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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s M o n d a y, M a y 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 4 0 LET MENUSIFU HELP YOU BOOST YOUR SALES Every restaurant owner struggles with one simple universal question: "How will we keep our customers engaged sat- isfied and happy so that they keep com- ing back?" Menusifu strives to help them answer this question by learning from the traditional experience a cus- tomer has at the register and then tran- scending the experience by developing an comprehensive well-rounded self- service solution. Depending on the restaurant, it is all too common to encounter a long line as you wait to place an order for takeout as an example. This is where online self- ordering can work together with the stores kiosks. Menusifu's mobile self- order system enables a customer to order from their mobile phones while in line, simply by scanning a QR code. This is but a taste of what is being introduced at the NRA show where Menusifu is set to roll out its latest order kiosks along with connected apps. "The new kiosks are used to complement the original register experience while improving service by helping reduce the lines," says Weiqi Ma, Chief Technology Officer for Menusifu. Ma also adds that the new system helps with the accuracy of orders, plus cus- tomers will also be able to customize their food order. Another part of the experience of dinning out is the one you have with your waiter. And as many regions like New York, parts of California, experience an ever expanding shift to a higher minimum wage, now more than ever pro- ductivity of your waiter has to evolve. Now sim- ply with an iPad or Android tablet, the wait- er takes the order right into the full Menusifu point of sales system, simplify- ing the process, reducing stress in a holis- tic digital approach. It gives them more time to serve more customers and creates a better work environment. Another important component to help boost sales is your customer loyalty program. Chances are, about 80 percent of your customers are people who've been to your restaurant before. They've eaten your food; they love your food; and you want to keep them coming back. But loyalty programs have their pitfalls, and one of them is that if you don't make it easy for them to register, they aren't going to do it, says Weiqi Ma. So Menusifu created, point of sale systems and customer relationship man- agement tools, that make it easy for you to integrate a loyalty program. One that's also simple and intuitive for your cus- tomer use. "You go to the restaurant, you get a receipt, and there's a QR code right there to scan for points for your order," he said. "With the QR code, it's much easier for them to register and get points." It is no surprise that even though Menusifu is only two years old, it is rap- idly growing, and its systems are already being used in more than 1,000 restaurants nationwide, because it's customizable, easy to use and simple to set up. Visit Menusifu in booth #8738. After the show, visit www.menusifu.com. MARRA FORNI ARTISANAL OVENS: ITALIAN DESIGN MADE IN AMERICA Marra Forni artisanal ovens are based on Italian design but made in America from materials imported from Italy, which gives chefs who count on their ovens to perform at a level that reflects their stan- dards for precise execution the confi- dence that Marra Forni shares those val- ues and has the facilities to support their products after purchase from a facility in the United States. That means that if something ever goes wrong with a Marra Forni oven, you're not going to have to call Italy and wait for resolution to arrive from across the Atlantic Ocean. That's not to say that you should expect to have problems with your Marra Forni oven, and that's where the company's obsession with effectiveness and efficiency and thorough understand- ing of both Italian design and the needs of American chefs come into play. The latest evidence of both of these is the Marra Forni Rotator oven, which offers touchscreen technology, high perform- ance and auto on/off. Its deck is made from authentic Italian refractory brick and will operate either in forward or reverse. The Rotator is available in sin- gle- and dual-burner models and offers customizable one-, two- or three-cycle rotations. "Our Rotator deck oven is an innovation in the oven, and it allows you to customize the rotation, so that by the time it does one rotation, the pizza is ready — you never have to touch it," says Francesco Marra, Marra Forni's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "We are the first company in the U.S. to make touch- screen ovens with a back that rotates, which allows you to make 250 pizzas in an hour with consistent high quality and great execution." Marra Forni ovens, available in tra- ditional static ovens as well as the new Rotator, include a range of ovens from wood-fired to gas and a range of sizes to fit into any kitchen. Ovens are built from bricks imported from Italy; steel is U.S.