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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 3 2 Bring Family Together with Texas Tamale Tamales are a tradition unlike any other in the food world. The tamale symbolizes so much more than the corn husk used to wrap the masa and traditional pork filling. They symbolize family, community and a true level of dedication to a particular art. And don't be mistaken, tamale rolling is a true art that takes years of practice to perfect. The tamale has humble beginnings in the ancient world of South and Central America, used by ancient empires as solider rations, as well as commoners who used them as a mainstay of their diet. As the west changed the people and language of the region, the tamale stayed in the forefront of food and culture. Tamales have become a central part of family gatherings and there is no larger gathering than Christmas. These gatherings are called Tamaladas, and it truly is an undertaking. Families take this time to pass down stories, history and the art of cooking to the younger generations. Each family member has his or her own job, from the youngest grandchild to the oldest grandparent. The most difficult task is re- served for the most experienced: the art of tamale rolling. When the family is done with the tamale production, it has anywhere from 50 to 100 dozen tamales made for Christmas Eve dinner and for friends in the community. Tamales are a unique community binder, with each family sharing its tamales with neighbors and friends to help build and maintain a wonderful bond. Today, in the 21st century, the traditions have gone almost unchanged, but the one thing that has changed is the hustle and bus- tle of modern life. Families are separated across states and continents, making Tamal- adas difficult to put together. Texas Tamale Co. is a company that started making tamales for family and friends over 30 years ago, and now sells the tamales in the frozen section of grocery stores, al- lowing families to enjoy tamales without a Tamal- ada. So whether you have grown up with tamales and have fond memories of Tamaladas, or you just started enjoying tamales from the store, nothing says family like a tamale dinner. For more information, visit www .texastamale.com call 800.T.TAMALE, email sales@texastamale.com or stop by booth #2465. Bella Sun Luci Launches New Line of Gourmet Risottos Mooney Farms and the Bella Sun Luci brand hit a home run this year with their new line of Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risottos. The line consists of three new and unique flavors that have been a great success in tri- als and at early 2016 trade shows: Sun Dried Tomato, Sun Dried Tomato and Wild Mush- room and Cranberry Almond. Each risotto offers it's own distinct flavors that have been created by Mooney Farms' Corporate Chef Richard Hirshen and Mooney Farms Presi- dent Mary Mooney. "Customers want new, innovative and healthy dishes to bring to their table," says Mooney. "We create products that promote healthy eating with a gourmet touch. Our new risottos not only contain healthful ingre- dients, such as whole grains, sun dried toma- toes, wild mushrooms, almonds, etc., but also allow consumers to serve gourmet Ital- ian dishes in the comfort of their own kitchen." Each of the three flavors are premixed with premium ingredients and herbs, ready to be prepared directly from the container. "It takes the pressure off the consumer and al- lows them to serve a traditionally difficult dish without the hassle of following a com- plex recipe or having to prepare the addi- tional ingredients," says Hirshen. "We combined all the essential flavors you will need to serve a great Italian meal to family and friends in just 20 minutes." At 15 servings per container, Bella Sun Luci Cucina Italiano Risotto stands out against the rest because of its great price and value. Visit Mooney Farms at the Summer Fancy Food Show booth #2361 to taste the full line. Bella Sun Luci is a line of premium Mediterranean-inspired products created from authentic family recipes. The line in- cludes a variety of deliciously sweet sun dried tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, pasta sauces, bruschetta spreads, bottled olive oil, risotto and marinades. Bella Sun Luci is produced by Mooney Farms, a third generation, family-owned company that is based in Chico, California, and rooted in quality, integrity and family values. Mooney Farms is the premier producer of sun dried tomatoes in the United States. To learn more about Bella Sun Luci, visit www.mooneyfarms.com. Mooney Farms, the original sun dried tomato company, is proud to be expanding into the rice market with the Cucina Italiano line of risottos. "Our main focus has always been sun dried tomatoes, but we wanted to find ways to incorporate other products under the brand, and risotto was a natural step for us. We want to bring the bounty of Northern California to the rest of the country," says Mooney. For more information, visit www .mooneyfarms.com or stop by booth #2361. Nature's Earthly Choice: Simple, Healthy, Delicious Nature's Earthly Choice