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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 6 6 California's San Joaquin Valley to craft 100 percent estate-grown organic extra virgin olive oil. The Ricchiuti's ENZO Olive Oil Company remains steadfast in its pursuit to uphold the family's 100-year tradition of ex- cellence by planting each and every tree, har- vesting the crop, milling the fruit and bottling the oil under the direction and supervision of Patrick and Vincent Ricchiuti. This meticu- lous, hands-on approach is what Patrick and Vincent believe it takes to produce the finest oil. Most recently, the Ricchiuti family took another step to expand its product line by in- troducing the perfect complement to ENZO organic extra virgin olive oil with the addition of ENZO organic balsamic vinegar. This prized Italian classic from Modena, Italy is fashioned in the Old World style where time- honored traditions and techniques yield a rich, complex and flavorful artisanal treasure. There are three varieties of handcrafted, bar- rel-aged vinegars: Traditional, Apple and Fig. As a proud member of the California Olive Oil Council, ENZO Olive Oil Company ad- heres to the most stringent standards in the world and shares in the organization's mis- sion of promoting fresh, certified extra virgin olive oil. ENZO Olive Oil is also sanctioned organic by the United States Department of Agriculture, certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers, kosher certified by Kosher Supervision of America, as well as Non-GMO Project Verified. With its nationally and internationally ac- claimed, award-winning line of varietals and infused ENZO organic extra virgin olive oil, ENZO organic balsamic vinegar and pre- mium P-R Farms, Inc. California almonds, one could easily agree that Founders Vin- cenzo and Pat Ricchiuti would be most pleased to see the direction and progress that Ricchiuti Family Farms has realized since its inception back in 1914. For more information, visit www.prfarms.com or www.enzooliveoil.com, email info@ prfarms.com or info@enzooliveoil.com, call 559.299.7278 or visit the California Olive Oil Council booth #4020. Ricchiuti Family Farms (Cont'd. from p. 4) daughter would have different reactions after eating various foods. After being told by a doctor that she should put her daughter on medication at the age of six, Anderson respectively declined, and began research- ing nutrition and how our bodies can be af- fected by the foods we eat. After seeing dramatic changes in her daughter as a result of a clean diet, Anderson became passion- ate about creating foods that everyone she knew could enjoy and benefit from. Anderson started Elemental Superfood in her kitchen in February of 2010. After selling to Southern California locals through word of mouth, she developed a growing number of fans. In October of 2010, she decided to move into a commer- cial kitchen and began Elemental's produc- tion there several times a month. Anderson also began to hit the pavement; she started to sell to accounts and within the next year, she was in dozens of retail health food stores in Southern California. Today, Elemental Superfood is based in Torrance, California. It ships weekly, all over the U.S., to various health food stores, coffee shops, yoga studios and wellness centers as well as its online store cus- tomers. Anderson's mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute organic, func- tional, superfood-rich foods designed to provide great tasting nutrition and energy for the body. She is also passionate about educating people on the importance of clean eating. "It's the oldest saying, 'You are what you eat.' We forget this, and some families just do not have the education to make a few simple changes that can make all of the difference for their families." Anderson is currently working on pro- grams to help educate parents, and is in- volved and sponsors various organizations, all with causes in line with her mission. "Elemental Superfood Seedbars are for everyone," says Anderson. They are the perfect go to for moms that have little time to make healthy snacks for her children or herself, the diligent worker who needs a quick easy snack or the busy student need- ing food that helps keep them alert and fo- cused. They are the perfect fuel for the biker, hiker, snowboarder, surfer, runner, jogger or any physical activity that re- quires strength and endurance. They are great with a cup of coffee or any time of the day when you want something deli- cious that you can truly feel good about eating. Elemental Superfood snacks are a per- fect snack or meal on the go, and have no additives, preservatives or fillers. They are made with the highest quality ingredients that are organic and pesticide-free, raw, gluten-free and dairy-free. They are high in protein and fiber, loaded with omega-3s and omega-6s and sweetened with the highest quality raw honey. For more information, visit www.elemental -raw.com or stop by booth #5574. Elemental Superfood (Cont'd. from p. 1) Show, Bonne Maman is introducing Bonne Maman Spread for Cheese in three delicious flavors, all specially created to spread beau- tifully and to pair perfectly with all types of cheese. Black Cherry, Purple Fig and Quince Spreads for Cheese are all made with simple, high-quality ingredients from a homemade- style recipe. Bonne Maman is also introducing a new flavor in its regular fruit preserves line: Mango Peach, a unique flavor in the pre- serves category. Like the other fruit pre- serves in the line, Mango Peach is made with perfect fruit and natural sugars, carefully pre- pared with traditional expertise, to