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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 8 Bell Plantation Offers Alternative to Traditional Peanut Butters Bell Plantation was born of one simple charge – to develop new and different prod- ucts to deal with a large surplus of stored peanuts. From this charge a star was born: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter. In removing 85 percent of the fat by pressing the roasted peanuts, Bell Plantation developed a tasty al- ternative to traditional peanut butters, and people have taken notice! PB2 is popular with athletes for its ability to add delicious flavor and additional protein to meals. Chefs appreciate the ease of use in recipes both sa- vory and sweet, and anyone watching their calories or fat intake can appreciate the fla- vor of peanut butter without the guilt. Following in the footsteps of PB2 is Chocolate PB2, which adds premium cocoa to the mix for a rich chocolate peanut flavor that is absolutely delectable. Chocolate PB2 only tastes sinful, though, as it is just as healthful as the original PB2. Bell Plantation realized early on that the roasted peanut oil that had been pressed from the peanuts was too delicious to lose. The Extra Virgin Roasted Peanut Oil has a rich nutty flavor that tastes great on everything from vegetables to chicken or fish. It is a de- licious addition to recipes, as a drizzle on vegetables or salads, or for sautéing to give foods a rich roasted peanut flavor. The pos- sibilities are endless! Bell Plantation recognizes that, while PB2 is the bees' knees, not everyone is looking for an alternative to traditional peanut butters. That is why Bell Plantation also produces Plantation 1883 Peanut Butter in both smooth and crunchy. Plantation 1883 is all natural and sweetened with a touch of molasses for an unbeatable flavor. In 2015, Bell Plantation introduced Plantation 1883 Chocolate, peanut butter with premium chocolate. Decadent, deli- cious and decidedly delightful, Plantation 1883 Chocolate is destined to be your next peanut butter craving. One day the Chief Executive Officer was putting Plantation 1883 on his crackers and thought, "what if we could turn peanut butter into crackers?" The result was Bell Planta- tion PBthins, a crunchy, slightly sweet and totally addictive cracker that packs the full creamy taste of peanut butter into 100 calo- ries per all natural serving. Bell Plantation also produces PBthins in a gluten-free ver- sion that is just as tasty as the original. As the Bell Plantation family of products continues to grow, you can count on the company's promise that when you buy Bell Plantation products, you are choosing flavor- ful healthy foods that are good for you and your family. Visit Bell Plantation at www.bellplantation. com to learn more. New Gourmet Sea Salt Packs from Pacific Resources International Introducing the Gourmet Sea Salt Pack for professional and home chefs that will bring out the very best in any favorite dish. People need salt to maintain good health. Not only does salt help control fluid balance, it also controls the way muscles and nerves work. So why not use the healthiest salt on the planet? Pacific Sea Salt from New Zealand stands out as one of a kind. Because New Zealand is still home to remarkably pristine ocean water (the only true source of fresh sea salt) and because New Zealand sea salt benefits from the age-old process of drying in the sun and wind for over 13 months, the result is a salt retaining all the natural trace elements bodies need for good health. Indeed, Pacific Sea Salt is so clean it's certified by Bio Grow Ltd. for organic purity. Pacific Resources International (PRI) today continues its 30 year-long tradition of bringing the finest New Zealand products to American consumers with the new Gourmet Sea Salt pack. Leading the pack is Bio Grow certified Flaky Sea Salt – the crème de la crème of finishing salts for dishes ranging from avocados and roasted salmon to salads, pasta and even ice cream. Natural Chipotle BBQ Salt adds a special barbecue flavor to steaks, burgers, french fries or even potato salads. Mesquite BBQ Salt provides a subtly delicious smoked flavor that works well with fish, ribs and on your favorite cheese. Both the Chipotle and Mesquite BBQ Salt are derived from Louisiana family recipes and combined with pure New Zealand Pacific Sea Salt. Have fun, eat well and be healthy with Pa- cific Sea Salt from New Zealand. For more information, visit www.shoppri .com or stop by booth #147. Paesana Premium Organic Sauces and Condiments: Good For Your Customers, Good for Business According to the United States Department of Agriculture, sales of organic foods in the U.S. increased from $11 billion in 2004 to $27 billion in 2012. The USDA also reported that the 7.4 percent growth rate in organic food sales during 2012 was more than dou- ble the annual growth rate