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GOURMET NEWS www.gourmetnews.com n JUNE 2016 n GOURMET NEWS 1 0 2 Lemon Infused Olive Oil from Ariston Specialties Ariston's Lemon Infused Olive Oil is made with its award-winning Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lemon essence. This combination is a match made in heaven, resulting in a wonderful, clean, fresh tast- ing oil. The same technique is used with Ariston's Orange Infused Olive Oil, Aris- ton Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil and Ariston Lime Infused Oil. Ariston's Lemon Infused Olive Oil complements steamed vegetables, seafood, poultry and pork. The lemon oil is also an excellent in- gredient for baking. Ariston Specialties would like to share a very popular and beautiful recipe which is made with Ariston Lemon Infused Olive Oil and of course this could be substituted with Ariston Orange Infused, Ariston Blood Orange Infused and Ariston Lime Infused Olive Oil. Email the company for the recipe at aristonspecialties@hotmail.com. You can learn more at www.aristonspe- cialties.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AristonO- liveOil. Ariston's Lemon Infused Olive Oil also pairs nicely with Ariston's Raspberry Condiment Vinegar and Ariston's White Balsamic Vinegar for a wonder- ful salad dressing. Its recom- mendation would be 2/3 of the Ariston Lemon Olive Oil to 1/3 of the Ariston Raspberry Condiment Vinegar or White Balsamic vinegar. These two ingredients make a healthy dressing (no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no chemicals) just totally natural and tasty in- gredients. Ariston is taking any of your questions about its products, its olive oil production and its family's his- tory in making Aris- ton's olive oil at booth #4162. Ariston is sampling all of its products, including the Ariston Lemon Infused Oil, vinegars and the Ariston Citrus Infused Olive Oil cake. For more information, visit www.ariston specialties.com or stop by booth #4162. Rondelé: Rich, Creamy and Now Organic The always rich and creamy rondelé ® spread- able cheese by Président ® is now organic. Meet the new Organic rondelé Garlic & Herbs Gourmet Spreadable Cheese. Organic rondelé cheeses have been certified organic by MOSA as meeting the USDA's National Organic Program standards for production and handling. Organic rondelé cheeses are made with ingredients produced and handled without the use of antibiotics and synthetic pesticides. Coming soon is Organic rondelé Garden Vegetable Gourmet Spreadable Cheese. In celebration of inspirational and adven- turous cheese and butter pairings, Président brand invites you to participate in a Life Well Paired™. With dozens of mouthwatering recipes from Président's expert chefs and an online wine and beer pairing guide, everyone can pair with Président. In stores July through September 2016, Président brand is offering an "Everybody Wins" promotion, where consumers can redeem a voucher for a wine or brewery tasting ex- perience with the purchase of specially marked Président products. Enjoy a Life Well Paired with Organic rondelé by Président Gourmet Spreadable Cheese. Président cheese, with over 80 years of French artisanship and tradition, has become Europe's leading cheese expert, boasting the widest range of specialty and PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) cheeses in Europe. For more information, visit www.lactalis.com or stop by booth #2958. Frontier Soups Introducing Two New Mixes at Show Frontier Soups is introducing two new quicker-cooking Homemade-In-Minutes soup mixes at the Summer Fancy Food Show that capitalize on consumers' continued crav- ing for Southwestern flavor profiles. Sam- ples are available at booth #4121. The new soups are Montana Creekside Classic Chili Mix and Southwestern Sausage & Chickpea Stew Mix, said Trisha Ander- son, Company Founder. The two new soups will build on the popularity of other Tex- Mex style soups in Frontier Soups' line, in- cluding the newer Arizona Sunset Enchilada Soup Mix, which has doubled in sales each of the past two years, Anderson said. Both soup mixes are certified gluten-free and available in 6-ounce packages with a sug- gested retail price of $5.95-$6.95. The Montana Creekside Classic Chili, as the name suggests, delivers a classic flavor profile with green and red bell peppers, cumin, smoky paprika, coriander and oregano. A trio of chilis creates a depth of flavor with a blend of sweet heat from cayenne, ancho chiles and a whole japones pepper. "This is a very hearty chili with pinto beans in the mix," she said. "Consumers add ground chuck for a traditional Western flair, and because the beans are cooked and dehy- drated, the soup is ready in 30 minutes." The new Southwestern Sausage & Chick- pea Stew Mix offers some spicy heat from chorizo or hot Italian