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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 7 0 New English Cheddar: Ivy's Vintage Reserve Cheddar Available from Jana Foods Ivy's family founded Wyke Farms in the 1860s in Somerset, U.K., and now, three generations later, her family is still using that same recipe for turning fresh milk into cheese with perfect texture and exqui- site taste. Ivy's Vintage Reserve Cheddar is matured for no fewer than 15 months, and brings the fla- vor of lush pastures to the rich, mellow and silky cheese. Wyke Farms is committed to sustainable farming and is proud to be the U.K.'s first na- tional cheddar brand to be 100 percent self-sufficient in green energy. Wyke Farms sources all of its electricity and gas from both solar and biogas, generated from the farm and dairy waste. Delicious cheese that you can feel great about enjoying, brought to you exclusively by Jana Foods LLC. Learn more at www.janafoods.com or stop by booth #953. The Taste of Italy from Conca D'Oro Importers By Stephania Fernandez, Head Of Mar- keting and National Sales Division Listening to Paolo Salvia talk about the Italian food he's bringing to Conca D'Oro Importers booth at this year's 2016 Sum- mer Fancy Food Show is like being in- vited to sit down with family at a long table under the shade of olive trees. Platter after platter of delicious food comes out from the kitchen and is set down before you as Salvia recites a Mediterranean menu that you know will keep you at the table for several of the most glorious hours of your life. The meal starts with an assortment of olives from Italy. Conca D'Oro offers 15 different varieties from around the Italian region, including Castelvetrano olives, green Nocellara del Belice olives, often pressed for their oil but also commonly used in Sicily as a table olive. Conca D'Oro is also bringing some new cheeses from Sicily, including Primo Sale Fantasia, a sheep's milk cheese made with different varieties such as arugula, olives, pistachio nuts and a bit of peperoncino. "Primo Sale is a typical Sicilian cheese with a mild flavor," Salvia says. Then help yourself to some Ciro Pro- sciutto di Parma, aged at least 16 months, and maybe a little Ciro Bufala Mozzarella or Burrata. With that, add a few Ciro Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes to your plate. "It's just a delicious tomato that's already marinated, and also good as a side dish." When you're ready, consider the new line of seafood products from Italy – seafood salad, octopus salad and white marinated anchovies, offered by Conca D'Oro. Come discover Forno D'Asolo a new delightfully tasty dessert line, imported from Italy with an assortment of Italian filled cornetti with pistachio, double cream and black cherry just to name a few. Also, a full line of frozen desserts and gelatos. Finally Forno D'Asolo has arrived to the United States exclusively through Conca D'Oro Im- porters. Introducing a whole new line, "The Art of Paolo's Gourmet," which includes gluten-free pasta in shapes that have never before been available in a gluten-free pasta form, such as egg pappardelle, egg fettuccine and egg spaghetti a la chitarra all made with 25 percent egg. New this year from The Paolo's Gour- met line is the organic artisanal pasta made the old fashioned way, slow drying and with bronze die cut. Twelve new unique shapes and sizes are offered, such as Tagliatelle Rigate, Pac- cheri Ondulati and long Fusilli Napolitani. as well as Balsamic Pearls, Truffle Pearls and Soy Pearls that are used to garnish fish, meat, sushi and desserts, adding a lit- tle explosion of flavor in every bite. Let us not overlook the Ciro organic peeled tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes and the artichoke hearts with their stems, packed within 24 hours of picking. Also, the Surgital's Bacchini line of frozen fresh filled pastas, such as fiocchi with pear and cheese, tortelli with crab and lobster, grantortellone with porcini mushrooms, stuffed gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and stuffed gnocchi with tomato and mozzarella. Also added to the family of products is Ruliano Master "prosciutto maker" with its superior quality of 18, 24 and 30 months aged Prosciutto di Parma that will melt in your mouth. Conca D'Oro Importers is expanding its distribution across the entire United States and welcomes new distributors to partner up with all the amazing products that Italy has to offer. Join Paolo and Ciro Salvia at booth #3144 during the. After the show, visit www.concadorofood.com. Cheribundi's Tart Cherry Juice Cheribundi's story began when a former pro- fessional tennis player started snacking on tart cherries and discovered that his back pain was