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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 3 6 A Blast of Sweet Heat: Fresh Origins Herb Crystals Habanero Habanero is Fresh Origins' newest flavor in its lineup of Herb Crystals ® , Flower Crys- tals ® and Fruit Crystals ® . They are zesty and crunchy with just the right amount of heat and sweetness. This all-natural orange-col- ored flavor Crystal has an authentic fresh pepper flavor-kick that will add excitement to any food, from sweet to savory, including salads, meats, seafood, pastry, fresh fruit, gelato, chocolate, etc. What a great way to activate your pain receptor pathways to cause a release of feel-good endorphins! "I love the Herb Crystals not only for their vibrant flavor but also for the unique texture they impart to my desserts," said Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini. Herb Crystals and Flower Crystals are an innovative original concept from Fresh Ori- gins. With dazzling, all-natural colors, an ex- citing crunch and incredible flavors of fresh flowers and herbs, these are spectacular new flavor ingredients. The pure color and flavor comes only from the fresh whole herbs and flowers with no added flavors, preservatives or coloring. They are Kosher Certified. It starts by growing the most flavorful fresh herbs and edible flowers. These are carefully hand harvested at the peak of flavor and color content, then combined with pure cane sugar to create these beautiful and flavorful crystals. They taste amazing and will add an enticing, distinctive finishing touch to any culinary creation from desserts to savory dishes and even beverages. Add color, tex- ture and flavor to salads, fresh fruit and chocolates. For mixology, these crispy gran- ules with their concentrated flavors can be dissolved in any cocktail for a touch of gar- den-fresh taste. They can even be used as a kind of instant, all- natural "cocktail mixer"; just shake-mix Crystals with compo- nents such as water and vodka to create an amazing drink! They can also be heated and melted to create a naturally-flavored sim- ple syrup. Another application is to toss the Crystals into a poured cocktail for the ultimate finish- ing touch with a sparkling daz- zle of color and layer of flavor at the bottom of the glass, adding dimension and texture to be savored in the last sip. For tea, these col- orful, flavorful Crystals dissolve readily in tea. Sweeten tea in a distinctive and delicious new way. Crystals are available in the following fla- vors: Basil, Mint, Cilantro, Habanero, Fen- nel, Rose, Hibiscus, Cranberry and Pumpkin Spice. They are shelf stable and are best used before six months. They can be frozen for longer shelf-life. Fresh Origins is Amer- ica's leading producer of Microgreens and Edible Flowers. Combining the benefits of an ideal climate with a deep passion for quality and innovation, Fresh Origins products are sought after by the finest restaurants and top chefs. The farm is located in the picturesque rolling hills of San Diego County, where the near perfect weather allows for production and harvest all year. Fresh Origins produces over 400 Mi- crogreens, Petite™ greens, Edible Flowers, Shoots, Tiny Veggies™, Crystals and related items. Fresh Origins products are on top of the finest cuisine in the world. For more information, visit www .freshorigins.com, find the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, call 800.263.0812 or stop by booth #4150. Wild Garden Introduces Tasty New Mediterranean Marinades and Pilafs An interview with Mark Smith from Wild Garden. GN: What's new for 2016? MS: The Couscous Pilaf is actually pearled couscous cooked in a rich tomato sauce and chick peas. This is great as a side to any pro- tein or can be poured over a salad. The Burgul Pilaf is one of my favorites. Hearty cracked wheat cooked in a zesty tomato sauce, it's so simple, yet deli- cious and satisfying. All of these pilafs are so unique and versatile. We are adding an entire recipe section to our website and will include short videos showing preparation and simple plating tech- niques that will make any level of home cook look like a chef. We are so excited to intro- duce these flavors to satisfy the growing ap- petite for products with simple ingredients with bold flavors. GN: What will the SRP be? MS: $2.49-2.99. GN: How long does it take to prepare these items? MS: The pilafs take only 90 seconds in the microwave, or a few minutes in a skillet over a low flame. You can also boil the pouch in water if you don't want to use a microwave. As for the mari- nades, we are using the term "quick marinade." Our marinades are con- centrated, so you can rub it on your protein and cook immediately. The cooking prep is up to you; you can pan fry, roast, grill, bake or even broil thin cuts of meat or seafood. It truly is foolproof. The flavors we developed are very authentic and easy to prepare. The home cook will determine if he wants to marinade longer or add more or less marinade to suit his taste buds. GN: How will these items be merchandised in the store? MS: We have developed six pack trays as well as shipper displays that will hold 54 units (three to six packs of each fla- vor) of either marinade or pilaf. GN: What promotional support is planned? MS: We plan on supporting our brand with a mix of digital and tra- ditional advertising to build brand awareness of these new products. We already drive lots of consumers to our website to build awareness of our hummus products and we will continue to do so for the new items. We also have over 20,000 Facebook fans and intend to market to them and bloggers who are already familiar with our products. For more information, call 708.298.3810 or email MarkSmith@wildgarden.com. Learn more at booth #3916. Lone Peak's 'Labeler' – Dependable & Cost Effective An interview with Chris Appelbaum, Presi- dent, Lone Peak Labeling Systems. GN: Tell our readers about Lone Peak. CA: Lone Peak has been in business 25 years. Throughout that time, our primary focus has been to provide labeling solu- tions for grocery stores, food producers and manufacturers. We have tried to al- ways stay on the leading edge of technol- ogy with our printing systems. We also strive to manufacture the highest quality of labels that work well for their intended ap- plication. GN: What would you say makes your company unique? CA: We consult with our customers about their challenges with labeling, and then pro- vide a working solution. This includes label design, data management and customized software. Then we follow through with in- stallation, training and technical support. GN: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year? CA: Establishing a Bay Area office and bringing in house the software development and programming that fully addresses our customers' needs and demands. This al- lowed us to create the "Labeler." GN: Are you introducing any new prod- ucts? CA: Yes. The "Labeler" is our new system that is very user friendly. It simplifies the label-making process in bakeries, delis and produce and meat departments, as well for food manufacturers. GN: What distinguishes your products from the competition? CA: We develop complete labeling solu- tions for our customers. Our systems have many features and capabilities that help our clients label and market their in- store products. This gives the "La- beler" many benefits not seen in our competitors' products. In this Internet age, most of our competi- tors like to ship boxes of software and printers, and then say, "Good luck." They don't want to make the investment necessary to provide full technical support, but at Lone Peak we make a commitment to providing full technical support to our customers. GN: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market. CA: We feel the "Labeler" is the most ad- vanced, dependable and cost-effective label printing solution available for the grocery and food industry. GN: What is your outlook in general for this product line? CA: We have had a tremendous response to the "Labeler" system. It has generated in- terest all over the country. Each new client brings needs and ideas that help us contin- ually grow and develop our products. Every market that has a bakery and/or deli will benefit greatly by in- stalling the "Labeler" in their store. GN: To what do you attribute your company's success? CA: We listen to our customers' needs. Being a small, independ- ent company, we can be more nimble and quickly adapt to new technology. We have always had a commitment to providing full technical support, and we stand by our slo- gan, "We service what we sell." This ap- proach makes our customers' businesses run more efficiently while helping them market and sell their products. GN: How can customers contact you? CA: By phone at 800.658.8599, by email at sales@lonepeaklabeling.com, on our web- site at www.lonepeaklabeling.com or at booth #2880 at the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show. For more information, visit www .lonepeaklabeling.com, call 801.243.9500 or stop by booth #2880.

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