for all food sales that year. Furthermore, the Organic Trade Association states that the trend is expanding as Americans are continuing to widen their demand for organic foods – with sales of or- ganic products in the U.S. increasing to $35.1 billion in 2013. The consumer appetite for healthier choices is growing considerably and rapidly. However that doesn't mean today's shoppers are willing to give up taste. A simple "or- ganic" label is no longer enough to convert or retain the loyalty of food buyers and chefs who demand noticeably fresher taste, as well. L&S Packing Company, a family owned business, has introduced its line of premium quality Paesana Organic Pasta Sauces and New Premium Organic Condi- ments to meet that doubled-up demand. "Our premium organic pasta sauces are rich in nutrients and are made with the fresh- est ingredients without additives," said Jacqueline Scaramelli-Massaro, L&S Vice President. "They're also sautéed to perfec- tion just like all our other sauces to capture the finest and fullest flavor." The line is being touted as just as flavorful as the delicious sauces the family's great- grandmother proudly and lovingly made in her kitchen way back in 1902. "Seeking organic brands on store shelves has become a top priority for millions and millions of consumers, particularly moms who are reading nutrition labels more carefully than ever to assure that their families are eating foods that are good for them," said Scaramelli-Massaro, a mother who knows first-hand that nutritional choices are impor- tant but also that those choices need to pro- vide superior taste. Paesana Premium Organic Pasta Sauces are available in five flavors, including Tomato & Basil, Tuscan Pepper, Marinara, Vodka Sauce and Roasted Garlic. All flavors are made with 100 percent imported Italian tomatoes selected at their height of freshness. Paesana Premium Organic Condiments cur- rently feature Marinated Mushrooms, Porto- bello Mushrooms and Non Pareil Capers. The new lines of sauces and condiments are also organically certified by QAI and are gluten-free. As is the case with all products from L&S Packing Company, Paesana Premium Organic Pasta Sauces and Condiments have un- dergone highly rigorous quality control processes and have also been taste-tested through every phase of product development. "The depth and breadth of our commitment to quality and our dedication to unmatched flavor have de- fined our family and our company for gen- erations," said L&S President Louis Scaramelli, IV. "We're excited to say that our organic pasta sauces have exceeded our own highly stringent criteria and demanding ex- pectations for healthier ingredients combined with incredible taste, and we're certain these top quality sauces will be extremely popular with today's continuously growing numbers of health-conscious consumers." For more information, call 631.845.1717 or stop by booth #1159. Fruit Bliss Expands with Addition of Deliciously Moist Tomatoes & Goldenberries Fruit Bliss is proud to announce the expan- sion of its dried fruit line to include deli- ciously moist rehydrated tomatoes and goldenberries. "After the success of our dates, figs, plums and apricots, we are thrilled to add tomatoes and goldenberries to our offerings," said Susan Leone, Founder and Owner of Fruit Bliss. "Our products are great for snacking and using in a wide array of recipes, from smoothies to baked goods, and now in pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads." Fruit Bliss' tomatoes are grown in Turkey, while the goldenberries come from Peru. These fruits are picked at the height of ripeness and dried, then exported to Turkey, where they undergo a rehydrating process that leaves them juicier and sweeter than tra- ditional dried fruit. Like all of Fruit Bliss' products, the tomatoes and goldenberries are just fruit (yes, tomatoes are a fruit!) and water – no added sugar, preserv- atives or GMOs. They will be avail- able in 4-ounce (tomatoes) and 5-ounce pouches (goldenberries) at supermarkets around the country. "Compared with other dried fruits, ours are juicy and naturally sweet, with no sulfites or other chemicals," said Leone, a Brooklyn mom who decided to start Fruit Bliss to fill the gap in 100 percent healthy snacks on the supermarket shelves. "Fruit Bliss is literally dried fruit reinvented and a truly healthy snack or addition to many dishes." About Fruit Bliss Established in 2011, Fruit Bliss' pouches and snack-size minis are sold nationally and can be found in Whole Foods, Safeway, King's, Rosauers, Jimbo's Naturally, Kowal- ski's Markets and many other regional natu- ral food stores. Fruit Bliss is the first company to bring rehydrated dried fruits, a common snack and cooking ingredient throughout Europe, to the United States. For more information, visit www.fruitbliss .com or stop by booth #5418.

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