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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 4 2 It's Oyster Mania at Blue Crab Bay Co. Spurred by the proliferation of farm-raised oysters along with a high demand for shellfish, Blue Crab Bay Co. has released a unique seasoning kit to capture a prime audience of diners. The Virginia company's Oysters Rock- efeller Mix offers a novel, easy way to make the trendy appetizer. Until now, preparation of the historic hors d'oeuvres was time-consuming, but not anymore! The mix contains an air-dried spinach- and-herb blend, seasoned cracker crumbs and soy-based bacon bits. The simple recipe on the rear of the packet calls for shucked oysters, butter, Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan cheese. Consumers can bake their oysters in real shells, stain- less shells or ramekins. Oysters Rockefeller originated in New Orleans in 1899 as a baked oyster on the half shell topped with spinach, herbs, breadcrumbs and bacon bits. Oysters Rockefeller Mix wholesales for $2.25 a unit and comes in a case pack of six. It is part of the Shore Seasonings™ line, which also includes Clams Casino Mix, Chesapeake Crab Cake Mix, Chesa- peake Bay Seasoning, Blackening Blend, Steaming Spices, Lobster Dipping Blend, numerous seafood and vegetable dip blends as well as Sea Salt. To complement its mix and appeal to fans of the company's Blue Crab Stoneware as well as collectors, Blue Crab Bay has just added an oyster plate to its lineup. The hand- painted plate is 11 inches in diameter with six slight indentations for oysters, in or out of the shell, and a 3.5-inch center well for an ac- companying condiment. The company also mar- kets a Spicy Cocktail Sauce. The oyster plate wholesales for $14.50 a unit and comes in a case pack of two. Din- nerware, other serveware and kitchenware pieces are available. It's appropriate that the new seasoning mix originates from Virginia, which is the top-ranking supplier of oysters on the East Coast. Oyster growers experienced a 33 per- cent increase in sales in 2014. According to reports, demand for oysters is high, partic- ularly among people younger than 35. Blue Crab Bay's products can be found nationwide in gour- met stores, upscale seafood shops and gift departments. Retailers can find the products in booth #4914 in the Virginia Pavilion or online at www.baybeyond.net. Call 800.221.2722 or email sales@baybeyond.net to order or request a full catalog. Suzie's Offers Shelf Stable Tiger Nut Beverage and Nut-Butter Filled Cookies Good Groceries Company, under its popular Suzie's Brand, continues to launch category- changing healthy products while improving its healthy natural staples. Good Groceries continues to provide healthy, nutrient rich, unique, GMO-free and delicious products. This is not your father's cookies and milk! Suzie's Nut Butter filled cookies combine all the nutrient and mineral benefits from nut butters with a decadently delicious cookie, resulting in an exquisite snack experience. Cookie Butter, Almond Butter, Cashew But- ter and Peanut Butter filled cookies will change your idea of a treat forever. If that weren't enough, Suzie's has also launched Nut Butter Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate Covered Nut Butter Filled Cookies. Suzie's soft and creamy cookie line will drive sales and profits with repeat sales, as the consumer will need to savor each flavor over and over. Suzie's "Horchata" or Tiger Nut Non Dairy Shelf Stable, gluten-free, vegan, dairy/lactose-free vegetable beverage is new for 2016. Tiger nuts provided Paleo man with 80 percent of the protein in his diet, and Suzie's has captured that for you in a deli- cious creamy gluten-free, dairy-free and nut- free beverage. All of Suzie's non-dairy shelf stable beverages are made without GMOs. Suzie's milk alternatives are perfect by them- selves, with cereal or can be substituted any- where you use conventional milk. The Tiger Nut Beverage is added to its quinoa varieties – made with pure quinoa – not blended with other grains, so you get the pure, sweet, nutty taste of quinoa and all its amazing health benefits. It is available in three flavors: Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla and Vanilla Sweetened. Looking to fit all the benefits of quinoa at meal time into your busy lifestyle? Leave it to Suzie's Brand to once again provide the solution. The shelf stable ready to eat quinoa meals are available in four delicious flavor profiles: Olive Oil, Asian, Tex Mex and In- dian Spice. Healthy and delicious, they warm in the microwave in 60 seconds. Suzie's RTE Quinoa Meals are