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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s M o n d a y, M a y 2 3 , 2 0 1 6 3 0 MICOSTA: JOIN THE NEXT WAVE IN MIXOLOGY Micosta Enterprises has begun to intro- duce its unmatched line of natural syrups, juices and dried berries to new and cur- rent customers. New labels and branding call attention to the quality products made with 100 percent fruit. The low- heat infusion process used to produce the product is the key to preserving natural flavor and color of the products. Customers' reactions are very positive, and compliments are abundant regarding quality and flavor of the products. It fine- tunes its juices so they have a sweetness level similar to fresh fruit, and that is another of the secrets to achieving out- standing flavor. Here is a sampling of the comments: "The juice is so refreshing. I can imagine drinking it over crushed ice in the summertime." "The balance of sweetness and tart- ness is great. I don't like sweet things and this juice is just right." "So many juices are just sweet and not distinctive. Your juice tastes like the berries they are made with." "Our restaurant has been looking for some new non-alcoholic beverages for the menu. Your syrups will help us with healthy new flavors that will be sure to stimulate repeat business." "Our bar is following the trends in mixology. Your syrups pro- vide a new resource to help us satisfy customer demand." "We like your short ingredient list and are impressed with your prod- ucts' color and flavor, in spite of being so simple – congrat- ulations on a great product." "These dried berries will make a flavorful and more healthy substitute for our baked goods. I would like samples to use in developing some new recipes." Micosta is following the current trend and demand for new flavors and ideas in mixology. Its tag line for the syrups is "join the next wave in mixolo- gy." When at the International Restaurant show in NY, another booth was sampling vodka, and many people came over to have Micosta add some syrup to the vodka sample to flavor it. The same happened with peo- ple who had samples of sparkling water; they asked the company to add syrup to flavor the water – mixology in the making! The Micosta line of natural syrups opens the possi- bility to new distinct, strong, simple flavors for creative touches for mixed drinks. Restaurants will be able to have signature, unique house drinks using Micosta syrups. Those who sell special iced tea can also develop unique drinks. Mixology with Micosta is only limited by one's imagina- tion. For more information, stop by booth #7775. FOLLETT INTRODUCES HORIZON ELITE LINE OF CHEWBLET ICE MACHINES From the company that brought you industry-exclusive ice-through-a-tube RIDE ® technology and customer-pre- ferred Chewblet ® ice comes the award winning Horizon Elite™ ice machine. The Horizon Elite has won the 2016 NRA Kitchen Innovations Award and is featured in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion. It was also named to the 2016 FCSI Product Innovation Showcase. As water conditions continue to degrade around the country, it's becom- ing more expensive to keep foodservice equipment running. According to the United States Geological Survey, 85 per- cent of the U.S. has "hard water," which can negatively impact equipment that uses water. As water freezes into ice, the dis- solved solids in the water concentrate in remaining unfrozen water and can cause scale to form on the ice machine's evap- orator, auger and other components. Scale formation can lead to a host of issues, including the need for frequent and expensive cleaning and maintenance, reduced energy and water efficiency, and reduced equipment life. Cube-type ice machines combat scale-prone water by excessive flushing, which can double water usage. Likewise, operators can use scale inhibitors or they can install reverse osmosis machines, which can triple or quadruple the water usage. Regardless of how poor water quality has been man- aged in the past, the result has been high life cycle costs. Horizon Elite's revolutionary new water management system captures the dissolved solids in the reservoir and reg- ularly expels them in low volume flush- es. This design dramatically reduces scale build-up, but uses only a fraction of the water consumed by other methods. In addition, this innovative design to reduce dissolved solids allows Horizon Elite to produce purer nugget ice for optimum dispensing. In some field test locations, the Horizon Elite unit was installed into applications that previously required reverse osmosis machines. The Horizon Elite functioned with no meas- urable scale build up without the need for RO. In other locations that did not use RO but required frequent descaling, the Horizon Elite unit significantly extended the time between descaling, providing significant maintenance cost savings to the operators. Learn more about the Horizon Elite by visiting booth #3648 or the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion. You can also learn more at www.follettice.com. SAY GOODBYE TO COMMENT CARDS, HELLO TO CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ACE+ Mystery Shopping is owned and operated by military families and was founded in 2001. After 15 years, ACE still strives to provide its restaurant clients with excellent customer service and identify problem areas. ACE has always been a full service mystery shopping company. Recently, it began to notice a trend that its customers were craving more and more customer engagement. In early 2016, it decided to pair mystery shopping with live customer satisfaction surveys that provide guests a fun experience that encourages them to want to give feedback. It has found that these surveys really help restaurants to better connect with their customers. President Julie Simbro and Vice President Erika Wooton understand the importance of great customer service, because they know you must lead by example. They make a great team, mak- ing sure client needs are being met and new and innovative ideas are being offered. ACE Mystery Shopping works with restaurateurs that have a vision of what they would like their customer experience to be, how they would like their customers treated and the type of customer engagement that is being pro- vided at their restaurant. Simbro, Wooton and the rest of the ACE Mystery Shopping team will be your biggest cheerleaders and also your biggest fans. They work hard to make sure that you have the tools you need to make your customer engagement pro- gram a success. They work seven days a week, 365 days a year to make sure that their favorite people (their clients) are very well taken care of. They take pleasure in seeing your success and enjoy every minute of it. The team at ACE Mystery Shopping believes that all restaurants, large or small, can rise high above the competi- tion with the right tools in place. If you need something on a weekend or after hours, it will be there for you. Just ask and ACE will deliver. Stop by and visit Simbro and Wooton at booth #121. Learn more at www .acemysteryshopping.com or call 866.240.7324. AFFORDABLE OPTIONS FOR YOUR CONTAINERS FROM VISSTUN Since 2007 when it was founded, Visstun ® has grown from the four sizes initially offered to a full cup/container line that supplies customers worldwide. Now with 23 different cup/container options to choose from, Visstun helps many compa- nies achieve their branding and marketing needs in a wide range of industries that include foodservice, restaurant, theaters, bars, retail and promotional. Visstun's line is growing to provide even more fantastic options for the food- service market. This year at the NRA Show, Visstun is introducing seven new container sizes and two fry scoop cups to a line that now includes 10 containers in 23 different sizes. These new containers, which range from a cute three-ounce cup to a short 32-ounce cup, in addition to the nine drink cups in the previous line and four FoldTop ® sizes, are great for sam- pling, deli, soup and even soft-serve ice cream. Each container size is now also available in a new microwave paper material that differs from most other paper materials on the market because the containers will withstand use, not just in the microwave, but in the refrigerator and freezer as well. The fry scoops, in two sizes, are just launching this year at the NRA Show. "This unique foodservice item will allow you to streamline your foodservice prep time and still give you the great branding and professional presentation that you desire," said Joe Davis, Sales Director. Finally, Visstun's FoldTop containers make an exceptional option for take-out or food packaging. These fold tops come in four different sizes, and are an eye- catching way to drive your branding out- side your business location. Small minimum orders, low art fees and short turnaround times all mean that you can afford the branding necessary to stand out in the market with custom con- tainers from Visstun. "Low cost of art charges allow your company to keep a fresh look and update artwork on a regular basis," said Joe Davis, Sales Director. Multiple art versions can be printed at the same price as one version allowing numerous products and/or services to be featured." "Above all, our customer service is beyond compare with daily follow up on your orders if needed," he added. "We consistently follow up with customers from the start of the project, through their order, and then follow up after the order is completed to make sure everything went well. Our customers are our busi- ness." For more information, visit booth #9719. After the show, visit www.visstuncups.com.

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