create the memorable taste of Bonne Maman, which is French for Grandma. Bonne Maman prod- ucts do not contain high fructose corn syrup and have no additives or preservatives. They're gluten-free, kosher and are Non- GMO Project Verified. All Bonne Maman products bring along with them a heritage of quality and a true French appreciation in great cuisine. The company was started just after World War II as a family of fresh fruit wholesalers who'd been exporting walnuts and canned fruit around the world realized that an emerging market for store-bought products with home- made quality was growing up around them. At the time, almost 70 percent of the fruit pre- serves made in France were being made in someone's home kitchen, but as women had begun to enter the work force during and after the war, they no longer had time to put up pre- serves at home. Taking advantage of this demographic shift, the family behind the Bonne Maman brand made several attempts at producing a fruit spread that met their particular grandma's high standards. Once they succeeded, they named the brand after her. Today, Bonne Maman is the single best-selling premium brand of fruit preserves in the U.S. and is a key driver of the category growth in the U.S. Bonne Maman is the No. 3 brand in the cate- gory and has the highest loyalty rate. Bonne Maman produces 16 flavors of preserves, in- cluding the Mango Peach introduced here at the show, as well as four jelly flavors: Black- berry, Blackcurrant, Muscat Grape and Red- currant, and now also Bonne Maman Spread for Cheese. For more information, visit booth #1036 at the Summer Fancy Food Show. After the show, call 973.338.0300, email info@worldfiner.com or visit www.bonnemaman.us/spreads-cheese/. Bonne Maman (Cont'd. from p. 1) out of its New Jersey warehouse. In an effort to grow the brand's sales in the United States, the company will offer no mini- mum orders and show specials. Lazzaroni is launching new chocolate cov- ered Amaretti cookies, Italian cookie assort- ments, gluten-free cookies and crackers and filled croissants. The famous Bruschetta is now also being offered again. European Confections specializes in import- ing Europe's best confectionery products to the U.S. specialty market. It is also launching new vegan and raw chocolates, as well as innovative raw/organic veggie bars, German shortbread cookies, Italian truffles, Greek preserves and al- mond butters, fine Swiss cookies and Dutch filled cheese puffs, as well as Italian hazelnut spread cream (palm oil- and lactose-free). Visit www.europeanconfections.us or go to booth #5211 to pre-order and discover special offers. European Confections (Cont'd. from p. 1) KM: Things have never tasted or looked better at Original Juan Specialty Foods. Our company culture is known for being edgy, innovative and unruly. This year is no exception! New innovation and adding heat to what is supposed to be sweet seems to be our main focus, and we continue to be the reigning champs on the craft barbe- cue side. A strong focus on value-con- scious foodservice options has been the majority of this year's growth in our branded items as well as our co-packing operation. GN: What has your inspiration been for your new product launches? KM: We have really focused on one thing — we all live to get a "WOW" out of peo- ple that try our products. Original Juan Specialty Foods originated in specialty hot sauces, barbecue sauces, drink mixes, dips and condiments. We are the industry lead- ers in recognizing trends in ingredients and up-and-coming flavors and being able to launch those ideas in just a few weeks. This versatility and innovation is huge in both our core brands and as a value add service for our many restaurant groups that we supply in foodservice sizes, especially for LTOs. GN: In May you launched 1/9th PAN PROVISIONS, a new foodservice-only line. Will we see that brand reach retail anytime soon? KM: The 1/9th PAN brand is the Leather- man tool of the back of the house. It is de- signed to stop long prep times for the kitchen staff by providing on-trend base sauces that can be either used on their own or added in conjunction with a couple of other ingredients to create other sauces and dishes in only a fraction of the time. 1/9th PAN was "designed by chefs for chefs" and is a members only type of brand. The sauces are tools and will have to remain in the shed. No cute little bottles for these fla- vors. GN: What can retailers expect from your 2016 barbecue offerings? KM: We are extremely pleased to an- nounce our new Kettlewood Combustion Co. line of sauces, which is the first true smoke-inspired barbecue sauce brand. Our credo is to provide the average Joe the ability to enjoy the unique flavor each wood varietal has to offer. We have created three new flavors that pair the true flavor of Pecan, Cherry and Oak wood smoke into pure single varietal smoke flavors. In addition to isolating one particular smoke flavor, we are packing the sauces in an iconic bourbon bottle with a real wood label made from a thin layer of the tree. Each label is unique in its own right and the wood label lends itself to the warmth of the brand. We are featuring three barbe- cue sauces in this line, Pecan Wood Smoke with Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, Cherry Wood Smoke with Dark Chocolate, and Oak Wood Smoke with Caramel. This is a highly gift-able brand and will be available just in time for 4th of July. For more information, stop by booth #4856, or call 913.432.5228, email juans@originaljuan.com or visit www.originaljuan.com. Original Juan (Cont'd. from p. 1)

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