a perfect side dish for two or meal replacement for one. At the office, away at college, on the go or anytime, Suzie's RTE provide a welcome alternative to lunch, dinner or as a satis- fying and healthy snack. Don't forget when looking for a low calorie delicious snack to look no further than Suzie's Thin Cakes and Puff Cakes. They are available in 13 delectable flavor profiles to satisfy even the most discerning cus- tomer's taste buds. Suzie's Tiger Nut Non Dairy Beverage, Nut Butter Filled Cookies, RTE Quinoa Meals, Thin Cakes, Non Dairy Beverages and other quality, healthy natural foods are available at fine grocery stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information about Suzie's prod- ucts, visit booth #4620, go to www.good groceries.com, email info@goodgroceries .com or call 718.768.0821. Just Jan's Releases Tangerine Sriracha By Kris Mason, Director of Brand Innovation I'm really happy to release Just Jan's newest product, our "Original Tangerine Sriracha." Part of the reason for my excitement about this product is that we weren't sure when it would happen. What we thought would be a relatively straightforward process was any- thing but. Ingredients for this sauce were dif- ficult to source, and we seemed to hit a num- ber of roadblocks along the way. We brought it with us to the Winter Fancy Food Show in the hope that it would be ready, but it was still in the development phase. In the end, it was worth the effort and the wait and we could not be happier with the results. This is a really exciting flavor and product for Just Jan's on a number of levels. For one, it is the first non-spread condiment that we have created. "Original Tan- gerine Sriracha" represents growth for the company and the brand in terms of our offer- ings and the creativity and quality consumers and retailers alike can expect from Just Jan's. This sauce was like a bolt of lightning. My business partner and kitchen collabora- tor, Kris Mason, had the bright idea to com- bine our Just Jan's Tangerine Marmalade with Sriracha. It was delicious as it was, but Kris didn't stop there; he made his own Sriracha from scratch to complement and bring out the tangerine. The result is a sauce that is simply incredible; it has the tangy sweetness of tangerine, matched with bright- ness of vinegar, the savory flavor of garlic, the heat of red chilies and a smooth finish with a hint of coriander. Don't say we didn't warn you … one taste and you'll be hooked. Stop by booth #774 and try it for yourself! For more information, visit www.justjans .com or stop by booth #774. Vintage Italia Introduces New Pasta Snack Jerry Bello, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vintage Italia, outlines his plan for Bow Ties and other future pasta snack products. GN: How did you come up with the idea for Bow Ties? JB: It was a logical extension for the line of pasta shaped snacks that we are creating. The farfalle/bow tie is the most famous pasta shape in the United States. GN: How are they different from traditional Pasta Chips? JB: We actually made this shape a baked, puffed, crunchy snack version of the bow tie. This has not been done before. Peers are lauding this as an amazing innovation for the snack category. GN: What makes Bow Ties a unique snack? JB: The shape, the three dimensional nature and flavors. Each flavor we chose is incred- ibly unique. The flavors include: Caesar Ranch, Honey Butter, Meatball Parm and Cheesy Alfredo. GN: What is the MSRP? JB: $3.49 - $3.99 for a five-ounce package. GN: When will they be on store shelves? JB: July 1, 2016. GN: What other future snack innovations are coming soon from Vintage Italia? JB: We will continue to build out the pasta platform in snacks – including penne pasta in 2017. Whatever is possible with pasta, is possible as a pasta snack, whether it's whole grain, gluten-free, tri-color etc. We have a new and exciting platform that will change the way people think about pasta in snacking form, and all our products are more healthful than existing snacks. GN: Where can con- sumers get Pasta Chips now? JB: Pasta Chips are available in-store at Kroger, Wegman's, se- lect Costco locations, A&P, Chamberlin's, DuaneReade, Harris Teeter, Hyvee, King Kullen, Kings, Mari- ano's Fresh Market, Meijer, Pick'n Save, Publix, Randalls, Roche Bros., Roundy's, Safeway, Schnucks, Shaws, Sendik's Food Market, The Fresh Market, Tops Friendly Markets, Vons, Walmart, WinCo Foods and other retailers nationwide and at www.pas- tachips.com. For more information, visit www .pastachips.com or stop by booth #4638.

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