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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 2 8 Wholesome! Fair Trade Sweeteners Make an Impact Coffee is unquestionably one of the most popular morning beverages in America. In recent years, it has also become a powerful tool for boosting awareness about fair trade. When fair trade coffee was first available, it began a conversation among consumers, especially the Millennial generation, to spark global change and use the power of their purchases to positively impact the lives of farmers around the world. "Most consumers believe their level of impact stops after they've made their fair trade coffee selection," said Sarah Miller, Director of Marketing at Wholesome! "When you add fair trade, organic sugar to your fair trade coffee, your daily coffee habit becomes a catalyst for change." In 2001, Wholesome! began sourcing its fair trade organic cane sugar from farmers in Paraguay. In 2005, the company pio- neered the fair trade sugar certification process. Not only did this secure fair prices for each farmer's crops, but it also guaran- teed an additional premium that would be paid to the local farming cooperatives to use for community development. Since then, Wholesome! has initiated fair trade organic honey certification with beekeepers in Mex- ico and Brazil, created more fair trade part- nerships with sugar cane farmers in Malawi and sourced fair trade organic blue agave from Mexico. In the last 10 years, Whole- some! has paid more than $11 million in fair trade premiums to these farming communi- ties helping bring much needed electricity, clean drinking water, schools, health care and new farming equipment. According to a recent report from the Na- tional Marketing Institute, 59 percent of consumers now recognize and understand the meaning behind the fair trade-certified label and 26 percent are more likely to pur- chase a product with that label. The grow- ing awareness of fair trade and the impact that it makes on poverty-stricken farmers around the world has inspired menu changes in independent and mainstream coffee shops alike. Consumers have re- sponded enthusiastically by supporting fair trade with their purchases in coffee shops and in grocery stores. The National Marketing Institute also identified Millennials as likely supporters of fair trade related items stating that 70 percent of consumers under age 30 consider social issues before buying and 28percent are more likely to buy a fair trade item. However, the study noted that 85 percent of consumers reported that fair trade items are not always available options to purchase. "With a growing population that is pas- sionate about making a difference and also prone to considering the certification labels on the packages they buy, it's only natural that fair trade coffee supporters would also be interested in fair trade sweeteners," said Miller. "In the spirit of World Fair Trade Day, we want to alert consumers to their op- tions so they can make a choice with the biggest impact." Awesome Snacks for an Awesome World Snack Innovations Inc, of Brooklyn, New York, is launching a new line of organic snack products: Awesome Organics. The company is debuting two new awesome snacks that are USDA Organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. Awesome Organics Popcorn and Popcorn Chips are 100 percent wholegrain snacks that fit squarely into the better-for-you category and satisfies your snack craving without the guilt. "We're launching Awesome Organics to meet the ever growing consumer demand for delicious and fun to eat better-for-you snacks, and organic food demand is on the rise," said Allen Benz, Chief Executive Officer of Snack Innovations. "We also took a new angle on packaging for the Awesome Organics line, il- lustrating a more exciting fun-to-eat design, conveying that eating organic snacks can also be fun." The new Awesome Organics packag- ing does stray from the company's usual ele- gant and more sophisticated better-for-you graphics. The Awesome Organics "This Chip is Awe- some" is a 100 percent wholegrain Popcorn Chip made with whole quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds, and is launching in three flavors: Salty Sweet Kettle, Aged White Cheddar and Sea Salt & Olive Oil, and is available in family-size four-ounce bags and single serve one-ounce bags. The product con- tains 22g of whole grains, is USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified. "We expect the Salty Sweet Kettle flavor to be the consumers' favorite, although I person- ally love the plain Sea Salt with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)," Benz said. The Awesome Organics "This Popcorn is Awesome" is a new take on the exploding ready-to-eat popcorn market. "Affordable USDA Organic Popcorn that's delicious and fun to eat; our popcorn has 50 percent less fat than the leading brand and tastes better, lighter and crunchier," Benz said. "Our popcorn is truly better-for-you, containing only 35 calories per cup, and only 5g of fat or less per serving compared to 10g of the leading competitors. Like our Awesome Organics Pop- corn Chips, our Popcorn is non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher Certified and Gluten Free Certified," he added. The