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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 9 4 Sitti's Foods Introduces Line of Frozen Lebanese Cuisine Sitti's Foods is introducing a line of frozen Lebanese cuisine. The company's first items in production is its dessert line. The Lebanese version of baklava is different from the more recognized honey version with walnuts – it has a light, crispy, flaky texture with pecans or pistachios and is not overly sweet. Sitti's Foods is making two varieties of baklawa, pronounced (Bit-Lāy-Wah), prod- uct – pecan and pistachio. These gourmet products are made with organic filo dough and sweet cream butter, granulated sugar and pecans or pistachios, and are finished with a simple sugar-based syrup. The bak- lawa contains only these natural ingredi- ents. There are no palm oils, fillers, preservatives or GMOs in the desserts, which is distinguishable when you taste it for the first time. Sitti's baklawa products are an industry first, being the only baklawa products on the market sold freezer-to-oven. This inno- vative process provides a taste profile dif- ferent from other products on the market. The dessert comes in an ovenable tray that goes straight from freezer to a preheated 350° F oven and is baked for approximately 25 minutes. Once removed from the oven, the included simple syrup is poured over the hot baklawa product. The finished dessert is crispy and flaky, just like it was made from scratch. The company believes baklawa is best served fresh from the oven and are excited to make this one of kind product available to you. For the first time, restaurateurs, caterers, coffee shops and gourmet bakeries can serve this freshly baked product without having to have spend the hours and cost making a similar product from scratch. Sitti's Foods provides an excellent opportunity to add the highest quality baklava product to your menu, allowing you to tap into one of the fastest growing segments in the market – Mediterranean cuisine. Sitti's Foods recently exhibited at the NRA Food Show in Chicago and is excited to be a part of the Summer Fancy Food Show at booth #5363. Stop by the booth and experience for yourself the difference in taste and quality of Lebanese Baklawa – Sitti's way. For more information, stop by booth #5363. Make Lunchtime an Exotic Adventure Tandoor Chef, nationally recognized as the No. 1 frozen Indian brand, offers 16 con- venient heat-and-eat entrees along with a variety of appetizers, naan and naan pizzas that make office lunch time an economic, convenient, better-for-you adventure. According to a Right Management sur- vey, just one in three American employees take time away from work for lunch, leav- ing 65 percent of workers either eating at their desk or not at all. Conveniently frozen and ready-to-eat in less than six minutes, Tandoor Chef entrees are a deli- cious and quick on-the-go grab from the freezer. Meal adventures include Chicken Tikka Masala, Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta, Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza, Pad Thai and Original and Garlic Naan Bread. Available in a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, Tandoor Chef meets consumers' dietary needs with delicious and robust flavors of India, as well as offering eight entrees available under 400 calories. These unique dishes are made using herbs and spices native to various regions in India to produce authen- tic Indian taste made with non-GMO in- gredients that consumers can't get at home, and ethnic flavor profiles that mimic what they would find in restaurants. The spices in Indian food have long been known for their healthy attributes, in- cluding protecting against cardiovascular disease, strokes and cancer. The key is in the spices, like turmeric. Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years in Ayurveda medicine to treat skin, heart, liver and lung conditions. A wide range of spices with various health benefits is used in each Tandoor Chef dish. The combination of all-natural healthy in- gredients and spices create the taste, color and texture that bring consumers the au- thentic Indian taste. As Indian cuisine continues to grow in popularity across America, Tandoor Chef serves adventurous foodies and families looking for new and exotic Indian flavors in conveniently packaged and frozen entrees, naan, naan pizza and appetizers. Tandoor Chef, produced by Deep Foods, is a sec- ond-generation family owned and operated lead- ing manufacturer of Indian cuisine. Tandoor Chef is committed to pro- ducing restaurant-quality, all-natural, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian Indian cuisine. More information can be found at TandoorChef.com, Facebook.com/Tan- doorChef, Instagram.com/ TandoorChef, P i n t e r e s t . c o m / T a n d o o r C h e f , YouTube.com/TandoorChef and Twitter.com/TandoorChef. For