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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 8 9 M o n d a y, M a y 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 BONE BROTH CRAZE HITS U.S. WITH VITACLAY SMART ORGANIC STOCK POT & MULTI-CROCKS Each year a new product comes along that just makes good sense. "Why didn't I think of that?" people ask themselves. This year, the new "aha" product is by VitaClay. Michelle Liu, Engineer/Top Inventor/Chief Executive Officer at Essenergy, Inc. really hits the nail on the head with the new Crock n' Stock, a 6.5- quart smart and fast multi-cooker and stockpot. The thought of ditching the steaming stovetop cauldron when mak- ing bone broth or large portions brings a smile. This is a faster, easier, mess-free and notably more nutritious way to make a large batch of bone broth, chili, stew, healthy steam, nourishing jook, soup or yogurt. For large or extended families, co-op life and small restaurants that have gone green, this is a product that will be great- ly appreciated. With doctors recommending bone broth, gluten-free grains, less salt, less sugar and fresh ingredients, it makes sense to use unglazed clay because it amplifies flavors and alkalizes foods, increasing the positive interactions between the nutrients. With technology and programmable settings, juices are sealed in and liquids integrate, keeping your kitchen cleaner and investing all the flavor molecules back into your food. Meats become succulent, perfectly tender and juicy. Meals are satisfying without added salt or sugar. Rice, grains and beans are perfectly tender and fish or vegetables are easy to steam for high nutrition and flavor without frying. The new Smart Multi Crock n' Stock pot features Fast Cook (and Steam), Slow Cook, Congee with an auto start timer and auto Warm, Yogurt and Cooking Timer can be set up to 10 hours. The low temperature yogurt maker and grain germinator was a big hit last season. People want to quit using plastic yogurt containers and save money for large batch, and use their own healthy ingredients when making yogurt. Bone broth is making a comeback. It's so good for you, but has been a time consuming and messy endeavor to make, says Liu, a fan of author Sally Fallon, who just pub- lished "Nourishing Broth," a companion book to her bestseller "Nourishing Traditions." "Sally has been leading the current bone broth revolution," says Liu, reignit- ing the public's interest in this ancient tradition and sharing a wealth of information with people on the healing poten- tial of broths, soups and stews. With VitaClay Chef, you can make 24-hour bone broth for all your health needs in 10 hours. This breakthrough allows more people to cook the foods that are better for you, but took too much time for their busy lives. Liu, always the sci- entist, says the biggest secret is not how the ancients used unglazed clay, but why they chose it – for its synergistic proper- ties. Clay is far-infrared, paramagnetic and alkalizing, interacting positively with the foods. It is this synergy between all the natural elements that she feels is the secret of to good health and longevity. To learn more about VitaClay, call 408.621.6187 or go to www.vita claychef.com. ISI DELIVERS QUALITY PLUS UP TO 20 PERCENT MORE QUANTITY The last thing chefs want is a dud, espe- cially if they are in the weeds on a busy Saturday or decorating several hundred dishes for a banquet. Chefs trust iSi to deliver quality every time. Their favorite culinary and cocktail tool just got better with the global launch of the new iSi (pronounced "E-C") Professional Charger that delivers up to 20 percent more portions with up to 20 percent more savings on ingredients. New iSi Professional Chargers are being manu- factured with the same attention to quali- ty and safety that the company has stressed for over 50 years. "Chefs are seeing the advantages of using the iSi equipment in terms of con- sistency, cleanliness/food safety and cost efficiency," says iSi Culinary Ambassador and James Beard Award Winner, Chef Bradford Thompson. The canister and all its parts are made of stainless steel – not aluminum, so they are NSF certified for use in a commercial kitchen. Each whipper comes with a two-year warranty, and best of all, the parts are all dishwasher safe. iSi chargers are made in Austria at the iSi factory, unlike competitors who are man- ufacturing theirs in various factories in Eastern Europe or Asia. iSi takes pride in maintaining high standards for the manu- facturing of clean, pure gas chargers, which meet the HACCP certification, guaranteeing food safety and quality. "We stand behind our Austrian qual- ity and craftsmanship, with our brand name on all of our chargers and whip- pers," explains Jeanette Brick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of iSi North America. "Our chargers are cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and oil from production before filling and we have a proprietary method for sealing each charger after filling that virtually eliminates leakage. Our attention to these details ensures that the chargers deliv- er an exact amount of gas every time. "This consistency is par- ticularly important in chain restaurants where getting the same results in Kalamazoo or Miami or Seattle is very important to our opera- tors," says Brick. The new Professional Chargers will enable chefs to dispense 20 percent more portions, not only reducing food costs but reducing calories and fat per serving – a growing concern for chain restaurants required to list calorie counts. An added advantage is that the Professional Chargers make it possible to whip a greater range of products such as less costly lower fat creams or non-dairy coconut creams, popular among vegan customers. Visit the iSi booths: NRA booth #7164 in North Hall and booth #11417 at the BAR 16 Show, to watch star chefs and bartenders show off their latest creations. Expect to spend time with Chef Aaron Lirette of GreenRiver, Chef Ashley Simone of Maison Cuisine and Mixologist Al Klopper of FIG Catering as they whip up imaginative dish- es and drinks. iSi North America was established in the United States in 1977. The iSi Group, parent company of iSi North America, iSi GmbH, and their related companies was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1964 and is the largest manufacturer of cream and food whippers, soda siphons and their respective chargers. For over 50 years, the company has led the way as an inno- vator in whipper and gas charger technol- ogy. iSi continues to set the standards for safety and consistency in delivering per- fect results for chefs, baristas, bartenders and food enthusiasts. For more information, visit booth #7164 in North Hall and booth #11417 at BAR 16 during the show.

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