. The M18 Moisture Analyzer is an easy-to-use dedicated meter designed to reliably measure moisture at-line in under 30 seconds. Made in the USA, the M18 is a reliable workhorse that will deliver operator-independent, accurate and consistent results across a wide range of products. The M18 delivers immedi- ate value and rapid payback to many food processors. Its final new instrument line for 2016 is the OPSIS LiquidLINE series of compositional analyzers. It is proud to represent this line of instrumentation, which is designed and manufactured by some of the original experts from south- ern Sweden that created the original U nity Scientific (C o nt'd. fro m p. 1 ) automated analyzers. Unity is display- ing the SoxROC and automated Soxlet extraction unit with exceptional repeatability, solvent recovery and ease of use. It has also introduced the KjelROC automated Kjeldahl analyz- ers, with innovative features such as Predictive Titration and Wi-Fi connec- tivity for unparalleled accuracy, preci- sion and ease of use. Unity Scientific is on the move! Its Brookfield Connecticut-based company was purchased in late 2015 and is part of KPM Analytics, based in Boston, Massachusetts. KPM Analytics' mission is to acquire and grow premium analyti- cal instrument companies that operate in food and food safety areas. Since its pur- chase, KPM Analytics has also acquired Process Sensors Corporation (booth #4453) and CHOPIN Technologies. 2016 has been an exciting year for Unity Scientific. Stop by booth #4172 to see what all the excitement is about. For more information, email info@unity scientific.com, visit www.unityscientific.com, call 203.740.2999 or stop by booth #4172.

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