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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 3 4 Chatham Village Croutons Sprouting with Flavor In a tiny sandwich shop nestled in the town of Chatham, Massachusetts on the elbow of Cape Cod, a great tradition of baking the freshest breads, rolls and unique crou- tons was born. Today, the tradition still lives as the bakers of Chatham Village ® croutons continue to use the signature process to create unique, deliciously crunchy croutons. For the traditional line, the bakers of Chatham Village croutons start with 'made-from-scratch' French bread dough. After the rich, crusty loaves cool, they are cut to the perfect size, seasoned with a spe- cial seasoning blend and baked again to seal in that exceptional Chatham Village flavor. The traditional line includes Garlic & Butter, Caesar, Ranch, Cheese & Garlic, Garden Herb, Sea Salt & Pepper and Fat Free Garlic & Onion. Chatham Village also has introduced some innovative new products to appeal to consumers who are interested in new eat- ing trends and/or living a gluten-free lifestyle. Today's consumer is looking beyond wheat, to a variety of whole grains, includ- ing ancient or heritage grains. These grains have remained unchanged over hundreds or thousands of years. A sprouted grain has just begun to grow into a new plant. Sprouted and ancient grains have begun to appear in many grain-based packaged foods, including cereals, breads and noo- dles. Now, sprouted ancient grains are available in crouton form. These delicious new croutons begin as freshly baked bread made from a signature blend of non-GMO flour containing quinoa (traditionally from Bolivia and Peru), amaranth (enjoyed since the time of the Aztecs), spelt and 100 percent whole wheat. Then the bread is cut, baked and seasoned for a delicious crunch – the same delicious crunch and quality consumers have come to expect from Chatham Village, a brand they know and trust. The products are made with non- GMO sunflower oil and flour and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial fla- vors or colors. They are available in Aged Parmesan, Garlic & Butter and Seasoned. For those consumers looking for gluten- free products, Chatham Village Seasoned Herb croutons fit the bill. The made-from- scratch bread dough is a custom blend of tapioca flour, rice flour and potato starch. Chatham Village Croutons can be en- joyed on salads, in soups or as a perfect snack. For more information, visit www.marzetti.com. Powdered What? "Powdered what?" Since introducing PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter to the market, Bell Plantation has become quite accustomed to answering this question. While the powdered peanut butter trend that PB2 began is gaining traction in the market, many people still have not heard of this versatile product. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter is a lower fat alternative to traditional peanut butters and is made by squeezing the fat from slow roasted premium peanuts. The resulting peanut powder is mixed with a small amount of sugar and a dash of salt to deliver the rich nutty taste of peanut butter with 85 percent fewer calories from fat. Almost invariably, the follow-up question to "powdered what?" is "what do I do with it?" The answer to that question is: what can't you do with PB2? PB2 can be mixed with water or fruit juice to make a spread for toast or waf- fles. Chefs love how easy PB2 is to mix into recipes and baked goods. Athletes love that PB2 allows them to have the protein, folate, niacin and vitamin E of peanut butter with a lower fat and calorie count. Bell Plantation PB2 is also a favorite among campers and hikers as a lighter weight way to carry peanut butter on long trips. Bell Plantation PB2 and Chocolate PB2 are available in 6.5 and 16 ounce jars as well as a case of individual 24 gram serving pack- ets. For more information, call 229.387.7238 or go to www.bellplantation.com. White Coffee Introduces New Seasonal Single Serve Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate Three new seasonal, single-serve products – White Coffee's "French Vanilla Cappuccino," "Pumpkin Cappuccino" and "Hot Chocolate" – are being launched at the Summer Fancy Food Show. These wonderful, rich flavors connote warmth and coziness when the summer season winds down and changes to cooler tempera- tures. Perfect flavors to ready consumer's taste buds for the fall, French Vanilla Cappuccino is a smooth and creamy vanilla coffee, Pumpkin Cappuccino is a delicious blend of pumpkin spice and rich coffee flavor and Hot Chocolate is just that – a rich, smooth and creamy cup of chocolate flavor. White Coffee's French Vanilla Cap- puccino, Pumpkin Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate come in 12-count boxes with each single-serve cup that is 2.0 compatible and BPA-free. White Coffee is a family owned, certified woman-owned business that began in 1939. As a third generation importer of fine Arabica cof- fee, White Coffee supplies the finest coffees to New York residents and consumers across the country. It has helped pi- oneer the growth of the specialty coffee industry while building its own business one customer at a time, one cup at a time. Visit the White Coffee booth at #2036 to learn more about White Coffee's seasonal offerings and lat- est licensed products. These items will also be available in retail outlets throughout the United States and online. Learn more at www .whitecoffee.com or by calling 800.221.0140. Using Ad Claims in the Food Industry An interview with ChefsBest Sensory Di- rector Janet Williams. GN: What are some factors that manufac- turers don't necessarily know about using advertising claims in the food industry? JW: Advertising claims cover a wide range of statements concerning products, with some of the more popular being "new," "new and improved" or "preferred by moms 2-to-1" over a competing brand. Every claim, no matter where it is used, must be substantiated. They also all have a shelf life and may not be used indefi- nitely. Most ad claims on package are limited to a six-month usage while claims used on TV may remain on air for about 12 weeks. When you consider the time and often exorbitant cost it takes to sub- stantiate ad claims, that's an extremely small window. GN: What type of research needs to be done in order to use an ad claim that measures product quality among con- sumers? JW: Claims involving consumers, whether they focus on quality or prefer- ence, can require the most rigorous re- search, especially when TV commercials are involved. Standard industry practices suggest that at least four to eight represen- tative cities from across the United States be selected to field the research with at least 100 or more consumers in each loca- tion participating. Once that pool is estab- lished, methodology, test execution, data collection and data analysis must follow exacting guidelines. Questionnaire devel- opment is critical to the results and poten- tial challenges by competitors. Overall, it's a very time consuming process that de- mands meticulous planning. GN: What claims does ChefsBest support and how does the organization's propri- etary process make it possible for brands to use those claims? JW: At ChefsBest, our methods are based on industry accepted sensory evaluation methods. Identifying high-quality and best-tasting foods is an objective process rooted in the expertise of Cer- tified Master Tasters ® who have undergone months of training in sensory acuity and our proprietary methodology. Using this methodology, which we call Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis ® , our panel measures perceived intensities and uses each attribute to de- fine quality. Recipients of the ChefsBest Taste Award earn superiority over other brands based on statistically higher overall quality mean scores. Once that recognition is received, they are eligible to use claims like "Best Taste" over lead- ing brands or "America's Best." In either case, licensees enjoy category exclusivity. GN: There are actually two ChefsBest awards. Can you describe each and the claims associated with them? JW: The ChefsBest Best Taste Award is given to only one product in each cate- gory, which signifies to customers and buyers that only one brand has secured the distinction as best tasting. Best Taste re- cipients are eligible to use not only "Best Tasting" and "America's Best" as described above, but also "Highest Quality." There's also the ChefsBest Excellence Award, which is granted to brands that sur- pass quality standards estab- lished by ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters. After being judged and rated on their own merits, Excel- lence Award winners are brands that meet benchmark standards within their re- spective product categories. These win- ners are eligible to use claims including "Endorsed by Professional Chefs," "Award-Winning Taste" and "Highly Ranked." GN: How long can brands use an ad claim awarded to them by ChefsBest? JW: Products honored with the ChefsBest Best Taste Award are eligible to use asso- ciated ad claims for three years unless the product is modified or reformulated. For more information, go to www.chefs best.com or call 415.568.2659.

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