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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 4 2 Organic Growing Practices Ensure Great, Award-Winning Flavor for Bellucci's Extra Virgin Olive Oils The ongoing use of traditional growing methods make rural Italy among the most pristine agricultural growing environments in the world and one of the best locations for organic olive oil production. With olive cul- tivation occurring in small family groves, where knowledge of traditional practices is handed down through the generations, stew- ardship of the land is a family commitment. The preservation of the quality and flavors unique to each family grove is a source of heartfelt pride. This cultural orientation has kept large- scale, intensive monocultural olive growing practices at bay, while protecting the soil and maintaining the use of native cultivars. As a result, the flavors historically unique to indi- vidual groves and specific regions remain distinct and intact with each new harvest. Italian groves typically contain multiple olive varietals – a traditional, natural method of supporting crop health and preventing blight. This practice counters the monocul- ture of intensive, large-scale industrial farm- ing, which instead relies on pesticides to protect crops from disease. Small-scale methods also support tree health by providing greater space be- tween specimens and by groom- ing and harvesting olives by hand. In industrial contexts, olive trees, which are grafted, are stressed from dense planting, severe prun- ing and mechanical harvesting. Small family growers in Italy have always milled their olives lo- cally within hours of harvest, a factor in production that is critical for quality. In the mid-twentieth century, in forming cooperatives to ensure their livelihood, they made a leap forward in protecting the heritage and legacy of their practices. The continued efforts of several cooperatives led to the launch of the Bellucci brand in the U.S. three years ago. Bellucci's annual production of organic extra virgin olive oil is fully traceable to the source and includes the Organic Toscano PGI (Protected Geo- graphic Indication) Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic 100 Per- cent Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which hails from Sicily. Both oils have received acco- lades and are award-winning with silver awards in the Los An- geles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. The growers of Bellucci are confident that their organic practices deliver the best flavor, and professional tasters are registering their full agreement. For more information, visit www .belluccipremium.com or stop by booth #3152. Frontier Soups Introduces New Mixes at Show When it comes to trends, soup is hot. Hav- ing gained popularity as both a healthier snack and center-of-plate attraction, soup's innate versatility ties in with a range of other trends in flavors and ingre- dients as well as with consumers' desire for semi-homemade cooking. Soup has gone so far as to become a healthy diet staple of celebrity beauties Gwyneth Pal- trow and Jennifer Aniston. "Rising interest in homemade bone broth, helped along by a host of chefs and celebrities from L.A. Lakers' Kobe Bryant to Al Roker, and consumers' view of broth as real food with healthy benefits has boosted interest in broth as more than a sipping beverage," said Trisha Anderson, Founder of Frontier Soups. "Soups are also a way for consumers to experiment with new tastes or enjoy familiar flavors." Building on all these trends, Frontier Soups is introducing two new quicker- cooking Homemade-In-Minutes soup mixes at the Summer Fancy Food Show, Anderson said. The new mixes capitalize on consumers' continued craving for Southwestern flavor profiles and the growing recognition of beans and pulses as a source of plant based protein. The new Southwestern Sausage and Chickpea Stew Mix gains some spicy heat from chorizo or hot Italian sausage added by home cooks and a depth of flavor from saffron, Hungarian paprika, thyme and ground bay leaf. Frontier Soups is also introducing Mon- tana Creekside Classic Chili Mix, which as the name sug- gests, has a classic chili flavor profile with green and red bell peppers, cumin, smoky paprika, coriander, oregano and a hit of heat from cayenne, ancho chiles and a whole japones pepper. "This is a hearty chili," Ander- son said. "Consumers add ground chuck, and the mix contains pinto beans for a traditional Western flair. We decided to introduce more Tex-Mex style soups to build on the success of those soups already in our line. Our South of the Border Tortilla Soup Mix has been our No. 1 seller for several years, and the newer Arizona Sunset Enchilada Soup has doubled in sales each of the past two