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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 2 6 House of Webster Introduces New Organic Fruit Spreads Line House of Webster has developed a new line of Organic Fruit Spreads available for wholesale. These delicious fruit blends pair flavors you will not soon forget. Featured flavors are Strawberry Guava, Cherry Vanilla and Raspberry Peach, and are all available in cases of 12 or six and are 10 ounces net weight. These products are blended with organic whole fruit pieces and are sweetened with organic cane sugar. House of Webster has been producing high quality specialty food products for over 80 years. With classic recipes made in small batches, House of Webster offers a variety of products such as jams, jellies, fruit spreads, preserves, fruit butters, mustards, relishes, salsas, salad dressings, barbecue sauces and rubs, marinades and other condiments. House of Webster products are sold on a wholesale basis all over the country under the House of Webster or Lost Acres label. It also offers private label services, as cus- tomers provide custom art to create labels and build their brand awareness. Small gro- cery chains, spe- cialty grocery stores, farm stores, gift shops, amuse- ment parks, hard- ware stores, museums and resorts offer HOW products because of its reputation for quality and value. Gifts are a huge part of the House of Web- ster offering as well. Corporate, online and direct mail gifting have been a huge part of its business for many years. Giving holiday gifts from House of Webster will include de- licious smoked meats and bacon as well as fine cheeses and baking mixes to add to the already famous jams and jellies. House of Webster has been a reliable and innovative co- manufacturer to serve national and re- gional food brands. With a full purchasing and research and de- velopment team, it can bring new item ideas to market in its SQF Level 2 Certified facil- ity. Known for its standards of quality and excellence in food manufacturing since 1934, House of Webster has expanded its ca- pabilities in the fall of 2015 to become USDA Organic certified. For more information, visit www.house ofwebster.com or stop by booth #4421. Red Clay Gourmet Pimento Cheese Launches 'Hot' New Flavor It's hard to believe that Red Clay Gourmet could expand its line of pimento cheese spreads with a flavor as delicious as the ones it already offers, but that is precisely what it has accomplished. On March 25, it launched "South Meets East Sriracha Pimento Cheese," and yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. Perfectly-aged, sharp white cheddar is freshly grated and combined with all-nat- ural Sriracha, pimentos and a few other key ingredients to make one of the most addic- tive cheese spreads on the market today. So, what's all the fuss with pimento cheese these days anyway? Well, Red Clay Gourmet feels like it is one of the most important and utilitarian condiments that you can have in the fridge. Red Clay makes pimento cheese the way it was made more than half a century ago, with quality and craft in mind. A little piece of its heart goes into every batch be- cause it realizes that it's not just making food, it is feeding people and families and creating memories in the process. And, just as importantly, it produces a clean, high- quality product that you can feel good about eating. All of the spreads are still made by hand, in small batches, with growth-hor- mone free cheeses, cage-free egg mayo and no artificial preservatives, and they are soy- free as well. The various pimento cheese fla- vors can be used in so many ways, and they add that little something extra that elevates everything they are incorporated with. Why did Red Clay Gourmet choose Sriracha for its newest flavor of pimento cheese? Sriracha was originally developed as a multi-layer condiment, not just a "hot sauce." The company knows that this flavor profile was noticeably absent from the world of cheese spreads and saw an opportunity to change that. Historically, pimento cheese was made with high quality ingredients that included aged, sharp white cheddar cheese. The acidity that is developed with aging cheese works very well with the flavors that are inherently present in Sriracha sauce. The Sriracha that it has chosen to utilize is all- natural (preservative-free), has wonderful garlic notes and just the right amount of heat. It is finding that this may be the most univer- sally flexible p i m e n t o cheese that it has developed to date. The flavors just work so well with anything that you might put it on or in – grilled or baked chicken, burgers, cheese steaks, French fries, nachos, grits, eggs, pasta, etc. The Sriracha pimento cheese doesn't over- whelm