Awesome Organics Popcorn is launching in four flavors: Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Black Pepper & Truffle Oil, Movie Theater Butter and delicious Aged White Cheddar, and is available in family-size 5-ounce bags and single serve 0.75-ounce bags. Just like all of the Snack Innovations prod- ucts, the Awesome Organics line is popped; not fried, kettle cooked or extruded, so they're low in fat and calories. They also have no artificial flavors or preservatives and zero MSG and trans fats. For more information, email sales@ awesomeorganicsnacks.com or go to www.awesomeorganicsnacks.com. Captain Foods Brings the Flavors of the Captain's Galley to Your Kitchen Captain Foods, Inc. is a gourmet food company based in Edgewater, Florida. It has been family-owned since 1994 and is a proud member of the Fresh from Florida Program. Its specialty gourmet products are made to bring a variety of uniqueness, heat and flavor to your meals for home cooks and master chefs. The team at Cap- tain Foods has gained global success by offering excellent customer service and products superior in quality. The product line consists of specialty hot sauces, grilling sauces, all natural seasoning blends and spice grinders. Captain Red- beard and his First Mate (Doug & Kathy Feindt – Owners) have sailed the seven seas in search of unique and inno- vative ingredients to bring home to their blends and sauces. They bring the flavors of the Captain's Galley to your kitchen! Put it on the top of your priority list to try some of their 100 Percent All Natural Seasoning Blends. Captain Foods highly recommends the Caribbean Rum Season- ing that offers all nat- ural spices and herbs with a twist of rum, giving you the flavors of the Caribbean! Captain Foods offers over 20 great products for home cooks and master chefs to choose from. For more information, stop by booth #5578. Learn more at www.captain foods.com. Betty Lou's Specializes in Great Tasting, Gluten-Free Products Nearly 40 years ago, Betty Lou read a book that motivated her to remove refined sugar from her and her young boys' diets. She started by creating her signature nut-butter balls made with honey, nuts and nut butter, and 38 years later, she has more than 30 Betty Lou's brand products while still sell- ing her ever-popular nut-butter balls, now worldwide. Catering to those with food allergies and dietary restrictions, Betty Lou's specializes in gluten-free products loaded with nutri- tion that also taste great. Betty Lou's strives to source only the best, natural, functional and healthy ingredients for its products. Betty Lou's also offers non- GMO, organic, vegan, kosher and paleo- friendly products. The goal is to get great products in everyone's hands, and the per- fect on-the-go snacks, created at Betty Lou's, do just that by making it easy to get many small meals a day. Included in the Betty Lou's brand prod- ucts is the favorite Just Great Stuff 95 per- cent organic line of bars – Cacao Acai, Fruit & Veggie, Superberry Acai and the Chocolate Dream Greens bars. These dy- namic bars have from 7.5 to 11 servings of fruit and veggies per bar. Betty Lou's continues to grow. Lately, she has added: two new paleo-friendly balls – all-vegetarian, dried fruit, nut and seed packed Paleo Java (with cacao nibs and 15 mg caffeine) and Paleo Berry Blast (with five different kinds of berries); two limited edition balls – seasonally available Nuts about Pumpkin Spice (vegan and loaded with pumpkin and spice) and Nuts about Pecan Pie (naturally sweetened ver- sion with protein to keep you going); one vegan ball – Nuts about Chocolate Hazel- nut; the return of the Smacker (you asked for it, you got it!) – now organic, this deca- dent treat is the classic peanut butter Smacker covered with organic milk choco- late; Caramel Peanut Smacker – this new flavor has eight grams of protein and is lay- ered with caramel and peanut nougat cov- ered in organic milk chocolate; Betty Lou's Oregon Crackers – now include 10 wonder- ful flavors (original four flavors [Garden Vegetable, Cheddar, Graham and Harvest Multigrain], paleo-friendly, almond-based, grain-free crackers [Salt Pepper, Fiesta, Italian], and Original cashew-based Rose- mary and Chili Lime; Strawberry PB&J and Blueberry PB&J – this addition to its fruit bar line tastes like a traditional PB&J sandwich; Just Great Stuff Peanut Butter Powder – the innovative product has 1.5 grams of fat/serving, which is 90 percent less than traditional peanut butter. Three flavors available – Chocolate, Original and Protein Plus make for great smoothies, on sandwiches or with crackers. Great for backpacking and camping; and Bake It Like Betty Lou Mixes – it offers Cupcake, Cookie, Bread and Brownie mixes – all gluten-free, non-GMO and a number of or- ganic ingredients. Sweetened only with or- ganic coconut sugar (no cane sugar), all that is needed is oil and water. Betty Lou's is thankful and proud to be able to donate more than a million bars a year to local food banks. Betty Lou's is still, and will always be, passionate about the ingredients used in the products produced. It lives by the slogan, "Just Great Stuff and Plenty of It!" For more information, visit www.betty lousinc.com.

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