years." Chickpeas and pinto beans in the new mixes have been cooked and then dehy- drated to keep stovetop simmering time to just 30 minutes, making them a perfect fit for yet another trend – semi-homemade cooking, which is something Frontier Soups has been offering home cooks for 30 years. "Based on what we are hearing, soups are being seen as less of a seasonal meal and are becoming more of a go-to option for healthy eat- ing any time. Consumers tell us they like our mixes because they have all of the dry ingredients and spices in one handy pack- age, but they get the satisfaction of fol- lowing an easy recipe to create a big pot of soup or stew with very little hands-on preparation," Anderson said. "They also like that our soup mixes are free from ar- tificial ingredients, MSG and added salt." For more information, visit www.frontier soups.com, call 800.300.SOUP (7687) or stop by booth #4121. Billie-Ann Plastics Makes Your Product Pop The unCanny Can from Billie-Ann Plastics, a manufacturing company located in Brook- lyn, New York, has a ring pull design that sports an aluminum ring pull on one end and a unique tamper-evident form-fitting base on the other. The sky is the limit for the number of uses for this new and exciting packaging. The company also has the Finger-Pull Plug Top, another way to close its standard cylinders. This container utilizes an inside fitting plug that is easily removed with a fin- ger. There are countless applications for this sleek and economical container. Colored plugs are also available with custom orders as well as a variety of printing options. With Billie-Ann Plastics as your trusted supplier, your business is guaranteed to run on all cylinders. Put your brand out there! With the ability to print your logo on the packaging, it will stand out to the consumer as well as increase the perceived value. Various high-quality printing options are offered, in- cluding four-color process, silk screening and foil stamping, help- ing your company dominate the market. Packaging is available in both two-piece boxes and cylin- ders to help display your hard work. Billie-Ann Plastics can custom run to your size requirements. It has a low minimum of only 1,000 pieces. Its smallest diameter cylinder is 1.5 inches increasing to 7 inches in increments of approximately 0.5 inch. For two piece boxes, all lengths, widths and heights are adjustable to your require- ments in 1/32-inch increments. If you are not sure what size or product you are looking for, contact Billie-Ann Plastics to discuss sending you a sample. The company sends samples at no charge, even custom ones. Billie-Ann Plastics Packaging Corporation operates to a supe- rior rating GMP compliance standard. Billie-Ann Plastics is a miB com- pany: made in Brooklyn. For more information, visit booth #2966, call 888.BILLIANN (888.245.5432), contact info@billieannplastics.com or visit www .billieannplastics.com. Jake's Grillin Coffee Rubs & Snacks Jake's Grillin brings a new flavor profile to grilling meats and fish with "True Grit" Coffee Rubs and a perfectly blended array of sauces and marinades. The combination of rubs and sauces adds a robust flavor sensation to your grilling and even baking. Made with all natural ingredients, being gluten-free and non-GMO is a standard for all of its products. Family owned and operated, Jake's Grillin has used time tested recipes to per- fect the right blend and combination with a base of coffee added to each item that boosts its unique characteristics from other name brand barbecue sauces. The rubs' texture has a grit to it in comparison to other powder rubs, allowing more fla- vor to sear into the meats when grilling. Bringing a bit of the old west cowboy influence back into barbecuing was the in- tent of Jake's Grillin. Coffee was a main ingredient back in the chuckwagon days. Using every source available, even coffee grounds, was essential on the plains to add flavor to meals. Now you can experience that same flavor in the unique flask bottles that Jake's Grillin makes. This con- centrated blend of coffee and natural ingredients is a hit, even in the Buf- falo Wing Sauce! After many years developing the product, Joe and Sue Moran have made it a passion to bring out the best that Jake's Grillin can offer. They would love to share this taste sensation with you, crossing the plains of America from New York to California with the product proudly made in the U.S. Look for Jake's Grillin prod- ucts in your local fine food stores; if not, ask your butcher or meat manager about getting Jake's Grillin Line of coffee rubs and sauces. As always, grilling is year round with Jake's Grillin! For more information, call 845.656.4656, visit www.jakesgrillin.com or stop by booth #5101.

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