any of the other flavors it touches; whether you eat it as a simple snack or one ingredient in a main course, it enhances the entire eating experience. For more information, visit booth #4942, call 336.558.5905 or go to www .redclaygourmet.com. 20 Years of Urban Accents – A Saucy New Flavor Adventure Urban Accents ® is Your Culinary Wing- man™ and always has your back in the kitchen. For 20 years, the nimble team of culinary trendwatchers has been pairing spices and flavors to create some of the most innovative products in the market. This year, it embarks on its latest flavor adventure, in- troducing its first line of spice-infused sauces. Building on experience of pairing unique flavors together, these sauces use the "spice technology" that it has perfected to create in- triguing, yet approachable products for today's home cook. Pumpkin lovers craving a warm, comfort- ing dish will love the new Pumpkin Simmer Sauces – global spices combined with pump- kin and other natural ingredients to create sa- vory starters for an easy 30 minute one-pot meal – just add chicken or veggies! Indian Coconut Pumpkin Curry: a pump- kin and tomato-based sauce with a hint of co- conut milk blended with traditional Indian curry notes of turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Moroccan Tomato Pumpkin Tagine: a North African stew combining coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, red pepper and cloves with a pumpkin base. Mexican Chile Pumpkin Mole: a not-so-traditional mole with cocoa and guajillo and chipotle chiles gets a touch of raisin and pumpkin sweetness. DIY pizzas have become the staple of today's Mil- lenials. Urban Accents cre- ated three premium pizza sauces with versatile flavors that are great on homemade or ready-to-bake pizza crusts or even as a dipping sauce for appetizers. Chicago Classic: a slow-simmered sauce highlighting the sweetness of fresh tomatoes with notes of garlic, herbs and spices. Fire Roasted Arrabbiata: a spicy roasted tomato and red pepper sauce to give pizza a fiery kick. Manchego & Garlic: a creamy white base of warm roasted garlic and distinctive nutty notes of Manchego, Asiago and Romano cheeses, perfect for a white pizza. Also as part of the 20th anniversary, Urban Accents is rolling out refreshed pack- aging of its fall feasting best sellers and its first USDA Organic Certified line, creative Chili Starter Seasonings. For more information, visit www .urbanaccents.com or call 877.UA.SPICE. Learn more at booth #3934. Discover a New Heirloom Pasta from Pastificio Felicetti Felicetti is launching a new heirloom pasta to its Monograno Felicetti line at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show. Cappelli is made with a single varietal of uniquely flavorful early 1900s durum wheat grain. When Cappelli was introduced in Italy in March 2016, chefs there raved. Carlo Cracco, Italy's renowned Michelin two- star chef, said of Monograno Felicetti Cappelli: "Pasta like it used to be, pasta like it should be. Authentic. Rustic, earthy flavors. Toothsome, complements any sauce. An elegant pasta. Possibly the best I've ever tasted." Capelli is made with a single-varietal ancient, long-stem grain renowned in Italy because, in just a few months after plant- ing, it grows deep roots that penetrate the ground to a depth of six feet. Unlike mod- ern grains with shallow roots, which re- ceive nutrients from the surface, this grain draws its nourishment from deep in the pure Italian organic soil. It's an organic grain, grown exclusively in Puglia and only on organic farms. The grain for Monograno Felicetti Cap- pelli is organically grown only in Puglia, Italy, and ground fresh daily for just that day's pasta pro- duction. The pasta dough is kneaded with crystal clear Dolomite mountain spring water, bronze die-cut and then air- dried in pristine Dolomite mountain air. Monograno Felicetti Cappelli is certi- fied 100 percent organic and Non-GMO Verified. It's kosher certified and preser- vative-free. During the show, Pastificio Felicetti is serving Monograno Felicetti Cappelli pasta with Urbani Truffles at the Urbani Truffles booth #2480 from 1 to 2 p.m. on Monday, June 27. About Felicetti Company Felicetti, a family-owned Italian company founded in 1908, is the world's largest producer of 100 percent organic pasta. Fe- licetti pasta comes in over 200 shapes in 11 varieties, including whole wheat, farro, kamut and durum wheat pasta. Only the best organic raw ingredients are se- lected and then treated with artisan crafts- manship. For more information, visit Felicetti in booth #2712 (Hall 3A). After the show, email info@felicetti.it, massimo@ maxcointernational.com or visit www .felicetti.it.

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