eased. A team of researchers from Cornell University was brought on board to continue exploring the potential health benefits and helped the company perfect a juicing process that retains all of the fruit's natural goodness. Since then, it has built the entire company around the tart cherry and supporting the farm- ers who grow them. What are these benefits? Tart cherries have been proven to relieve pain associated with arthritis and gout, accelerate athletic recovery and improve sleep. Surprised? You aren't the only one. In fact, the company recently launched a new benefits-focused campaign ti- tled "Who Knew?" that was inspired by the shocked reactions the company receives when explaining just how great tart cherries are for everyone – from professional athletes to re- tirees. Of course, the only way to truly turn people into believers is to let them experience the ben- efits themselves. That's where the 7-Day Chal- lenge comes in. By adding just eight ounces of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice to your diet for seven days in a row, you too can reap the all- natural rewards of this little superfruit. Over 10,000 people have already accepted the challenge and joined the cherry-loving community, the CheriNation. In addition, Cheribundi is a trusted vendor for 140 profes- sional and college teams that use Tart Cherry Juice for athletic recovery. But why should adults get to have all the fun? Today, kids play harder and work harder than ever before. Between school, team sports and other extracurricular activities, children need all the nutritional help they can get! This June, the company is releasing Cheribuddy, a great-tasting blend of tart cherries and other natural juices, just for kids. Both delicious and nutritious, it's a drink parents and children can agree on. For more information, stop by booth #5252, visit www.cheribundi.com or call 800.699.0460. Marieke Gouda: Wisconsin Dairy with a Dutch Flair Rolf and Marieke Penterman are first-gener- ation Wisconsin dairy farmers who moved from the Netherlands to Wisconsin in 2002. Having both grown up on small, 60 head dairy farms in Holland, Rolf and Marieke wanted to pursue their passion for dairy farming in an area that would afford them the capabilities of expansion. Wisconsin, with its vast dairy base and farm friendly people, seemed ideal. They began dairy farming in Thorp, Wisconsin and so began their new ad- venture. Missing the Gouda cheese she grew up with in the Netherlands, Marieke began mak- ing cheese in November 22, 2006. Soon after, she took a wheel of her Foenegreek cheese to the U.S. championships in Madi- son, Wisconsin and she took first place in the 2007 National Cheese Championship in her very first attempt. She has never looked back. Since that first win in 2007, she has won multiple awards each year at the American Cheese Society, U.S. championships and, be- ginning in 2008, the World Cheese Champi- onships and many more. In 2013, she was named the U.S. Cheese Grand Champion. 2014 saw Marieke sweep the Plain Gouda Class, while in 2015 she took down the com- petition again. In 2016, she swept the Fla- vored Gouda Class at the World Cheese Championship. Her reputation grows and the awards continue to pour in, year after year. Awards are sweet, but nothing pleases Marieke more than to see her cheeses enjoyed by loyal cus- tomers and new-found followers, watching their eyes roll skyward in loving appreciation as they savor old favorites and new cre- ations. Whether it is a slice of Bacon Gouda on a cheeseburger, a chunk of smooth Young Gouda with fresh-baked bread, or bits of Aged Gouda with strawberries and a fine wine… the taste is the thing. Exceptional milk makes excellent cheese. It has its cows to thank for that. It treats its cows with love and respect. It's a code they live by on the farm. The cows relax in the sand in a free stall barn. They have rotating back-scratcher brushes, sprinkler systems and fans to keep them cool. The most recent addition is Café Dutchess inside the cream- ery building and adjacent to the gift shop. Chef Kelly makes farm-style breakfasts and amazing lunches that in- clude burgers, sand- wiches, soups and salads to tantalize the taste buds. Incredible Dutch coffee comes with every meal. Visit the state-of-the- art dairy, creamery, store and café right off high- way 29 in Thorp, Wis- consin; it is a prime location for those traveling the busy highway between Min- neapolis, Minnesota and Green Bay, Wiscon- sin. It all springs from the same desire that you come, enjoy and taste the Marieke Gouda ex- perience. The delicious Marieke Gouda is now available in exact weight. Learn more at www.mariekegouda.com.

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