was founded on the principles of creating delightfully healthy products that are easy to make and easy to love. The launch of its signature grains started its mission to provide consumers and families of all personalities, dietary needs and preferences with healthy and wholesome meals that are simple and delicious. Nature's Earthly Choice is passionate about the prod- ucts it creates and is committed to delivering the best tasting, highest quality products that support a healthy lifestyle. Simple, healthy, delicious and easy to pre- pare! Thanks to Nature's Earthly Choice, it's always easy to bring the best of Mother Na- ture to your table. As a leader in the grains category, it con- tinues to innovate targeting the convenience trends in the category. This year, it is intro- ducing a line of Superfood Blends that com- bine the great taste and nutrition of ancient grains and the delightful flavors of natural ingredients into one convenient re-sealable pouch. The Organic Coco-Motion Superfood Blend is a delicious and nutritious combina- tion of quinoa, cocoa nibs, coconut, buck- wheat, chia seeds, milled flax and hemp seeds. The Organic Pumped Up is a perfect blend of quinoa, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin, milled flax, chia seeds and hemp seeds. Both of these items are a delightful complement to your favorite smoothie or hot breakfast cereal, adding a boost of nutrition and flavor. The Organic Basmati Superfood Blend combines the nutrition of basmati rice, quinoa and millet with the delicious flavor of soy beans, mustard seeds and green onions. This blend is hearty enough to enjoy on its own with a favorite sauce or seasoning and also makes an ideal accompaniment for soups, stews and stir-fries. The Organic Hi- malayan Superfood Blend is a delicious mix- ture of basmati rice, quinoa and sprouted mung beans. This unique blend makes a wholesome and satisfying dish, bed for a bowl or filling for a wrap or roll. Just when you thought its products couldn't get any more convenient, Nature's Earthly Choice introduces new mi- crowaveable pouches: Quinoa and Barley, Barley and Lentils, Red and White Quinoa and Seven Grains (brown rice, barley, millet, flax seed, wheat, red quinoa and wild rice). Microwave for 90 seconds, add vegetables and/or meat and you just made a meal you can be proud of. In a world where health and convenience is a priority, Nature's Earthly Choice offers the products you can be proud to feed your family. Nature's Earthly Choice makes healthy foods an easy choice. For more information, stop by booth #4058 or visit www.earthlychoice.com. KAMEDA USA Introduces Unique, Delicious Rice Snacks Since 2008, Southern California-based KAMEDA USA, Inc. has delivered healthy, great-tasting snack products to consumers across North America. KAMEDA USA's two signature products, Kameda Crisps and Kameda Frosted Rice Snacks, are perfect for consumers looking for a satisfying, healthy snack throughout their day. In response to the popularity of Kameda Frosted Rice Snacks, KAMEDA USA has introduced Kameda Mini Frosted Rice Snacks. The bite-size snacks are lighter in texture than a cookie and more satisfying than a cracker. Available in three delicious flavors — Original, Ginger and Maple — Kameda Mini Frosted Rice Snacks can be enjoyed at work, school, home or on the road. Kameda Mini Frosted Rice Snacks are a light snack suitable for any occasion. Kameda Mini Frosted Rice Snacks are gluten free, baked, not fried, include no trans fat, no preserva- tives, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and are cholesterol free. They have a deli- cately crispy texture which melts in your mouth. The perfect combination of sweet and sa- vory, Kameda Mini Frosted Rice Snacks offer a unique alternative to traditional rice cakes and snacks. Kameda Frosted Rice Snacks are ideally suited for your rice cake section, gluten-free set or grab-n-go snack section. Recognizing that consumers are increas- ingly snacking throughout the day, KAMEDA USA is introducing a unique line of baked savory rice snacks. Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks offer big and bold tastes in a light, bite-size cracker. Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks are available in three consumer-preferred flavors: Sea Salt, Chili & Tomato and Black Pepper. The eye-catching graphics reinforce the bold fla- vors and convenience of the bite-size snacks. Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks are gluten free, baked, not fried, include no trans fat, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no artifi- cial colors and are cholesterol free. Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks are a delicately crispy, melt in your mouth, light snack suit- able for any occasion. With three bold flavors and high-impact packages, Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks are the perfect addition to your rice cake section, gluten free set or grab-n-go snack section. Consumers will love the delicately crispy, melt in your mouth goodness of Rice Goes Crispy rice snacks.

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