sausage, added by home cooks, and a depth of flavor from saf- fron, Hungarian paprika, thyme and ground bay leaf. As with the pinto beans in the new chili, the chickpeas in the mix are dehy- drated to keep stovetop simmering time to just 30 minutes. Other Southwestern style soups mixes in Frontier Soups' lineup include South of the Border Tortilla Soup, which has been the company's top seller for several years, and the Texas Wran- gler Black Bean Soup. Frontier Soups produces 36 soup mixes accommodating a variety of consumer tastes and dietary needs. All mixes have no salt added and contain no preservatives, artificial ingredients or MSG. The company offers 13 vegetarian options and 31 of its soups are gluten-free. The Homemade-In-Minutes line of quicker-cooking soup mixes serves four to five and has a suggested retail price of $5.95-$6.95, and the Hearty Meals line serves eight to 10 with a suggested retail price of $6.95-$7.95. About Frontier Soups Since 1986, Frontier Soups has of- fered aspiring and accomplished home cooks a shortcut to healthy, homemade meals with 36 soups, stews, chilis and chowders inspired by the finest traditions in American regional cuisine. The gourmet soup mixes, including 31 gluten-free varieties, are avail- able at specialty food stores nationwide, in- cluding the Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Great Harvest Bread, Central Market, Sprouts and A Southern Season. The mixes also are carried in natural food sets of Kroger, Albertsons and other chains in the U.S. and Canada. More information is available at www.fron tiersoups.com or by calling 800.300.7687. Kaune's Neighborhood Market: Balancing Specialty Foods and Staples in Historical Santa Fe Anyone who wants to learn how to balance specialty foods or prepared foods and staples under one roof should visit with Cheryl Pick Sommer, owner of Kaune's Neighborhood Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She could write a book on the subject. Kaune's (pronounced KAH nees) sits across the street from the New Mexico state Capitol. The 7,500 square foot interior features wide aisles, wooden displays and soft lighting. "Three years ago, we decided to remodel and we closed the store," Pick Sommer says. "Our plan was to close for three weeks and remodel the interior completely. We ended up closing for five weeks. We opened back up hoping cus- tomers would remember us and show up." Sommer undertook the renovation to opti- mize her usable space for new prepared food and expanded fine food sections. The new floor plan balanced specialty foods, prepared food and everyday staples in way she thought would appeal to her broad range of customers and produce new revenue and profits to spur growth. "We wanted to grow our prepared foods. And we created what we call the 'Neighbor- hood Chop' as part of that," she says. "It's a service chopped salad bar. The customer walks up to the bar, picks out their lettuce, plus five or six ingredients, we put it in a bowl for them and off they go. It's been a big success." Som- mer also expanded sandwich making, added rotisserie chickens, and en- larged the cheese, wine, beer and spirits sections. "We're about 45 percent basic groceries, and about 55 percent specialty items," she says. "The fine cheese de- partment is nicely profitable, as well as wine and specialty grocery. In the world of Total Wine and other large competitors, and people ordering on-line, you still have to be competitive on pricing for wine." Customers can choose from almost 200 wine SKUs, from a Calina Chardonnay from Chile for $8.99, to a Vilmart & Cie Grand Pre- mier Cru Champagne for $85.00. The cheese selection includes everything from a domestic pepper jack for $6.99 a pound to a Cashel Irish Blue Cheese for $20.99 a pound. In specialty foods, a shopper can select from a Rising Moon Butternut Squash Ravioli for $5.59 or Urbani Tartufi Summer Truffles for $84.00 for seven ounces."We try to remain competitively priced on gro- cery staples, on things you can find everywhere," Som- mer says. "We work hard to find items the other stores aren't carrying, so we have a niche through our product offering, as well as the serv- ice we offer from our staff." Sommer travels New Mexico back roads to find growers and producers who can provide the best local products. The cheese section in- cludes chevre made at a nearby Santa Fe ranch. The produce area features fresh herbs, includ- ing dill, mint and thyme from an area farm. And in condiments, she offers a green chile fla- vored ketchup called Hatchup Katchup. In terms of sales and growth, Sommer is pro- jecting an increase of eight to 10 percent for 2016, with that same rate of growth continuing for the next five years as well. "Yes, I think it's doable, and we're working at it," she says.

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