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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 4 6 Low Sugar Chocolate? Can That Taste Any Good? What if you could indulge your craving for premium chocolate without guilt? For many, the joy of chocolate is inhibited by the anxiety of high sugar and calories. Chocolates made with artificial sweeteners just don't taste right, and aren't an option if you prefer all-natural ingredients. CocoaPlanet has found a way to reduce the sugar in its all-natural chocolates with- out sacrificing taste. Its flavor-filled choco- lates distribute small drops of filling throughout a chocolate disc. With each bite, these "pearls" of flavor complement the rich, dark chocolate (64 percent cacao) in a subtly different blend. The result is prize-winning flavor. Co- coaPlanet has been honored with two sofi™ awards from the Specialty Food As- sociation, recognizing the best in specialty foods. But the difference isn't just on the palate. Distributing pearls of flavor throughout the chocolate allows each one to be only 15 percent flavored filling, compared with 60 to 80 percent filling in the sugary "center" of traditional filled chocolates. That en- ables each single-serving Co- coaPlanet chocolate to have less than 100 calories, only 8 grams of sugar or less, and net carbs of 9 grams or less! CocoaPlanet offers five beautiful flavors to choose from for that af- ternoon snack or after dinner dessert: Salted Caramel, Deep Dark Truffle, Vanilla Espresso, Mandarin Orange and Co- coaMint™. Made with all-natural ingredi- ents, they are also Fair Trade certified, Non-GMO Verified, gluten-free, three are vegan and all make a great hot chocolate (just steam milk, drop in and stir and in 10 seconds you have a terrific hot chocolate). About CocoaPlanet Based in Sonoma, Cali- fornia, CocoaPlanet, Inc. uses ethically sourced chocolate produced using sustainable prac- tices, enabling cocoa farmers a better qual- ity of life. For more information, visit www .cocoaplanet.com, call 707.721.1275, email info@cocoaplanet.com or stop by booth #4013. Silano Splashes Onto Scene with Quality Italian Seafood Silano is a contemporary supplier of im- ported Italian foods. Headquartered in Penn- sylvania, the brand prides itself on a rigorous endeavor for superior quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. All products are sourced directly from Italy and best reflect the traditions and culture of their respective regions. Cured meat, cheeses, pastas, olives, extra-virgin olive oil and hot cherry and chili peppers were selected for their quality and consistency as the inaugural products for the brand. Cheeses include several varieties of cow, goat and sheep milk cheeses. Most of those offered represent authentic northern Italian culinary excellence, although as the product range is expanded, more cheeses from other areas of Italy are likely to enter the product line. The range also includes an exciting new line of seafood items produced in Italy. Many products are harvested from the Adriatic Sea in the upper region of Abruzzo. The fresh- est anchovies are fished from the Mediterranean Sea and marinated to perfec- tion. Other seafood items include seafood salads, anchovy fillets, shrimp, cuttlefish, oc- topus carpaccio, salmon carpaccio, baby oc- topus, baby squid, sardines, tuna, salmon, mussels, squid, herring, mackerel and salted anchovies in oil. The Silano brand is pleased to offer its customers the finest selec- tion of Italian products that satisfies the needs of chefs in any kitchen. The Silano brand is destined to be- come a household name for rep- utable Italian ingredients that are distinguished for high quality and ease of preparation. For more information, visit booth #2854, and after the show, go to www .savellousa.com, email info@savellousa.com or call 570.822.9743. Presenting Two Noteworthy Additions to the Bissinger's Royal Family Imagine King Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles with his Queen by his side, sur- rounded by gilded mirrors, elegant ladies of the court and being presented lavish meals by only the most notable culinary experts of the time. This Bissinger family was among those notables, and because of the family's exqui- site confections, it was awarded the title of "Confiseur Imperial," or Confectioner to the King. Today the family is still crafting some of the finest confections and chocolates in the world, including these two new spectac- ular filled chocolate