more information, visit booth #640. Madelaine Chocolate Company Adds to Its Traditional Line with Chocolate Hunt In 2012, Superstorm Sandy destroyed The Madelaine Chocolate Company's inven- tory and equipment. Although the storm put the company out of business for eight months, that time gave company Chief Executive Officer and President Jorge Far- ber and management time to reflect on the company's focus during the rebuilding. Now, Madelaine is back at the show with new products to add to the 67-year old company's traditional line of quality Swiss-formula chocolate made in New York and foiled in exquisite Italian foils. "We're going more towards giftables, which will be interesting for the fancy food trade. We're featuring our seasonal foiled chocolates and specialty gift pack- aging," Farber said. New for this year's Christmas holiday season, the company is introducing its Holiday Hunt, which is an extension of its successful Chocolate Hunt™ game line. Many families make an annual tradition of a chocolate Advent calendar, but by De- cember first, Advent calendars have all been purchased and retailers have an empty spot that the Chocolate Hunt is de- signed to fill. It's a game similar to an Ad- vent calendar, with doors or windows to open and reveal a chocolate and a clue about the location of the next piece of chocolate. Players follow from clue to clue until they find a chocolate Santa at the end. "You can buy one for each child. You can have it as a game for Christmas Day or during the holiday season. It's 16 pieces of chocolate, so you can go through the game fairly quickly, and everyone will have had mul- tiple pieces of chocolate. It retails for $9.95," Farber said. Madelaine is also introducing a whole new line of seasonal 4-ounce chocolate gift bags for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. The gift bags are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or filled chocolates. "We also have some exciting Chocolate Parades for the holidays dis- playing our traditional foiled seasonal chocolates perfect as stocking stuffers," Farber added. The company is broadening its product offering to better service its customers' needs and attract customers in all channels of trade. "Many of our customers purchase our chocolates in bulk but we also need to be conscious of the retailers that need a finished package for their customers," Farber said. One of Farber's other primary focuses has been maintaining affordable prices de- spite the volatile chocolate market. In fact, Farber proudly mentions that he has even lowered prices this year due to increased efficiencies and improved equipment per- formance. Visit Madelaine Chocolate in booth #1261 during the show. After the show, email customerserviceservice@madelainechoco late.com for more information. Mouthwatering New Line from Emmi Roth By Lorrie Baumann Just the names of the new Kindred Cream- ery line of cheeses sound so delicious that you're going to want to start the pasta water boiling now, just so you can find out as soon as possible if they're even half as much fun to play with in the kitchen as the flavor names suggest. Even better, these are cheeses you'll be able to enjoy without even a niggling little bit of guilt because they're made by a creamery that's espous- ing a new Cows First™ animal welfare program. Just imagine: Forage Mushroom & Spring Onion Jack Round, Spicy Sriracha Jack Round, Ghost Pepper Colby Jack, Wild Ginseng & Garlic Jack Round, Sweet Fire Mango Jack Round. Mmm, fondue anyone? Those are in addition to the clas- sics that Americans already love: the ched- dars in mild, medium and sharp, Pepper Jack and Monterey Jack, a Hickory Smoked Cheddar Chunk and a Natural Smoked Gouda Round. These cheeses are being sold under the Kindred Creamery brand from Emmi Roth USA, which is paying the 210 or so family dairy farmers that produce the milk for these cheeses a premium price in return for their participa- tion in the Cows First program, which re- quires them to provide free access to pasture and fresh water, enough space in their barn so the cows can all lie down at once and a diet that doesn't include animal by-products. The cows aren't dosed with growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibi- otics, and their tails aren't docked. Partici- pating dairy farmers are regu- larly audited to ensure that they're complying with the agreement they sign when they join the program. "When cows are treated fairly, their milk is of the highest stan- dard. High quality milk al- lows us to produce high quality cheese in a sustainable manner," the company says in its explanation of the Cows First program. The Kindred cheeses are debuting this summer at the show. Taste them in the Emmi Roth booth #266. For more information, stop by booth #266 or visit www.emmiusa.com.

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