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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 5 2 Foxy's is a super premium, handmade ice cream that stands with the best of them. It re- placed 20 percent of the non-GMO cane sugar with an organic inulin, which acts as a pre-biotic for the probiotics. The best thing is that you cannot taste the difference. It doesn't just stop there, either. Foxy's sources its ingredients responsibly and thoughtfully. For example, its cherries in its Oregon Cherry Vanilla come from a fourth generation co-op that recently regis- tered as a B Corp. Its vanilla comes from Singing Dog, which operates a Fair Trade Plus program. It's perhaps best known for its locally sourced flavors: 15 Mile Pistachio and 6 Mile Almond and Honey, where the honey comes from the bees that pollinated the al- mond orchards on the same farm as the dairy. For more information, go to www .foxyspash.com. Foxy's (Cont'd. from p. 1) purees and juices to create four unique fla- vors: coconut with pineapple, coconut with mango, coconut with pink guava and the new flavor, coconut banana. Unlike most conventional ice cream products or other syrup water-based ice products, Smooze Fruit Ice is non-GMO, gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free. Smooze Fruit Ice also contains Vitamin C and has no preservatives, trans fat or artifi- cial flavors. Being flavorful, creamy and with zero percent cholesterol, Smooze gives you a healthy, guilt-free indulgence. At only 70 calories a treat, you would not be able to find a healthier and delicious treat — it still gives you the frozen creamy satisfaction that an ice cream would. Aseptically packed, Smooze Fruit Ice has a relatively longer shelf life and can be conveniently transported and stored at am- bient temperatures without the need of re- frigeration. You only need to freeze the products a few hours prior to consumption, so it is fuss-free to bring around without it melting on the way. In other words, you can freeze it for a solid "ice pop" or store it at room temperature for a milky fruit shake. To enjoy Smooze, simply shake, freeze, thaw, cut, push and slurp. The search is over. Smooze is the perfect healthy substitute to regular ice cream. In- dulge in fresh fruits and creamy coconut milk today. Smooze is also Halal and Kosher certified. For more information, visit www.smoozeusa.com, email info@ takari.com or call 888.TAKARI.5. Smooze (Cont'd. from p. 1) Summer Fancy Food Show, Sadaf is ex- cited to launch two new products: Black Garlic and 100% Natural Saffron Spray in booth #2752. These two products join a wide line of seasonings and spices that help achieve authentic flavors for ethnic foods. Sadaf has been at the forefront in identifying new, innovative and conven- ient products that taste good and are good for you. Sadaf also offers a variety of other hard-to-find food products required for authentic and unique cuisines. Whether our customers sampled these foods in their travels or grew up eating them at home, choosing Sadaf products means expecting the quality and high stan- dards of all Sadaf products. Sadaf will help them achieve the authentic flavors that will create delectable meals in the kitchen and keep them coming back to your market for more. As a leader in the ethnic food sector, the SADAF ® brand name is well recognized and trusted by consumers across the U.S. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Califor- nia, the family-owned company is dedi- cated to providing a diverse selection of products, consistent quality and superior service. For more information, visit booth #2752 at the Summer Fancy Food Show. After the show, call 323.234.6666 or visit www.sadaffoods.com. Sadaf Foods (Cont'd. from p. 1) tots. Karen, Shannon and I were all in a class called "New Venture Planning," and in try- ing to brainstorm ideas for our innovative business plan, it dawned on us that we were completely unimpressed with the ketchup that had been served with our tater tots. We felt like we could do better with more honest ingredients. So, in an attempt to get an A, we made some ketchup, brought French fries to the final presentation and the rest is history. GN: Did you get an A? JH: Yes, we did get that A. GN: What makes Red Duck Ketchup different? JH: We get asked this all the time. Hon- estly, the best way for people to under- stand why Red Duck is different is for them to try our products. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've had people come up to me and tell me they don't like ketchup. Similarly, I can't tell you how many times I've had someone come up to me telling me they don't like ketchup, try our products and walk away whistling a different tune. First and foremost, we're making our products with organic ingredients and re- ally take a lot of pride in our supply chain. We work with small to medium sized farms in the Central Valley of California, many of whom who have been farming for three or four generations. Next is flavor. Our bottles of ketchup have two pounds of Roma tomatoes in them! We've also de- veloped some really dynamic spice blends to help bring out the best in our simple in- puts. GN: You also make a cocktail sauce? JH: Yes, our cocktail sauce has been a real success for us because there are so few or- ganic options out there. We make it the hard way by freshly grinding horseradish roots and layering our tomato base with spices and lemon juice. GN: What's next for Red Duck? JH: Our new line of barbecue sauces is hitting stores as we speak and are so ex- cited about the reception thus far. Not many options on the market are organic and have unique flavor profiles coming from really simple ingredients…until now! GN: Where did the name Red Duck come from? JH: The idea for the company came while we were students at the University of Ore- gon, and the mascot is the duck. Our ketchup is red…so we're Red Duck. Try Red Duck products at booth #4369 at the Summer Fancy Food Show or learn more at www.redduckfoods.com. Red Duck Foods (Cont'd. from p. 1) AK: We are the first ones to change the ketchup recipe in a way that actually works. Unlike a lot of specialty ketchups, we're not trying to change the taste – we want to prove that ketchup can taste like ballpark ketchup (your kids will love it) and be much, much healthier. We add real vegetables that are nat- urally sweet and have a similar umami tex- ture to tomatoes, allowing us to maintain a ketchup flavor and drastically cut back on added sugar. Our ketchup tastes like ketchup but has half the sugar and is loaded with real vegetables like spinach, carrots and butternut squash. GN: How did True Made Foods get started? AK: Like a lot of Americans, Kevin always struggled with his diet. He grew up hating vegetables and still struggles to eat them today. Kevin's diet caught up with him when he left the Army and he started experiencing health problems. In an effort to get him to eat healthier, his wife started hiding vegeta- bles in his food…like he was a kid. It worked. Kevin ate more vegetables and they started experimenting with other recipes, eventually coming up with a ketchup and BBQ sauce. We met at a Tech-Stars confer- ence for Veteran Entrepreneurs called Pa- triot Boot Camp. I've always been obsessed with health and great food – I learned to help cook from scratch from my Italian-Ameri- can mother at a young age. So, when Kevin told me about the idea of a healthy ketchup, I was hooked. As a father of four, I, like many parents, lost the battle over ketchup in my household. We eat very clean and healthy in our household, but my kids still love to pour ketchup (which I call "red- sugar") on everything. Ketchup a parent could feel good about, I knew would be a game changer. One of the big differences, we always say, between True Made Foods and other ketchup brands is that we really understand and empathize the American market, be- cause we are them – we know what America is going to buy in the grocery aisle, because we are those shoppers. GN: What about your BBQ and Veracha Hot Sauce? AK: All of our sauces contain the same base – tomatoes, spinach, carrots and butternut squash. Pureed and cooked together to create that excellent base. Like our ketchup, the barbecue sauce has 50 percent of the sugar of leading brands because of the natural sweetness from the vegetables. It proves that when you cook with real food, it tastes better. Our Veracha is a play on "Vegetable + Sriracha." It is really clean. No added sugar at all. Just vegetables and a significant amount of Jalapenos and Cayenne for two kinds of heat. It is hands down one of the healthiest and most versatile hot-sauces on the market. For more information, visit www.true madefoods.com or stop by booth #5548. True Made Foods (Cont'd. from p. 1) Sauces and Bloody Mary Mixes from Wine Country Kitchens Since 1995 Wine Country Kitchens (a family owned and operated specialty food manufac- turer located in Napa Valley, California) has been producing exceptional barbecue sauces and bloody mary mixes. Napa Jack's Gourmet BBQ Sauces are gluten free, all-natural and made in Napa Valley. They have unique flavor profiles and are made from recipes that date back to cattle ranching days in Napa. The flavors, which include Chipotle Cabernet, Napa Merlot, Barrel Aged Bourbon, Original and Sweet & Smoky, make these sauces a must-have. Napa Jack's Bloody Mary Mix is gluten free and all natural. The aromas of wood smoke, spices, tomato and celery are present, but the back notes of rich barbecue flavor generated by the thickness of the mix make these cocktail mixes unique. They're available in three varieties: Original, Smokin' Hot Hickory and Clam Bake. For more information, visit www.winecountry kitchens.com.

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