bars. Caramelized Blood Orange Chocolate Bar Sixty percent dark chocolate surrounds a burnt blood orange caramel with a hint of rosemary and sprinkled with hazelnuts and cocoa nibs. Foodies have long appreciated the intense combination of dark chocolate and orange. Dave Owens, Chief Chocolatier at Bissinger's, has taken this mouthwatering combination and made it even more spectac- ular. "For me, the flavor profile comes from the way we deeply caramelize the sugar and juice of Mediterranean blood oranges. We caramelize it before we ever add any dairy so the more 'bitter' notes are highlighted, like a delicious burnt orange flavor," Owens says. One bite reveals the magic. The deep, dark blood orange caramel takes on a bold inten- sity that is perfectly balanced with a touch of herbaceous rosemary to elevate the experi- ence for a more sophisticated palate. Owens continues, "Citrus and rose- mary are very compatible; it adds a little bit of savory to the profile to soften the sweetness and brighten the citrus." Finally, this bar is topped with toasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs to add dimension and texture to the luxurious ex- perience. Nothing quite com- pares to this combination in how it plays on every sense. Honey Pepita Caramel Chocolate Bar Sixty percent dark chocolate enrobes caramelized tropical blossom honey with a soft kiss of Guajillo and Ghost chili salt and toasted pepitas. Bissinger's shows its modern side with this new chocolate bar, crafted with smooth caramel made from organic tropical honey that comes from sweet tropical blossoms. "It was important to me that we find a non-GMO honey for this recipe," Bissinger's Chief Chocolatier Dave Owens states. "We selected tropical is- land honey because the flowers there are so sweet that the honey takes on unique charac- teristics that work in perfect harmony with our chocolate." A soft kiss of mild Guajillo and Ghost chili salt adds com- plexity and leaves a soft, pleas- ant tingle after the deep chocolate melts. Owens contin- ues, "Honey and chili is a great combination, but the flavor here is never fiery; just a kiss of chili warms the flavor and gives it more dimension." Lightly toasted pepitas are the crowning touch to this re- markably inventive combination. Surely King Louis would approve of these two new additions to Bissinger's royal family. For more information, go to www.bissingers.com or stop by booth #4558. Hebert: 99 Sweet Years In 1917, Frederick Hebert purchased a cop- per kettle, knife, table, thermometer and a slab of marble for the meager sum of $11 (approximately $210 today). Over the next three decades, Hebert tirelessly handcrafted chocolates and caramels in his own kitchen, selling his creations through small neighbor- hood stores in central Massachusetts. As de- mand for the rich flavor and velvety smooth texture of Hebert's chocolates grew rapidly throughout the region, Hebert looked to ex- pand. In 1946, Hebert purchased a Tudor Style mansion on Route 20 in Shrewsbury. The building, affectionately known as the Candy Mansion, became the first roadside retail confectionary operation in the United States and is still home to all Hebert operations today. Always seeking the finest ingredients to perfect his recipes, Hebert introduced white chocolate to the United States in 1956 after tasting "white coat" candies while in Europe. White chocolate became a mainstay in America as a result of Hebert's discovery. Throughout the second half of the century, the Hebert name became a New England re- gional favorite for men and women, and boys and girls alike. The Hebert experience is universal: everyone can enjoy great choco- lates. In 2012, Hebert merged with American Gourmet Group, a company that specializes in gourmet gifts for major retailers across the United States. The company understands presentation and packaging makes a huge difference with consumers. Together, they offer a variety of customizable chocolate packaging and gift options. Continuously striving for excellence, Hebert's Premium American Made, Kosher Certified chocolate bars received the presti- gious SQF Level 3 certification in 2015. This is the highest certification given by the Safe Quality Food Institute. From humble beginnings to New England staple, and now growing to a national brand, Hebert is still committed to the same passion for handcrafted excellence that Frederick Hebert introduced nearly a century ago.

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