-grade. The bricks used on every Marra Forni oven are heat resistant up to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to easily use the oven at its full potential every single day. They're built in the company's Maryland facility, where a 24,000 square foot warehouse includes a full test kitchen where prospective customers can try out the oven for them- selves as well as shop for a full complementary range of equipment that includes refrigerated tables, special- ty mixers, specialty slicers, curing cabi- nets and, of course, pizza tools. "It's the whole Marra Forni experience," Marra says. "Whenever you come to our Marra Forni warehouse, you have an experi- ence of our company, which exists to provide a great experience, great ovens and to make sure our customers are suc- cessful." Visit Marra Forni in booth #4479. After the show, visit www.marraforni.com. BEVERAGE CARBONATION: REFRESHINGLY EASY Airgas National Carbonation is the easy choice for reliable beverage carbonation. Bubbles are serious business. Every fast food chain, local restaurant, conven- ience store, bar and microbrewery in America needs a safe and reliable supply of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) to keep their carbonated beverages – and customer enthusiasm – from going flat. Today, Airgas National Carbonation is one of the nation's leading providers of beverage carbonation offering single-source effi- ciency for all procurement, installation and service needs. Liquid CO 2 delivered through an on- site MicroBulk system allows for increased reliability and convenience. Airgas National Carbonation partners with you to develop a custom program to fit your needs and provide the highest standards with a proactive service model. Run-outs aggravate customers and cut into your profits, and with Airgas National Carbonation, this problem won't bubble up anymore. Usage fore- casting provides Airgas and your compa- ny insight into the beverage carbonation intake to more accurately service your needs. Its primary focus is on its cus- tomers, so deliveries comply with your schedule and you always get a consistent carbona- tion supply. Airgas National Carbonation also offers blended CO 2 and nitrogen mixes for your draught beer needs. Perfect your pours and improve the taste of your bar or restaurant's draughts with the perfectly blended gas mix, designed specifically for draught beer connoisseurs. With guaranteed beverage-grade CO 2 from Airgas National Carbonation, your customers can look forward to the perfect drink every time. You can look forward to savings from reduced or elim- inated flat drinks, wasted cups and resid- ual CO 2 left in switched cylinders. Compared to cylinders, MicroBulk sys- tems reduce CO 2 usage up to 30 percent for savings so good, you can taste the difference. Airgas National Carbonation understands that each customer has unique needs and requirements. Still prefer cylinders? It has you covered there, too. With a nationwide footprint, Airgas National Carbonation has the 20-pound and 50- pound high-pressure cylinders you need. Make your beverage carbonation management refreshingly easy by letting Airgas handle it for you. Worry less about carbonation and concentrate more on building your business. Single-source beverage carbonation solutions – you'll find it with Airgas. For more information, visit booth #1514 or go to www.airgas.com. LAURA CHENEL'S CHEVRE ACHIEVES FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATION Laura Chenel's Chèvre has been recog- nized by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for meeting one of the highest levels of food safety standards in the production of its line of fresh plain and flavored goat milk cheeses. The BRC's Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an internationally recognized food safety credential becoming a funda- mental requirement of major food retailers around the world. GFSI certi- fication insures that Laura Chenel's production meets food industry and legislative requirements across the U.K., E.U. and U.S., including most of the recently enacted FSMA rules in the U.S. Laura Chenel's has a history of high level quality production standards in its state-of-the art Sonoma creamery. "Since the plant was completed in 2010, we've worked to establish systems that ensure our products are the highest quality and our facility exceeds food safety regula- tions," says Eva Guilmo, Quality Director for Laura Chenel's and sister company, Marin French Cheese. "GFSI certification is an external or 'third party' audit that evaluates quality, food safety and operational criteria ensuring that as manufacturers we meet our legal obliga- tions while providing consumer protec- tion to retailers and our end customers." Retailers commonly require third-party audits from food producers and by achieving this high-level GFSI certifica- tion, Laura Chenel's products will be streamlined for approval by independent and large retail chains. The certification is renewed annually. BRC is the leading certification body in the UK, recognized across Europe and the US, with over 23,000 cer- tified facilities in 123 countries. More information can be found at www .brcglobalstandards.com.

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